3 clips showing drone strikes on Taliban Leadership and personnel. (Dates Unknown)

  1. Was that a Taliban cuddle puddle in the first chunk? What were they up to there? If they were talking they were literally on each other's laps.

  2. The US killed a Taliban commander’s son in a drone strike to lure him out from hiding, then subsequently killed the father by conducting a drone strike on the son’s funeral congregation—don’t think that video will ever see the light of day. One of the drone pilots late killed himself

  3. Most of this occured between 2020 and 2021 (with the exception of the last one which was in 2017 in helmand)

  4. Do the drone operators not comminate with HQ like the apache pilots? Like do they still need clearance to fire and all that or did the radio traffic just get cut out of the video?

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