UK at start of new Covid wave driven by BA.4 and BA.5, new data suggests | Coronavirus

  1. We've all but phased out of taking measures, so what's the point? I barely know anyone masking up, and people are definitely unlikely to shell out money for testing at this stage.

  2. There is 0.01% chance we ever see restrictions again. It would need to be even more contagious and way more deadly to even start thinking about it.

  3. My sister tested positive yesterday for the 2nd time in less than 6 months. First time at Xmas was just a runny nose but she’s not feeling great the 2nd time around. Double vaccinated and boosted.

  4. Needs better vaccines. The ones we have suffer from diminishing returns the more times you have a shot.

  5. That doesn’t sound great, coupled with 0 visibility of cases, and no restrictions, if it’s more leathal then we won’t see it till it’s hospitalisations and excess deaths.. lack of test and trace is just negligent imho

  6. South Africa already had their BA4 / BA5 wave and it passed without causing any problems (and much fewer deaths than previous waves).

  7. My entire household tested positive last week for the first time . I was surprised we had avoided it for so long.

  8. I just tested positive this weekend for the first time after waking up with a fever and was also surprised after getting away with it for so long, especially since I came into contact with positive people before but managed to avoid it. Hope you’re all feeling ok x

  9. Ever catch a bad cold or flu before 2020 and think to yourself, well this sucks balls. Then 5-7 days later you are feeling much better? That's Covid in 2022 and beyond. You will likely get it. It will likely suck. You will very likely live through it.

  10. Cold or flu didn't give me recurrent migraines for 2 months which I've never had in my life before.

  11. I tested positive for the first time on Tuesday. Caught it on the way back from the US. Probably from the guy coughing two rows ahead of me on the second flight from LHR to NCL.

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