[USA] Two idiots racing at a stoplight

  1. I'm curious about something. In a situation where there are 2 cars, how can the cop get them both?

  2. They can tell the first car to either pull over and stay there (or to follow them if they aren't speeding to get the other car) via the bullhorn and then get the second person.

  3. Last month I was one of the two in this situation. Pretty sure they just pick one and whoever pulls over gets the slap. I slowed to see him pulled over and then skipped across the bridge to the other county.

  4. Yea, I don’t think any actual laws were broken here. I don’t think a jury could in good conscious consider this reckless driving, they didn’t even peel out.

  5. Depends on the state my state could technically argue that it was reckless but I have yet to see a cop care in my area. I actually had a cop ask my friend with a 911 to race him from a light in his squad car although it was 2:30AM and there were no other cars out, I was in the car so I know the story is true but many of our friends still think it’s a BS story.

  6. No person or persons may race any motor vehicle or motor vehicles upon any public highway of this state. Any person or persons who wilfully compare or contest relative speeds by operation of one or more motor vehicles shall be guilty of racing, which shall constitute reckless driving. Even if you are not speeding.

  7. I've seen biker cops race sports cars and streetbikes to the speed limit. As long as you keep control, don't stunt/wheelie, and don't break traction they could care less. Oh and speed

  8. Depends on the area, the state hell sometimes even the jurisdiction can make the difference. Here I believe there is an "unsafe acceleration" or similar catch-all charge for that.

  9. That's how they drive in Sioux Falls. Gotta wait 5 seconds after it turns green. They'll be damned if two cars make it through a turn arrow.

  10. Because going off the light means its mostly on reflexes if their cars are equally as quick. One of them was probably counting down so they could get a fair start.

  11. Yeah this was my first thought as well. The worst part of this is the noise from the exhaust after most people have gone to sleep. A wrx isn’t likely to loose control launching like that from a light but a cop running a left turn through a red light to bust that justice boner is pretty dangerous. I don’t like wrx drivers as much as the next guy but the cop is a fucking idiot.

  12. Had a friend do something similar. He decided to run instead of getting what would have most likely been a speeding ticket. The cop had no idea they were actually racing because they got clocked coming out of a turn. Ended up running and catching a felony charge instead of a simple speeding ticket. I told him if you do run make sure not to stop cause once you’ve made that decision there’s no turning back.

  13. Happened to a brother friend, cop stated, “it’s only fair I get the loser” but my brothers friend was tattle tail so he got both

  14. Just curious - what does the cop book them on? Do they have to prove those two cars are racing - unless of course if the cop got them speeding on radar later, which could be hard given the lights might have tipped them off?

  15. Street racing or exhibition of speed. I’d rather get the fattest speeding ticket rather than either one of these. In California street racing will get you taken away in cuffs along with a 30 day impound.

  16. Looks like he was a bit too late to get them. Can't chase anymore and its pretty hard to confirm who was who if he saw it from that far back

  17. Phew, I seen something like this today, only more chaotic. Similar setup, busy road, two idiots haul ass of the light. Cop comes across the intersection from the right. Guy from the left decides to not stop for his red light and gets hit by the cop car. Complete chaos

  18. bruh they just tried to see who reached the speed limit first.. thats all.. theres nothing wrong with having some fun when there’s no cars in front of you and you’re not swerving through traffic

  19. You laugh but I’ve done this and it’s the loser who gets caught. The winner blacks out and redlines until the cop pulls over the loser (person behind you)

  20. The cop turned his lights off anyway. He probably couldn’t really get them with anything if they didn’t go over the speed limit

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