What are some of the best weekend trips/day trips in Connecticut?

  1. Kent! Kent Falls State Park for a super easy hike, or Macedonia State Park for something more challenging. The town is super cute with shops, restaurants, and cafes. Foreign Cargo is my most favorite store with the Heron Gallery coming in at a close second. On the outskirts of town there's Kent Falls Brewery which is on an old farm. Not far from the brewery is Lake Waramaug. There's a nice restaurant called the Hopkins Inn with gorgeous views of the lake (pricey though).

  2. Drive to New Haven, park in the Park Street garage, walk to the Yale Art Gallery, dig that, then start walking through the Yale campus looking for sculptures and libraries. A lot of times you used to be able to walk into the libraries, even if you couldn't necessarily get at the books, but the exhibits were cool. Outdoor sculptures scattered around Yale are nice. Dig Beineke Library. Outside it there's a Noguchi sculpture yard-ish thing, you'll see what I mean. Afterwards look for cheap cool food.

  3. Go to Hartford and check in at the Residence Inn. After you're settled, go for a walk along the river then head back into downtown to grab an early dinner. After dinner, go back to your room, mix a cocktail in a to-go cup, and walk up to the Xfinity Center to see a show. After the show, enjoy a leisurely stroll back to your room.

  4. Thimble Island Tour/Stony Creek, Madison, Guilford, Essex, Chester, Gillette Castle, New Haven + Yale museums, Mystic, Stonington Borough, any of the coastal state parks, Milford beaches/downtown, Rowayton, Grace Farm/Glass House/Weir Farm, Lake Waramaug/Kent Falls

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