Mac and cheese switched from aluminum pan to plastic that you can’t heat up. Absurd.

  1. Jokes on you guys. I was heating this up in Pyrex for years. My family even tells people that I have the best mac & cheese in the state 😂

  2. I've done this before for a clutch dinner I had to go to. People were asking me what kind of cheeses I used and thankfully I have plenty of kitchen knowledge I was successfully bullshitting my way through. Is there a term for extreme self inflicted embarrassment even when no one knows what you've done 😓😓😓

  3. Was at my in-laws and my mother in law microwaved the Mac and cheese in the plastic container. Needless to say it melted the plastic container. She said “oh it’s fine”.

  4. Yep and it's not just Costco, it's everywhere. Companies are trimming/simplifying product offerings and phasing item skus in and out rapidly dependent on the packaging supply lines availability. I think it's going to keep changing and getting worse, consumerism habits will have to change .

  5. When your OWN country's largest banking industry HOARDS aluminum until prices rise -- costing their citizens higher prices while their profits soar -- something is wrong with our society.

  6. Packaging has been very hard to get. I’ve had brands I work with that have had to wait 8-12 months on custom bags and such. Restaurants/Stores can never get the proper plastic/paper bags even not customized right now. They are constantly going with whatever container is available. And often spending more, not less vs previous containers.

  7. Maybe if we as a country hadn’t sold out to China and India just to make a few corporate giants even more money we would have a reliable supply chain but you know, the hell with stability and American jobs, wealthy CEO’s and shareholders need to make .0026% more profit this year.

  8. There's a story out there that validated the stock piling of aluminum in empty factory yards out in Michigan.

  9. Well, you want stuff as cheap as possible, plastic is much cheaper than aluminum. In addition, many canneries are having trouble stocking aluminum for their cans…supply chain issuea

  10. Canned soup hasn’t been on sale at the grocery store in ages. I have shrugged off most other inflation but it seems crazy to pay $3+ for a can of progresso.

  11. It’s the same at Sam’s Club. It’s no big deal for me as my family is small and I usually split these kind of prepared meals in half and freeze one half in glass.

  12. Sound like someone's been living under a rock and is self-entitled to an aluminum pan because of it. Absurd.

  13. No, because it all was purchased by large hedge funds and banks -- and tons were hoarded until prices went up. TONS.

  14. I try to recycle and have the special can for curbside pick up but I’ve seen the garbage truck intermingle them anyways :(

  15. Look, for those of you down voting because people don't want plastic containers on items that used to go straight to the oven, its not unreasonable to expect an oven-ready dish to come in an oven-ready container.

  16. I’m curious why they can’t use the same materials they use for meatloaf—that’s not aluminum and it can go in the oven.

  17. Yeah, I freaking hate plastic and am trying so hard to cut it out. Love me some Costco, but everything is plastic

  18. Aluminum is in short supply. Everyone is having a hard time getting containers and cans. If they can't use aluminum and don't use plastic, what do you suggest they use? Keep in mind, no one wants the price increased, too...

  19. I get it, and I understand how it works…but sucks to see/taste the quality becoming crappier and the prices increase so heavily. The amount of trips to Costco have definitely been slowing down a lot

  20. I don’t understand how so many people find this mac and cheese edible! It takes like the ghost of Mac and cheese. Yes I’ve added salt, yes I’ve tried different batches, it just plain sucks.

  21. i was looking for this comment :) how many people try reheating in the container without the lid? the message on the sticker is ambiguous. They simply could have put "Remove FOOD from container before heating"

  22. The beauty of this was I could let it reheat in my smoker next to the pork, brisket, whatever. Just take the lid off and put it in there. Great smoky flavor with no fuss.

  23. Better for your health not to be in aluminum. I remove all that stuff from.the containers and put into glass before cooking. Even the frozen lasagna. All those chemicals leaching is terrible. Heated aluminum leaches, they are doing you a favor.

  24. Agreed! Had it this weekend and had to transfer into another pan. So strange that they did that!

  25. Aluminum is expensive right now. I guess instead of increasing their price they switched to plastic.

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