Unfortunately, this may be falling on deaf ears.

  1. I’m so sick of this, man. I am getting so fed up with this country. When will it end? When will there be change? Will it ever end?

  2. What in the hell is going on with young men in this country who exhibit such aggression. These tragedies happen regardless of local gun laws. They can be strict like NY or CT or relaxed like Texas. We need to find a way to target this demographic and provide more mental health counseling.

  3. People who shoot up schools are looking for an identity, something to belong to that gives them a purpose.

  4. They happen regardless of LOCAL gun laws because it's so incredibly easy to go to a different city or state to get one.

  5. I just don't know what to say. My dad went to Columbine, my neighboring high school got shot up, and my roommate in college went to the high school in Oxford Michigan that got shot up. It's just unbelievable

  6. I honestly just peruse threads like this to see other people writing my sentiments like you, to make sure I'm not alone. I don't have kids. Heartbroken and feeling as if we are living in a dystopian nightmare.

  7. Connecticut has the 5th most stringent gun laws in the country, and they aren’t that difficult. I don’t even want new laws, I want the rest of the country to meet us where we are at.

  8. My respect for Murphy went up. Offering to start negotiating when he knows 50 senators are too tied to their guns to talk about reasonable restrictions.

  9. GOP, every time: “Let’s do the sensible thing and address mental health. This is not about guns.” OK then, show us your mental health improvement plan, your funding, your results. Mitch.

  10. What Murphy needs to do is stand there and call out each elected offical taking money from gun groups call them out state there names and how much they getting

  11. By golly, I love this guy. His daily tweets and ‘fireside’ chats were a real comfort during the pandemic. He, Ned Lamont and Elizabeth Warren were sending out updates on procedures and progress every week. A fighter, humble and never loses sight of his goals. I agree- why are we paying some of these people when they will not solve problems?

  12. I’m on the left on guns. I hate guns. If I never saw another gun in my life, I would be happy. I’d be happy if guns failed to exist.

  13. Nothing will be done. The outrage will fade away in a few weeks (tops). Then there will be another school shooting and we’ll do the whole thing all over again. Rinse and repeat

  14. I'm not a political person by any means but I saw this and I'm now a supporter of his. He stands for a lot of good things from what I've seen so far

  15. I think he would make a very good Presidential candidate. Probably far better than the people who will run in '24. And this is coming from someone who rarely votes Democrat.

  16. He is great. Consistent with his messaging and has been strong on gun control since day one. I really am always glad to vote for him.

  17. This is sad. I support the 2nd but also support stricter laws on guns. We are not the only nations that allows its citizens to own guns. But we are the only one with mass shootings. What are those countries doing that we are not?

  18. I don’t even care to take guns away. I just want gun ownership to have way more accountability and responsibility built into it with the law , and have safeguards in place to keep guns out of bad peoples hands such as comprehensive background checks, cool down periods for people who make threats, continual education on gun safety and people losing their ability to own weapons if they are lost or stolen for a period of time and it’s found they didn’t have their weapons secure and their guns end up being used in a crime.

  19. May? Come on. Conservatives proved they cared more about owning unlimited guns than kids after sandy hook, if not earlier. They have fought tooth and nail against gun control and any other social services measure which could reduce the chances of this happening for my entire life. We can make all the speeches we want, but the y’all Qaeda has made their stance perfectly clear: They don’t give a shit if it inconveniences them.

  20. It’s so weird too, they care so much about their dwindling future slave labor, I mean workforce, but yet they are down to kill off kids any chance they can.

  21. This is not falling on deaf ears. They heat perfectly well. The CHOOSE to ignore all that he is saying. They are as complicit in the murder of these poor innocent children as if the held the guns for the killer.

  22. Nah, it's definitely guns because this doesn't happen in any other developed country in the world.

  23. Yes it is .. how about mental health and we live in a world where people can’t afford to live food prices utility prices are thru roof people work and they can’t afford things and you watch the news and you just see our leaders bickering over people’s choices of sexuality or choice .. we have a mental health crisis and we need to do something …

  24. Yup. If you take their guns away they will just build pressure cooker bombs, or drive trucks through crowds or think up some other way of killing large amounts of people. The problem is that someone wants to kill people on a massive scale, not how he does it.

  25. Background checks wouldn’t hurt either. I’m from CT and when I saw the news today it brought back all the pain of Sandyhook. We cry, the children die, and still nothing. Thank you Senator for trying. ☮️

  26. Posted above, posting again: Made this post four years ago. Sadly remains relevant. All in support of mental health care being a huge area of need, but mental health problems do not lead to these tragedies the vast majority of the time.

  27. Mental health isn't why a 15 year old on a scooter recently shot a little girl while trying to shoot a rival 14 year old.

  28. Solving both issues (as well as all the other issues we have in this country) are held back by worthless right-wing lunatics.

  29. We can't get Americans to use taxpayer money to pay for children's cancer treatment. Good luck getting them to pay for a homeless schizophrenic's meds and housing.

