How is it to work as a cook for very high end / luxurious restaurants?

  1. No no no.... he was asking about being an owner. You don't want to ask that there. All restaurant owners are horrible and you should be a stoner diner line cook bitching about how people expect you to cook what they want to eat and you should make $110k flipping burgers.

  2. Higher end usually means more prep, higher priced ingredients, and a greater focus on the guest experience. Be prepared to be putting in 80-100 hour weeks for a long time.

  3. Solid advice. I too said “oh, honey” upon reading an 18 year old thinks they can open a high end/ super classy restaurant right after graduation.

  4. I'm a pastry cook at a 5 star luxury hotel in Charleston. I'm also a culinary student at Culinary Institute of Charleston. At 49 I decided to follow what I love. With that out of the way, I'll tell you about my experiences so far. There is zero chance for creativity. There is a menu. I make the same things over and over. I also get treated like garbage. Even though I'm 49 with a lifetime of experiences, it doesn't matter to the chef. The chef, the sous chef and the other pastry cook all graduated one of the top culinary schools in America. And then there's me. The lowly tech school pastry cook. Everything has to be presented perfectly. All the food has to be on par. But it's monochrome. The somethings, every day. It is a good experience. Gather what knowledge you can, then when you learned everything you can, move on. Just keep a good head on your shoulders, mouth shut and ears open. But don't let people treat you like a piece of trash.

  5. Chef here. Don’t waste money on school. Start from the bottom in a kitchen. Learn that way. Buy cookbooks and gear for yr home. Experiment. Watch videos on technique. Culinary school is a waste of time and money in my opinion. Most people I know in the industry never went to culinary school. Most of the culinary grads I know now work for quicken loans.

  6. This is so untrue. Maybe work in kitchens before you go but culinary school completely upgraded my career.

  7. I think it can be great. Does depend on the crew you work with but there will most likely be people who will look out for you. Working in nice restaraunts teaches you a lot about cool cooking techniques that aren't used in diner restaraunts. bring a permanent marker and a thermometer. Be friendly. too much to say here but kitchen confidential will give you great tips and laughs.

  8. I’m a Canadian who worked at Swinton Park in North Yorkshire and my god it was awful. Its a Michelin star restaurant and super posh castle hotel! The chefs worked insane split shifts. 6am-1300, and then back for dinner service from 6pm- anywhere near 0000-0100. Do that 5 days a week and you’re just exhausted. It was the same for front of house and back of house staff too. If you love it, you’re gonna put a ton into it. It’s just hard to have a social life or any life outside of being a newer chef or one that wants to open up restaurants! If it’s your dream, go for it though mate!!

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