My Costco hotdog story.

  1. My youngest used to love shopping at Costco with me when his siblings were in school. Always had a berry smoothie. I had to meet my now adult son in a Costco lot halfway between our towns to drop off some stuff. Got there a little early so I ran inside and got him a fruit smoothie. Happiest 27-year-old ever :-)

  2. This brought a tear to my eye! I’m 32 now and live half a country away, but my parents still wait to do their holiday Costco shopping until I’m in town.

  3. My 3yo loves Costco. We all went and got hotdogs as a family for lunch and that little kid ate his ENTIRE hot dog 😳

  4. Took my little girl with me once and got ice cream and hotdogs. Now I have a permanent Costco buddy! She loves Costco as much as I do! The ice cream machines been broken tho so that's been a bummer for her.

  5. Whenever I go to Costco I have to buy two hotdogs for my brother. Then I drive by his place and he comes downstairs to get them from me.

  6. I agree about giving away the soda cup. But it's a 50/50. 50% of the time the people give a big "thank you". The other 50% give me a "what? get away from me you creep" look.

  7. I just leave the empty cup by the soda machine, I always assumed someone would use it sooner or later.

  8. I used to work two jobs. Twice a week I would go to Costco for a cheap, hot meal while working my second job. Now my kids will jump for joy if I take them to Costco for a meal. Downside is that I can't take my 5 year old shopping without her asking for a slice of pizza. Could be 10 AM and she just had breakfast, but she'll shoot her shot and ask for pizza.

  9. I used to run the FC in my building. One of the toughest jobs Costco has. No glory, no glamor, no margin, no frills. High expectations, little support. The food court employees live for members like you guys. Glad to hear the positive. Thanks OP.

  10. I have always tried figuring out why I love Costco so much. The more I pondered the questions it trully boils down to the nastolgia that came with it. The excitement of the mini road trip that would happen to the warehouse... only to be followed up by the excitement that hit when I would walk through the front while I started to hunt down every possible sample while my parents loaded up on supplies. As a little kid I never knew we could take multiple samples so I would try and act sneaky and walk around a few different Isles to come back and take a couple more without being caught. It was all about the adventure 😅

  11. same, i remember going w my mom a long time ago, the nearest was an hour away so usually we’d be doing a mall trip then costco for staple goods before going home. it was usually chick fil a for lunch or costco hotdog and drink depending on the day we went. i think mom was saving money bu going on a sunday so we’d want the hot dog and drink at costco.

  12. My most recent ex boyfriend and I loved Costco dates. There was a second hand lego store about 5 minutes away so we'd go there then hit up Costco for a hot dog dinner and maybe some grocery shopping. Fantastic time

  13. I was at Costco yesterday and noticed the employee I saw outside in a high visibility vest walked into the cafeteria area of Costco with a woman who was clearly (to me) unhoused. Employee walked up to the kiosk, punched it in and handed the person a receipt. She got in line and looked pretty happy about it. It was nice to see her afforded the same kind of afternoon treat I get for my kid.

  14. Love buying the hotdogs and grilling em at home, too. Miles better than any other brand by far. Only knock was last time I was there, they didn’t sell buns that were big enough for their own brand dawgs?!

  15. We’ve been thinking about a Costco membership for a while now and I think the thing that is going to push us over indecision is the food court lol! Our daughter is almost a year and a half and loves food & people watching; sounds like a perfect family dinner 😄

  16. I have a 1.5 year old and Costco is one of her favorite outings, has been for months. She thinks she is on parade waving at everyone, free samples, AND a treat at the end?!?! Her Disneyland lol

  17. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from getting a $1 strawberry shortcake ice cream bar from the gas station with my dad (I’m female). It always felt so fancy and special. Keep being a great dad, my dude.

  18. My dad and I used to get the cherry pies from McDonald’s. We’d keep count to see who got the most whole cherries. Somehow I always won.

  19. When I was a kid my parents didn't have a membership, but my neighbors down the street did. I have many fond memories of going on costco adventures with my "second family" as they'd just gather up any neighbor kids hanging out that day and toss us in the back of the station wagon. Those flat cart rides to pick up samples were better entertainment than a carnival and it was air conditioned in there.

  20. LPT: even if you are not a Costco member you can still go into the store and food court. Just say you are going to the pharmacy. Since they take gov healthcare they cant have a "members only" pharmacy.

