Hard hittin you say?

  1. Everyone says that’s a CT thing but I’ve never heard anyone with an American accent say it any differently. If an American said ‘Brit-ten’ to me I would think they were weird.

  2. I know someone who’s lived in the direct vicinity of new haven for their whole life and they pronounce it that way 🙄

  3. Depends, where about town are you moving? I live in NB and it's not as bad as people say, but it's certainly no West Hartford.

  4. Which part? I was born and raised around CCSU which was the nice part of New Britain. I loved on the Plainville side in a more middle area and that was fine as well. I went to the public high school so I know there are lower income areas. I loved living in the two parts of New Britain I did live in. Privilege will lead to many negative answers about the city.

  5. It absolutely is not a nice place I work out here and it's bad. Slater Road is nice the rest of NB is a dump sorry not sorry.

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