Do Field Guys Make Fun of the GC?

  1. Yep. We're almost 100% dudes, we like to talk shit but it's usually not personal. Rule #1 for any trade; leave your feelings in the truck.

  2. As someone who has work in the trades, GC, design engineer (both public and private), everyone talks shit about everyone else. However from my experience, people in the trade do it the most.

  3. We call it a “free judgement” zone instead of a judgment free zone. The smallest slip up and that’s now your nickname forever

  4. It's a good thing GCs have their own personal shitters, I'm not sure how they'd react to seeing the posters with their head photoshopped onto random farm animals hanging in all the other ones.

  5. Both. It’s fucking impossible to do a project the last 5-7 years, where coordination is a phantasm, without screwing something up. Fuckin drawings that the architect just copy pasted VIF on every fuckin line.

  6. The worst ones are the ones that accelerate the schedule and expect you to accommodate their shortcomings. Your lack of planning doesn’t constitute and emergency on my end.

  7. Try being an owner’s rep. My family was in construction and I went to engineering school and I’ve been administering construction for many years yet the guys in the field all think I’m some random picture-taking spectator on every project.

  8. Don’t worry OP, when you feel down from all of this, just remember there’s always an architect or two out there that you and your buddies can talk about. We’re usually bent down dusting off our shoes from the job site.

  9. You haven’t “made it” in construction until you see a drawing of yourself doing some horrible/pathetic act on the shitter wall in sharpie. That’s the best compliment a man can get.

  10. If you’re a GC who goes around telling experienced journeyman that they’re not doin their job right then yes everyone is talking shit about you

  11. Supt with large GC here. EVERYONE makes fun of EVERYONE else on a jobsite. You only need to be worried if no one gives you shit because at that point you're not worth the time or effort which for construction guys says a lot. I give all of my foreman shit and they give it right back. It's part of the relationship and shows you're not a total asshole.

  12. Field guys will shit on anyone and everyone. Nothing to get bent out of shape about, just the way of the world.

  13. Everybody always knows more than the other guy and their trade does better work than the other trades and yes the GC is a bunch of office pencil pushing dip shits and the supers are over bearing assholes. Just laugh off any comments and catch them on their next mistake.

  14. Don’t tell journeymen how to do their job. Call out subs who don’t stick to plans/schedules. Resolve conflict between trades.

  15. Double standards exist. The GC Carpenters, Laborers, and Concrete guys are often allowed to break rules while the GC looks the other way because they work for the same company, whereas everyone else is held to a strict work standard.

  16. I find it interesting that as a PM you are stationed in a job trailer. I work 3-6 jobs at a time. My supers home is the trailer my base is the corperate office. Spend an hour or two per week at each job. All field guys have always been super respectful to me as I am to them.

  17. I’ll bite. I’m a PM with a subtrade. I’ve spent my time with commercial high rise lately. So all with large GCs.

  18. This isn’t a specific GC issue, it’s just companies in general. Coming from the GC side, we have the same issue with subs constantly (weak union state).

  19. Everyone on the jobsite holds the GC in the highest regard, and the PM is seen by all as the most respected, revered, and highest esteemed person on site.

  20. Try being the architect on site… Every new job is this little dance where guys ‘test’ you to be sure you know what you’re talking about - which I don’t blame them for. I was a framer and finish carpenter through college, so I knew what to expect when I got on the other side of ‘the bags’.

  21. They will make fun of you regardless. The only difference is if that making fun of is just bullshitting around and laughing about a funny story or if it's more I hate that guy and making fun of you in a very derogatory way.

  22. Was in field, now GC. Yes we made fun of GC. I’m sure folks pick on me, too. Doesn’t matter as long as the job is getting done. I spend 3-4 hours in the field each day, though- unless something requires immediate attention in the office, I prefer being out and working with my hands.

  23. There's a few I make fun of because they're lazy like sitting in their truck or mobile office. ie: Fat Pat wants me to open the gate every morning to let people in and that's not my job. Am I on your payroll?

