1. You know, I respect it. With so many guys who'd say they're 5'9 there, a guy who is honest about their height gets to keep the halfs and quarters.

  2. Last time I was at the doc a few years ago, they measured me at 6'4 and 7/8ths. That's super annoying to tell anyone in casual quick conversation, so I just round to 6'5". But if asked for a specific height, I do tell people the exact measurement. It's pretty funny tbh, I haven't gone by a 7/8ths measurement since I was a kid but It looks like that's my height now forever unless people grow taller past 25.

  3. I had to get a physical and exact measurements for an NCAA sport in college. I always thought I was 5'10" but they revealed that I am in fact 5'9" and 7/8ths of an inch. My entire life was a lie. The guy in the video got me thinking, I was measured in the afternoon, so maybe I'm 5’10" when I wake up and not a liar.

  4. Hey, when most the world measures height in cm, that half inch is the difference between 170 and 171cm!

  5. I'm 6'2" in shoes, so i always tell people that I'm 5'11". I'm not, but it freaks out all the 5'11" guys claiming six foot. It's a bit of fun.

  6. Probably the half he lost by not measuring him correctly. You got to do it against the wall and if you watch the video it seems like his hand it's a bit lower from the top of his head.

  7. I only ever see men’s height come up as a topic on the internet. I dunno if it’s an American phenomenon or an internet phenomenon but I’ve never seen anyone in real life make a big deal out of their height, so I’m not surprised that the 5’4” bloke was upfront about his height!

  8. I say I’m 6’4, but my wife always feels the need to remind me that my doctor measured me at 6’3 and a half 🙄. Shoes count, I don’t care what anyone says lol.

  9. some guesses: these 6’2” people slouch where you might not, you have taller legs proportional to your torso, or you wear shoes that give you a little height like boots.

  10. My best friend is taller than me and it's obvious when we stand next to each other because my scoliosis has only gotten worse as I've gotten older and I've shrunk, yet he insists I'm taller than him.

  11. You know it's funny, I'm 5'11" and my brother is 6'2" and i busted many guys over the years lying about their height because I have a visual perspective to reference. Shit is silly, why lie? I never told anyone i was 6', even though Im likely close with shoes on. I will never get it.

  12. Yep, I’m 6’1” on a good day and women tell me all the time “oh you must be like 6’6”, my boyfriend/ex/friend is 6’2” and you’re WAY taller than him!”

  13. lmao, I used to say Im 190cm tall cause my father always said he is 183 and I was at least 7cm taller than him, but when I was in hospital I find out I'm actually closer to 186,so my father definitely isn't 183cm

  14. Once you own the things about you that you can’t change they aren’t problems anymore. They are just the things that add up to make you you.

  15. I’m 6’5” but my license still reads 6’2” because that’s how tall I was at 16. Sometimes when I know somebody is lying about their height, I’ll use that to “prove” that they’re shorter than their actual height.

  16. Nice. I dated a guy once that was 6’5” for real. On occasion we’d encounter another tall person that would brag about being 6’5” if asked about their height at a party or something. It was really funny when he’d say “oh cool, I’m 6’5” too!” When clearly, he was several inches taller than the 6’1” or 6’2” dude making the claim.

  17. What’s the obession with height? If a guy is cute and not that tall I’d go for nice face and eyes hair anyday but I guess reality feels different

  18. My wife read a thing online where "every guy who claims he's 5'10.5" is actually 5'10 or less. I always claim 5'10.5" because... I am. We had a good laugh as she told me I'm not and rolled and laughed until finally grabbed a tape measure. She checked, and I was 5'10.5". Had a great laugh at that as well because I went on to keep saying "the half matters!!!" Lol good times.

  19. I am 5'4. My friend insists that I am 5'6. I dont know what she was smoking the day she brought that measuring tape out because my height is done once a week at doctors. They confirm I am 5'4

  20. It's super fucking annoying how many guys lie about their height. I'm 5'9" and...3/4 inches...(yes it matters as we've established).

  21. I’ve been told that I lie about my height a lot(6’4 or so), even when I’m fully standing straight. I just slouch a lot so I lose a few inches

  22. I’m 5’7” and a half. But I always just tell people I’m 5’7”. That way, if anything, I’m taller than expected. Better than being shorter.

  23. I’m 5’8” on the dot barefoot, and I tell everyone I’m 5’7”… Because my buddy is 5’7” and it drives him nuts when I say that… LOL

  24. Why would they know how many inches they are? Does anyone actually use ilthe imperial system across the pond. I have know clue how many cm I am.

  25. I find it very common actually. Seems like 5’8” is the least men will say they are. I’m 5’6” and have had guys shorter than me tell me that they are 5’8”.

  26. I'm 5'6". I promise, no man who says they're under 5'9" is lying, and very few who say they're under 6' are lying either. I can't add an extra inch and then think "oh yeah then people who care about height will surely think I'm tall enough!"

  27. People in the UK use feet and inches to measure height. We have a mixed metric/imperial system. But height is always is feet/inches.

  28. Men aren't allowed to be 5, 7 for some reason. You can be above or below; but not..... 5 foot seven.

  29. The half always matters even if you're tall. I'm 5 feet and 11.5 inches tall. I'll die for that extra half to be remembered.

  30. Well in my case I’m actually confused about my actualy height, I did medical checkups in multiples place (hospital and clinics) 2 years ago and each time my height was different but all of them are in range of 173cm - 177cm.

  31. I'm about 6' 1.5" depending on the time of day and what shoes I'm wearing. You know the joke about every guy being 6 feet tall if he's over 5'9"? It's real. I've been told I have to be 6'6" because the 5'9" dude is claiming to be 6, and I'm 5 inches taller than him with shoes on.

  32. I'm like 6'2.5" and used to just say 6'2". But 6'2" guys would get all offended. "No way, man. No way. You're WAY taller than that cause I'm definitely 6'2" and you're taller." It was like I was trying to steal their height haha.

  33. Do people just...walk around knowing how tall they are? My licence says 6'5" but I'm not sure how accurate that is.

  34. I'm 6'1 3/4" but I always say 6'2" to save time, but then I always say "actually I'm 6'1 3/4" out of guilt about rounding up, thus wasting more time and looking like a pedantic idiot.

  35. I mean inches are a big measurement distance. 0,5 inch is 1,27 cm. Body hight in cm is noted on documents in full cm.

  36. I'm like 5'11.5'' (the half matters lol) but with the number of "six foot" men I'm taller than I like to joke that if I were a guy I'd be 6'1''

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