  30. i respect you trying to look at this logically. i agree that it needs a complex solution. but saying this is a rare event is just false. today is the 144th day of 2022. there have been 212 mass shootings so far. this is not a rare event. this is a crisis that should have been met with urgency a long time ago.

  31. Dr. Park Dietz agrees with your points about the media. It creates a contagion like effect that lead to revisions on how media reported celebrity suicides in the 90s.

  32. What he's saying is not wrong. But I'd be a lot more inclined to believe he gave a shit about people (and not just his career) if he wasn't taking money hand over first from the insurance behemoths.

  33. Do you trust the government to enforce gun control laws without racial or political bias or ulterior motive? Gun control laws sound great if you can trust that they won't be abused to target minorities and political opposition.

  34. Extremely unpopular with the American psyche but this is why I think the 2nd amendment needs to be repealed or modified heavily so it's very clear that the ordinary American can't just own a gun for kicks. Maybe in another century we'll get there after many more massacres. :/

  35. I have a gun. Legally bought it at the age of 18. Not once have I had the thought to kill ANYONE with it nor will I ever have that thought (unless that person was putting my life at harm purposely. Then I will defend myself). I know so many people with guns I cannot even count it and not one person i know is irresponsible with them. These nuts that shoot up a school are one in a million.

  36. Why do gun nuts immediately resort to the most extreme position? No one wants to “ban” guns, and even if they did it clearly wouldn’t pass Constitutional muster. There are many, many, many other measures that could be taken between a) doing nothing, and b) banning all guns. And many of those have overwhelming public support.

  37. GQP shit bag terrorist party will turn this into an immigration issue blame Biden then try to arm teachers. They’ll never do anything to jeopardize their gun loving ignorant racist voting base. Even innocent children being killed isn’t enough to change anything.

  38. You're never going to stop gun violence. It's just literally not possible. Have to figure out the root of the issue, which isn't the guns. It has to do with the people. They're mentally unstable. So idk if better medic care and attention for the population, trying to understand how a person like this brain works so that we can look for signs of it in others as they grow? I just don't see it stopping

  39. So why does this not happen in the UK or Australia, where they also have mental health problems but no guns?

  40. Iceland, most people have guns but something like this doesn't happen. China doesn't have guns but check out the statistics of how many people are being murdered with knives. Never had a gun and don't care about one. A gun in the wrong hands could do a lot of harm, just like a car or a knife. Have you guys seen the games kids are playing these days? How much time kids spend on electronics, which is too early to see how it affects the brain of the youth. Studies will be done later and it would be too late. Blaming an object is idiotic. If someone is mentally disturbed, there are many ways they could harm one person or many people with just one act

  41. Why is it always "gun control"? You idiots have done gun control for years, more laws, more restrictions but the same result happens. Why is that huh?

  42. May? They are already tweeting out that we shouldn't take away the rights of law abiding citizens, that we shouldn't make any rash decisions, etc.

  43. It's sad that this Senator with integrity will now never be president because the only thing that energizes conservatives more than thinly disguised hate speech is someone who doesn't believe would be child-murderers have an absolute right to own guns. The US will remain a dumpster fire to own the libs.

  44. Pass laws that’ll make it easier for competent law abiding citizens to be able to obtain firearms so they can defend themselves and their families against monsters like this who are not held accountable to the same rigorous standards.

  45. If we need more freedom as a solution for this issue, can we get automatic guns back to legal status? What about an underbarrel grenade launcher?

  46. The gun control debate ended after Sandy Hook. If 20 dead children can’t convince the GOP to not be soulless, greedy cowards, these 18 won’t do it either.

  47. This is America, silly. Daily shootings of kids is the price we’re willing to pay for our gun freedom /s

  48. This killer turned 18, bought guns legally and shot up an elementary school. What laws should we have used to stop him?

  49. Everyone just wants to blame guns when the real thing is mental health. Weapons can be obtained illegally. Even if they are banned look at everything else that is banned in this country and ppl still get it. It is just one of the negative aspects of being such a big country. You can blame it left vs right and as such a tragic incident there will always be more even if guns are banned.

  50. Then why doesn't this happen in Canada or UK at the same rate per capita? Does Canada or the UK have a much more robust mental health program than the US? Is their quality of universal health care actually better than our system?

  51. Some of you need to realize that Republicans aren’t anti gun laws, we have no problem regulating gun sales and other avenues. What we have a problem with is when you all say that getting guns completely out of registered owners hands is going to solve something. People will always do bad things no matter what. We banned drugs and we have a huge drug problem in this country, we made murder illegal and yet thousands die each year. You won’t stop the bad behavior.

  52. There is zero legislation proposing "getting guns completely out of registered owners hands". Republicans refuse to vote on any gun legislation period.

  53. Because the answer is not gun control, the answer is fixing mental heath. But that cost to much money and resources to solve so its easier to put the blame on the tool rather than the source of the problem.

