Line courtesy question.

  1. Funny, I just had this situation the other day in Costco! A guy tried to jump in front of multiple people under the guise that there were two lines.

  2. It’s not clear. That’s my point. I wish there were some guidance, ii don’t care which method is selected. I think it’s just inviting issues leaving it up to shoppers. n my mind the merged lines get backed up and obstructs traffic during busy times.

  3. Nah just selfish, arrogant people who just think their time is more important and a lot of times they won’t be called out and told to get into the back of the line when they try to form their own.

  4. One problem is that costcos are not consistent with this. I know the one in sandy springs, GA often times harangues you that there are two lines (3 self checkouts on each side), even though logic and courtesy should dictate one line going to all 6 stations, and this is not any slower of course.

  5. I have never seen any organization to it. I have also seen a few very explosive situations myself. Of people just jumping the line and cutting. Honestly, I go to Costco during the slower weekdays in the morning because of this. Weekends tend to be when people are on edge (especially Sunday).

  6. My local Costco has 6 self checkout registers and there are 2 lines. Each line feeding 3 registers. It would be more efficient if there was a single line but I believe they have 2 lines so the line doesn't extend far back in to the store.

  7. This is entirely warehouse-dependent. At my warehouse, there are three separate lines for the self checkout lanes, and have to constantly inform members of that because they like to get in one big line that goes really far back. We also have two separate lines for the receipt checkers.

  8. It’s helpful/interesting to see how many replies here are saying that SCO is one line. At my location, they laid out the line markers oddly. There are two “lanes” of SCO registers: 6 on one lane (split into two sides, facing each other), and another lane of 3 in the other (just facing one way, toward the last normal checkout lane). They painted 2 queue lines: One feeds in from the main aisle, and the other is next to it, kind of awkwardly feeding in from the perpendicular aisle (where normal checkout lines back up into). Each line appears to “share” the middle row of registers, so everyone thinks they have the right of way. And, you could perceive each line as being the “primary” one, depending on how your shopping trip ends/what direction you come from. So everyone is always confused, cutting in, and even the employees are random about who they let in, depending on how busy it is. I’ve been barked at by people behind me in situations where I’m waiting for someone else in the other queue line to go, who was clearly waiting before me. Really confusing. Somehow this is never a problem at other places I shop with SCO.

  9. Same here. I’m pretty conversational and ask those around me and it seems that everyone has a different notion (some very strong). I have had a guy put his hand on my back and push me forward bc I was just being patient and queuing up the way everyone else was.

  10. At the Costco I work at, we usually do 2 separate lines for the exit and two separate lines for self checkout, but I’m pretty sure it depends on the cashiers/employees. The advantage of two lines is that it takes up less space length-wise

  11. One line for SCO, two for the door. Keeps people from cutting one another off and starting arguments/fights (believe me it happens!) SCO is weird because its oriented vertically unlike most other retail stores, but the queueing process is the same- one line and go to the first available register.

  12. For SCO - one consolidated line for all the stations, because you never know how long someone is going to take. They have a few employees stationed to help guide people into SCO or regular checkout lines, and ensure people are moving up to the stations for maximum efficiency.

  13. It kind of depends on how much I have. I just laugh at those people with a full cart. Do you really think you can do that faster than a Costco checkout professional?? It always ends up with the one (of maybe 3) helpers at the SCO doing the entire order for them. A scan gun like Sams has would certainly help. I would love to see an "item limit" sign but know that it won't happen and that people will just abuse it anyway.

  14. I'll wait in whatever line protocol is apparent. I will call out line cutters. I have stood arguing with assholes that think they are more deserving of a front row spot. I also won't let someone that forgot something, leaves the line for 5 minutes and comes back expecting their previous front row position. I love their arguement...but I forgot something. To MF bad...bring a list next time like everyone else, end of the line please! But, I am occasionally sympathetic to some people with just 1 or 2 items, hot chicks and old ladies and Mom's with with snot factories, and will let them ahead.

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