  21. We hate onions! Grilled onions on burgers is fine, but NO to raw onions on anything else!!! Now, I'm really missing my relish!!! I think I got it last time I was there, but the hot dogs don't taste the same as pre-pandemic

  22. The came for the onions and I said nothing for I do not like raw onions. Then they came for the deli mustard and now we just have watery yellow mustard :(

  23. Love it!! When my kids were little I’d take them to Costco every week or 2 and we’d sit outside and eat pizza and hot dogs before refilling our drinks and doing our shopping. Those days were always lovely and always something to look forward to. So simple but so sweet and fun. Now I have teenagers and they won’t go with me and I sure miss those hot dogs in the sunshine.

  24. Jim absolutely said that. He'd say it at totally unrelated meetings. It's part of the culture. Old Costco people will tell you great stories. "Give 'em the pickle" to speak.

  25. I never ate hot dogs until I tried the ones at Costco. Now I’m hooked. But I still only get one every month or two.

  26. My brother and his family took the trip to Washington DC to see our nation's capital, etc. The picture they sent us was of them eating hot dogs at a Virginia Costco.

  27. My guilty pleasure. I always get a dog when I shop at Costco. And I've been known to go in just for the hot dog (and then leave).

  28. The summer that Costco first opened up, (back when it was Price Club), my mom would take my brother and me there weekly for the hot dog soda combo. I always got a soft pretzel too.

  29. Does anyone enjoy the outdoor food courts? That’s all we have here, and it’s just kinda miserable. Waiting outside for food (with nearby highway, train tracks, and depending on the wind- sewage treatment plant ambiance), so you either take it and go or there’s a little adjacent walled in area, slightly climate controlled with tables, but it’s this weird separate area that’s always trash strewn and extra dirty. That and the food quality decline I’ve written off the experience entirely.

  30. We were on Oahu and drove to find the shrimp trucks. Stopped at Costco first and the kids begged us to eat there instead of the shrimp truck. $15 for dinner for 5 instead of $150? Twist my arm! Cheapest meal we ever had on the island!

  31. Pro tip: get the phone number to the food court and call in your pizza to be ready when you check out. Just have to inform the checkers that you paid and for them not to make a new pizza

  32. So cute. My parents live 5 minutes away (I am in my 40’s, they are in their 70’s). My parents call me at least once a month to meet them there to go shopping, and on occasion when I have popped over during the work day for something quick, I have run into my parents there. Yesterday, I was getting gas there and I heard a dog bark and thought it sounded like my uncles dog… I look over at the pump next to me, and sure enough there is my uncle and his pup. I see them at the gas station like once a month (in addition to other normal family stuff).

  33. Why are people downvoting you, when you’re correct? If the price of the hotdog had kept up with inflation the cost would be $4.50, but it’s not, because it’s Costcos whole thing to keep it at $1.50.

  34. Three years ago Costco hot dogs were a cherished family tradition in our happy home. Now I’m in prison, my wife is addicted to heroin, and my children are in foster care. It turns out those little diced onions were the glue holding my family together. I hear you asking “Do you really think the elimination of diced onions at the Costco food court is responsible for the dissolution of your marriage?”

  35. I'm sure many know the story but the founder of Costco threatened to murder the ceo if he raised the prices of the hot dogs. Suffice to say the found another way to keep their prices down.

  36. I had a hot dog the other day. Haven't had one for a while, seems like they are even better than I remember. I miss the onions though. Now I'm hungry!

  37. That's really sweet! I have so many good memories growing up of going to Costco with my grandfather for a lunch comprised of samples and sometimes a hot dog.

  38. The Costco Hot Dog is magical. We chat about it a lot on my livestreams and we’ve turned it into an emote which is hilarious. With that, people also donate a smaller sum with a hot dog icon for me to go out and buy one/share it on the Stories. A rather hilarious setup.

  39. I remember back in my college days my coworker and I would go to Costco for lunch. Id order my usual hotdog combo/slice of pizza and he would order 8 hotdogs, a chicken bake, and a slice of pizza.

  40. My 2 boys (under 6) and I get Costco hot dogs every Monday after daycare, then roam around and let them look at all the cool shit. Good times.

  41. The free advertising that Costco gets from Reddit and other forums would be extremely difficult to calculate the value. It's huge and they know it and use it. Before Costco I was a member of Sam's Club. It was the potholes in the parking lot, dirty floors and indifferent employees that annoyed the hell out of me. Haven't been in one since Costco opened.

  42. Kids seem to go wild for Costco food. It's very amusing when a family's pizza finally comes out of the oven and their kids run over to the display window to watch it get cut.

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