covid has got to be the biggest scam in history

  1. Exactly. People have spent years incorporating their political leanings into their personal faith and morals that to admit that they were wrong would be devastating to their mental health. Their church is CNN and their prophets are people like Biden and Fauci. It would be the equivalent of introducing devout Catholics to an alien being.

  2. I was on a plane last week and I still saw a couple people wearing those clear plastic face shields (in addition to regular masks ofc). Still baffles me how adults can still be so scared after all this

  3. Tons of mask people are still active and glaring at us not wearing masks , I can see their faces screwed up with anger at those not wearing masks. I would say probably 75% here are still maskers .

  4. What's really funny is that face shields have been proven ineffective. Like, screen door on a submarine ineffective. At least they had a mask to go along with it lol.

  5. climate change is real. It's a real way to fuck over developing countries over a bit more and imposing standards they will never achieve and goals they will never reach so they stay right where they are. Meanwhile we're fucking up our drinkable water ressources up so fast that even with the most pessimistic climate change projections, we'll be dead way before we're suffering from the effects of global warming. Well, you plebs will, I'm sitting on europe's vastest and most well protected ressource of mineral water. Some want to build a wall, I want to build a well.

  6. Honestly I’m not entirely sure that’s a total scam, it’s very possibly not anywhere near as bad as they say it is but the amount of co2 we have admitted since the industrial revolution makes sense to have some negative impact.

  7. Me too , I never spent a dime on any of that stuff , in fact I got Covid citations for not masking and not following lockdown rules (all of them were dismissed because I challenged them in court )

  8. Bigger picture - why does each crisis scam keep popping conveniently one after the other? To distract us all from the wealth transfer that has been accelerated in the recent years.

  9. It’s just insane that the same people calling for abortion rights and bodily autonomy are totally cool with corrupt big pharma forcing vaccinations. Literal mind control.

  10. They just want you to think that they feel like they're walking into Chernobyl, and then when nobody is looking at their virtue signaling they take trips out of the country and don't care about masks or large gatherings. Only to come back to their own town and continue to harangue people about masks and vaccines.

  11. If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth. The MSM has done a superb job of re-enforcing this narrative and has induced some people into utter fear which the governments are now trying desperately to back pedal on somewhat but people are just too far gone.

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