  24. Depends on if you’re willing to get your hands dirty and do some work I would imagine. I know some GC PMs that were tradesmen and get respect, I know superintendents that work hard but get none…

  25. The GC babysitter on my job is great. I don't even know the GMs name. Walks around looking clueless for 30m a day

  26. Project Superintendent here….I talk shit about myself to the trades. The trade workers seem to appreciate that. Never underestimate how much smarter they are than management sometimes. Lot of great ideas came from “the knuckle draggers”

  27. General contractor. From what I’ve learned they bid the entire job then figure out which subcontractors to hire such as electrical, hvac, plumbing, pipe fitters etc. The subcontractors boss is the GC. They run the entire job site.

  28. Yes absolutely. Most of them can’t schedule for shit or see easy issues that could be fixed if they’d pay better attention during rough in’s. Or last minute scheduling shit always calling up the office and bitching because of a failure on there part to let us know job site progress. It’s never their fault lol

  29. This is accurate. However, the problem stems from somewhere. The subs generally can't accurately estimate the amount of time it takes to do something. Then when they can they free up from another job throw double the "framers" on the job then pull them off early and complain why they cant finish rocking and the electricians are holding them up.

  30. I'm on the Owners side. Most Schedules start with a summer intern randomly picking start-stop dates in Project, or the like. That gets codified at the beginning of the project and everything becomes a scrum from there. It's gotten really stupid the last 20 years. How about bringing up a go getter foreman that's been there, done that to set the initial schedule? Nah...that's crazy talk. Get a 20 year old 3rd year construction management dweeb that can't find the business end of a hammer to do that

  31. Oh yeah each role on the job has their own stereotype. GC’s are prissy boys who do nothing but cause problems, sparkys ain’t on the job if they ain’t crying, sheet metal guys are crackheads, rodbusters will beat anyones ass. The list goes on.

  32. lol yes. Im management and likely one of the best liked and respected at my company. I work really hard to take care of my guys and jump in and work if it makes sense. Guarantee they make fun of me. And we all make fun of my boss together. The further you get away from the work the more you are disconnected and frankly deserve to be clowned on. Is what it is. Humility goes a long way and authority can be tough to wear.

  33. You don't spend 30 minutes in the field. You walk around to get your step count in and watch us work, comment on safety, and tell us how to do our job. Just stay in your trailer and do your paperwork.

  34. LMAO We got the badass tradesman here. Real know it all. Don’t let them find out you’re not in the trailer doing your paperwork. Hahahahahah BOZO

  35. How can you manage a project from your office? If you’re wondering if the subs make fun of you specifically, I would guess the answer is yes. Only 30 minutes a day in the field is insufficient and anytime I’ve been on a site where the PM was always in their office, the subs generally didn’t have any respect for them at all, so more than likely you’re in the same boat. Not trying to be a dick, just trying to be honest.

  36. As an ironworker absolutely The best is when you ding dong pat yourselves on the back like ya did anything other than tell us to put safety glasses on ,, stick to the "design team bull crap " and we'll pat ourselves on the back !!!

  37. I don’t even know you, and I’m making fun of you!! Now get your ass back in the trailer before you accidentally make some money!!!

  38. wonder how you live inside so many piles of paperwork while i sand a stupid piece of trim... wondering if i'll ever get to the point where i'm making enough.. wondering if guys like you a little higher up are making enough..

  39. You’ll know if they hate you, I had a GC safety guy on a job so his name and number was posted everywhere. last name was “pelonis” and he was a douche. There was Not a single sign that had his name that wasn’t missing the “lo”

  40. Electrician here. Depends on if you’re good at your job or not. I give respect where it’s due, but I’ve also flat out walked off jobs because of poor management as well.

  41. I work at a lumber yard, and some of the contractors are really cool guys. They're easy to get along with, and they seem competent at their job.

  42. Start up guy here. I am basically a glorified babysitter on a lot of jobs for everyone else. So yes I do a lot.

  43. If you really want to know, Check the graffiti in the shitters to see if you made the top jobsite joke. Sometimes, the GCs will hire someone to stand outside the shitters to check for graffiti, which means we've struck gold.

