Two destroyed Russian BMPs after entering a minefield, Eastern Ukraine, May 2022

  1. You joke, but the soviets in WWII would push human waves through minefields to neutralize them. Soviet command considered the losses they would take from one of these mine clearing exercises to be equal to assaulting a fixed defensive position or a position defended by large bodies of troops so they went with it.

  2. Perhaps they didn't know it was a mine that got their buddies and panicked and just tried to gtfo? I don't know how else to explain such a seemingly bizarre move.

  3. Exactly what other posters in this post stated. Most likely from pure confusion from what hit them also it’s very possible they were being attacked by ground forces and just wanted to dip out of there. The biggest question I have is why is their armor constantly seen in many videos without any infantry support being picked off by anti armor.

  4. I mean everyone on this sub was freaking out when we saw Russians stop moving forward when they were hit with artillery or atgm. War is super confusing and we only have a few second clip. But in reality these vehicles were probably already dead long before they hit the mines. They were lost due to Russian doctrine and poor strategic recon and maneuvering/positioning.

  5. How would they know it was a AT mine that the other vehicle hit? It could be from a T-64, javelins, NLAWs, drone strike, random artillery round, etc. Is the correct battle drill when under fire always to retreat?

  6. Similar behaviour was seen about 1 week ago when Russian attempted to drive past Marinka. Forward element got lethal fire directed against them and one vehicle floored it and drove into a mine field.

  7. Just like lightning - land mines never strike the same place twice! Everyone knows this! Just run for the craters and you’ll be safe taps head

  8. They're not well trained. They believed they were under ATGM or rocket fire, and applied the ol' "push through the kill box"; except it was a minefield.

  9. The Special Operation to De-mine Ukraine is a success! Defense Minister Shoigu is so pleased that he bought another dacha to house more of his woodworking.

  10. Mines are mostly designed to immobilize tanks by blowing off the treads. I don't think they trigger the ammo storage, unless it's a massive mine.

  11. I wonder if story about Zhukov telling one of US generals that they defuse mine fields by walking over them wasnt that wrong.

  12. This is so confusing.....the lead vehicle hits a mine, instead of backing up along the track which you know is likely to be clear because you already drove down it, you decide to leeroy forward....

  13. Doesnt know it was a mine obviously. They try to escape before the next ATGM or whatever hits.

  14. Maybe they thought there was mines only on the road and decided to "go around" them but Ukrainians had thought someone would get this idea after the first one was hit and placed mines on the "go around"-spot in anticipation.

  15. I couldn't help myself. I had to laugh out loud. What a bunch of tools. De-mining operations going smoothly then.

  16. I don't blame that guy for running into could have been anything....Javelins, MLAWS, RPGS, Drones, artillery, land mines....the whole country hates you...and they are trying to kill you! Just GTFO!

  17. Ah yes, rare footage of a Russian BMP field being sown. See how they carefully line everything up to efficiently pack the BMP wrecks into the available space.

  18. Imagine everyone inside that BMP? It gets hit with the first mine & inertia sends the damaged vehicle into another one, turning everyone inside into instant marinara.

  19. A combo of the facts that both sides are smart enough not to drive through their own minefields, yet the Russians don’t have the capacity to bring, deploy and successfully arm their own mines.

  20. Ukrainian armor seems to fly their flag prominently and have their colors painted on the hulls (

  21. Just like Warthunder, that one stupid BMP has to sneak past the wall just to be killed by a Leopard 2A6. The same Leo who killed his team mate a second ago

  22. Question: do militaries catalog where they placed all of their mines? it would seem like a must so you don't accidentally blow yourself up at a later date

  23. Yes, but when said militaries are destroyed, or the units that placed them are destroyed, they then lose the knowledge of where and what pattern the mines were laid in. People are still being killed and wounded from mines and unexploded ordinance from WW1.

  24. They couldn't possibly know what destroyed the vehicle in front of them with their limited view from inside a hatched up fighting vehicle. You cannot see shit, even if they did see the explosion it would be almost impossible to tell what kind of munition destroyed the vehicle without the birds eye view we have and hindsight.

  25. It's unbelievable how bad Russia is getting dunked on left and right. They just keep dumping more and more shit just to see what sticks.

  26. Wouldn’t you get the hint after the first wreck in the middle of a field? You don’t look at that and think “that’s weird”? At the very least you stay in cover and scan for an atgm

  27. I could be wrong, But it doesn’t seem like their APCs are armored as well even a US Military Humvee. That thing got obliterated

  28. Most military equipment's weakest area is underneath. Even an Abrams would of been toast in this situation. Most U.S. vehicles are very weak here, too. The MRAP or similar vehicle would have been their best chance at surviving this situation.

  29. To be fair it would be very hard to know what kind of munition destroyed the vehicle in front of you when hatched up in an armored fighting vehicle. I know from experience you cannot see a damn thing if you are not the driver, gunner, or commander, and if you happen to be of of those listed, your field of view is severely limited. It would be almost impossible to tell what kind of munition destroyed the vehicle without seeing the birds eye view we see.

  30. Reminds me of a video a few days a go when a tank ran over a mine, turned slightly to run away and immediately hit another mine a few seconds later. Feel like the soldier was getting flak from their NCO for putting anti tank mines so close to each other being vindicated right now.

  31. As Zap Brannigan would say: "Ukrainians have limited amount of mines. Just send our BMPs until Ukraine has depleted all their munition!"

  32. Lol they're not confortably watching drone footage like us, they're in the middle of combat. For all they know it could have been an AT ambush, ATGM from miles off, artillery strike, enemy tank, drone...

  33. Steel, but only 6mm worth on the bottom and aluminum wouldn't splinter as much, so this is the worst case scenario.

  34. Damn.. that hit hard it looked like can't imagine what it feels like being inside that tank when it explodes

  35. These aren't anti personnel mines. These are unlikely to go off even if you walk directly on it. Most anti tank mines need around 350 pounds of pressure to go off.

  36. It’s going to cost millions if not billions to get rid of all these mines and unexplored ordinance.

  37. Maybe they should have went off-road instead of hugging the road and tree line. That’s the first place they’d put mines

  38. I saw three explosions, the first appeared to be ammo cooking off in the burning BMP, the second was a mine detonated by BMP #2 and the third was BMP #2's ammo going up.

  39. I think all 3 are mines or secondaries inside the moving bmp. If you pause right when first blast occurs its right at the front of the moving bmp.

  40. Thats bad training. Are those guy DPR troops? Every basic trained soldier knows that you DONT keep driving forward after a vehicle hit a mine.

  41. One out of two drives forward, the other one follows. When the one which drives forward gets blown up, the one who is following picks up where they left and drives forward.

  42. Looked odd to me. Seemed like when the 2nd BMP made the pass the first one blew up hitting #2 which caused an explosion nd then the ammo went up afterward.

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