Been rough lately so needed some fresh air. Definitely some nice views in CT

  1. Looks like my house in Ridgefield! People like to dump all over our fair state but as a native I unapologetically, unequivocally love living here. There's nothing better than CT in the summertime, it's so ripe with life. It makes me so hopeful and optimistic. Much love!

  2. I want to move. Hopefully maybe even out of the country someday for personal reasons. Definitely love exploring much as I can until then though. Born here and some spots are definitely pretty.

  3. West Cornwall Covered Bridge. The whole area and near Kent is beautiful. Live a hour away so don't get to go that way often.

  4. I'm glad you enjoy it hehe. I only have the camera on my phone currently so I think that's as big as it can be once you click on it for the full size. Hoping to get an actual dslr camera / video camera soonish. When out and about I want to capture certain things and just having the phone is extremely limiting.

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