  44. I worked in the field and then got a job as a PM and fuckin hated it lol. Transferred over to the design department and never looked back.

  45. You want the truth? We pretty much hate you with a passion, unless you are cool as hell, joke often and bring snacks every once and a while every single sub will think your just a college education having jerk off who sits in the office. I’ve been both I have a college degree too, I prefer the field more, my best buddy is a pm and acts like a jerk and I could never work under his whiney ass. If you are a cool pm people will say that, but if your not everyone on the site will hate you. Think a cop in the ghetto or something along those lines.

  46. Yes all the time. We have one super we call “Yee Yee” from the joke from GTAV (Yee Yee ass haircut) bc he has an AWFUL haircut and has no idea what he’s looking at.

  47. I have a white hard hat (that has some scratches and a little dirt on it) and even I scoff at the guys with even cleaner hard hats. And to be honest 30 minutes isn't really enough. I'm not sure how you'd be up to speed with everything going on in the field with such a short amount of time. You also probably don't talk too much with the crew and that's not gonna help..

  48. Only the dumb ones will criticize you if you’re doing your job and trying to support the guys in the field rather than berate and belittle them

  49. I get along nicely with everyone but that's because I provide help provide "tea" to the safety meetings. That tea is helpful.

  50. There were generals I respected and those that I didn’t. The GC who let safety stuff slide until something happened is forever on my S list. I was putting up steel stairs with pans and handrail when the masons dropped a full size block from 3 stories up. It hit a couple feet from me and bent 3 pans I had just welded in. Just lucky!

  51. If you think you know more than the guys doing the work, you are doing yourself no favors. They WILL talk poorly about you and not respect you.

  52. If your a good g.c you will know. If your a bad g.c the entire site will know. ( been in the trades 15 years only 2 g.c that were actually worth there weight)

  53. Yeah they do.... I only ever worked for one GC who actually listened to the people he was paying money to do a job... Most of the time we know they come out point at shit say do it and don't understand what is actually involved because they are either A) a college dude who knows nothing or B) some investor type that again knows nothing of building just how to get 22.5477% cash on cash returns.

  54. Commercial plumber here; lately I’ve been seeing a whole lot of GCs creating problems rather than solving them. It’s been more of a game than “what can I do to get this job done?”….more of a “how can I manipulate this job to keep every sub onsite every day even though it’s wildly unnecessary for them to be here?” Don’t be that guy OP. Work with your subs and make sure to communicate with them what needs doing and when. 9 times out of ten you’ll find the sub wants to get the job done as much as you do. Meet in the middle and don’t play games. Cheers!

  55. In my area, it kinda works like this: GC’s that have PM’s that have similar backgrounds as their Sub Contractors always work better together.

  56. All depends on how you got there, and your personality of course. Were you a field guy who knows the job or some nerd who has never swung a hammer and has a "degree in construction"? Guess which one gets actual respect?

  57. I look at it like this: say what you want & run your mouth. Without me (GC) bidding/selling this job, these motherfuckers wouldn’t have a project to work on in the first place.

  58. Haha this is an awesome post. As a super for the GC I can confirm some of the subs I’m not as familiar with, they’ll make fun of us folks with the GC. However, I’ve established good relationships with most of our subs so don’t have to worry about it, but the new ones will try and clown me in Spanish, not knowing I can understand them ha.

  59. Older GCs that were framers and dry wallers for 25 years before their work disappeared are usually pretty good hands-on guys. 300 man jobs usually have a bunch of college educated kids running around telling you that you’re wrong

  60. I work as the owner and talk shit on the trades and gc and likewise. We always collectively shit on unions though

  61. I only make fun of them if they are clowns. Had a GC on one of my last jobsites that absolutely refused to make any judgement calls on anything. Absolutely everything he had to run by his office. Needless to say they ended up having to pay like 3 months of liquidated damages or whatever at the end of that project. Clown

  62. Anyone in a white hardhat that's clean and has one sticker on it is a pleb and needs to suffer. Unless I need something. Then you become useful.

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