  54. Very predictable. Spout off first without knowing the facts for political talking points. Sad. After Sandy Hook CT passed a big gun control bill. The politicians thumped their chests at how great of a job they did. Yet not one single law passed would have prevented Sandy hook. Not one.

  55. More mental health care would be great. But the same dickbag Senators who block gun-control legislation would also rather die than allow one more penny to go to social services.

  56. Look, as Americans are dying from guns, it is the responsibility of the pro-gun lobby to come up with a credible, actionable plan to stop this from happening. Stuff your “thoughts and prayers”, what is your plan? Short of a credible plan that you actually act on- ban guns. It is on you to prove otherwise.

  57. Question all the people that are against gun laws . Can you explain why??? They have said multiple times they aren’t going to take your guns they want to make things safer why are you guys against that????

  58. Has anyone noticed there has been a correlation with these types of incidents since mental hospitals were shuttered in the 80's?

  59. Am I the only person who thinks it makes no sense to start screaming about gun control every time there's a shooting?

  60. That's an argument against having any laws. Why have speed limits? People that want to go fast will just do it anyway.

  61. Funny, because when they put fences on the Golden Gate Bridge, less people killed themselves. Deterrents work, it's a matter of psychology.

  62. I think you're taking the easy way out. Many who have committed these crime had no prior problems with the law, some have had mental problems and yet still can get guns.

  63. I don’t get why your being down voted your 100% right .. why are people wanting to hurt people so bad why ?? This was a awful thing but we have some serious mental health issues we fail time and time again to address but blame the object they used

  64. its not that simple though... because of how ingrained guns are into the American culture we have more gun violence and mass shootings... We dont have a worse mental health issue in the US... the stakes are just so much higher for us due to the ease of access to mass killing tools.

  65. Still waiting on Murphy to stake an opinion on something other than guns. Guy is a one issue senator, does nothing for CT at all

  66. Can't let a good crisis go to waste. They literally said that after Sandy Hook. They know it's the only way to pull at the emotional strings of the general population to ram forward tyrannical gun control laws. Regardless if guns are the issue or not (hint, it's not guns).

  67. Gun laws don't stop bad people. They just use knives , rocks, whatever. Having armed teachers, and an officer at every school does.

  68. This could have happened with a machete. We are addressing the wrong problem and it’s irresponsible to try and solve this with such a surface-level tactic. We need to address violence at the source, which is the people themselves. Otherwise these massacres will never stop happening.

  69. Omg. When a drunk drives the wrong way on the highway and kills a family and minivan full of kids, do we want to outlaw autos? We need to address Mentally Ill kids & adults.

  70. The car actually serves another purpose aside from just killing. There's no purpose that a gun serves aside to kill, whether in aggression, self-defense, or accidental.

  71. So there should be regulations in place to make sure guns aren’t available to people that mentally can’t handle that responsibility… right?

  72. But can we wait? Another slaughter will just happen as we send our “thoughts and prayers” - Buffalo was only 10 days ago… what does this asinine comment even mean? That taking zero action to prevent this from happening again is what the slain and family of the slain would want? You are the insensitive one with this remark.

  73. I’m not a gun person no desire to own one touch one nothing. But This is a tragedy but where has Murphy been with the recent shootings in new haven a 15 year old killed I will bet that guy wasn’t legally purchased .. we need gun laws well we have laws about killing people and look it still happened … we have a humanity crisis why are people so angry why are people so willing to turn to violance ??? Life is fragile and we need to be better as humanes

  74. This isn't a humanity thing, it's an American thing. No mass shootings to report to the north of us in Canada

  75. We sit here blaming guns ok we ban the guns Well people been killed with knives Even had people drive cars thru groups of people Have had people set fires to buildings to hurt people

  76. May 27- sept 3 2020. 104 incidents of people driving cars into people .. 104 people willing to hurt someone with there vehicle . In 2020 69,423. Assaults with a hand gun 61,924 assaults with a knife 39,643 assaults with blunt objects We have a issue a mental health issue why are people so willing to hurt one another make laws on guns fine but people will find another way we need to start helping people . Our country needs to be better we have so much hate so much bullying so many stresses of everyday life ..

  77. Thankfully I'm in the process of getting my concealed carry permit so if I'm ever around an active shooter I can put that asshole down.

  78. You're the same type of person who thinks they'd survive the apocalypse. In a situation like this you'd just be shitting your pants.

  79. I’m sure many victims of active shooters thought the same thing, look at what happened to the people who tried to stop Rittenhouse because they thought he was an active shooter.

  80. Historically, mass shootings in the US happen during Spring and Summer months. Nobody wants to go on a shooting spree in deep Winter.

  81. I am an independent voter. I support what my senator is saying here, but I will not vote for him again. I hope Chris has learned from his mistakes in Ukraine.

  82. I mean, the shooter used an illegal gun. Does he want us to make the gun double illegal? He was 18 and the minimum age nationwide to buy a handgun is 21.

  83. I actually agree with him. The problem is that nothing is going to get accomplished with shills like Dick and Murphy tooting their own horn and pushing their own agenda.

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