Everyone likes to save money at Costco

  1. My mom’s words of wisdom “If you take care of your pennies, your nickels will take care of themselves”

  2. Also, wealthy people shop at Costco. The average member earns 100k a year. Might as well get gas when you are putting new tires on the Ferrari or picking up a 6 pack of diamond rings!

  3. Do you have a source on this? Genuinely curious, I’m not trying to pick a fight. I’m a member but I have not used their gas as I’ve never been able to compare it.

  4. I have to put premium in my Infiniti and its the cheapest place locally for Top Tier premium gas by an average of $.40/gallon. Just makes sense when you have to use premium which I'm sure his Ferrari does.

  5. I use it but it’s not top tier. It’s cheap gas. There was an article a while back about luxury brand car owners have all kinds of problems. Linked back to cheap Costco gas. Ferrari shouldn’t be filling up at Costco or 7/11

  6. You get rich by saving money where you can. With Costco gas, you’re saving money while still getting high quality gas.

  7. He’s most likely a former athlete/pro. So yeea same reason he’s wearing a tank. Muscle guy tryin to be comfortable.

  8. It's a humble brag thing. He has muscles, and he is advertising that he's not one of those guys who wears skin-tight clothes to show them off. While wearing shorts and a tank top to show them off, and way overcompensating with the loose shorts.

  9. Way too few pockets for being dad shorts. Btw I love wearing my dad shorts. Storage for everything. Want a pocket for your sunglasses so they don’t get scratched? There’s one just for that.

  10. The hack is going to Costco gas right when they open. I get off at 6:30 am and I was literally the only one at the pumps

  11. Mark Cuban’s advice for people to get out of debt/living paycheck to paycheck, one the top things to do was buy things in bulk to save money.

  12. This is way overblown. You can be as frugal as you want, but the only way to become rich is to have a very high income (or inheritance or windfall or something). Saving 20 cents a gallon on Costco gas once a week whenever you fill up isn’t going to make a meaningful difference in whether or not you become or stay “rich”.

  13. Why you hating? Hes probably a former Notre Dame football player. They’re called Golden “domers” cause their helmets are painted gold. This is to reflect the gold cathedral on campus.

  14. The guy took his Ferrari out to Costco and got gas. If this triggers your jealousy and whining about how wealth is evil, you’ve got some major fragile-ego problems. Get over yourselves.

  15. No, you're a putz. Money is the root of all evil, Remember that? It used to be an American maxim before everything became for sale under the republicans.

  16. I really want to get gas at Costco but the lines are so long now because of the prices. Before as prices got out of control, Id pull in at like 8:30 at night and it would barely anyone there. Now at the same time, the lines are like 15 cars deep. So I am choosing to pay almost 30 cents more a gallon to save time.

  17. My building had an exotic car dealership like half a mile down the road. I'd see all kinds of stuff.

  18. What’s wrong with this? Is there a better brand they are supposed to use? Costco has top tier quality

  19. I worked at a gas station for Costco ( still an employee just transfer back inside and I was impressed at the quantity of additives we included in put into every load from the refinery. I believe it burned even a little slower than elsewhere

  20. I went to Sams Club today, Sunday, to pick up a prescription that Costco doesn’t carry. I’m a member at Costco but not Sam’s. I got there and found out that the pharmacy is closed on Sundays. A weekend! Geez. The lines there were long! Forget them!

  21. Is your Costco pharmacy normally open on a Sunday? Mine is always closed and it’s so aggravating lol. Weekends are the days I can run errands like that, it’s tough getting to the Costco Pharmacy by 7pm on weeknights!

  22. Could also be to ensure that you are getting good gas and not some cut or dirty gas, which is very important, especially in cars like these.

  23. Why are people obsessed with taking pictures of expensive things? It’s always been a strange concept. Sure helps the capitalism system keep people locked in though.

  24. I wish more car enthusiast knew how bad Costco gas is for performance vehicles, it’s ok for daily commuters but it’s not great for a sports car. all their additives dilute the fuel purity which causes timing correction and knock detection, i’ve tested their fuel on a handful of vehicles all making 400+ whp. if you drive a high end sports cars and pump Costco gas I recommend you either stop or pump a couple gallons of E85 afterwards

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