What are some of your favorite country music storytellers?

  1. Someone already said Tom T. Hall, so my next closest pick is James McMurtry. "Choctaw Bingo" alone could prove it, but I love the imagery of "Rachel's Song," too.

  2. I’ve always loved Roger Miller’s storytelling songs. Plus he teaches you some helpful life tips like “You can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd!” Who can argue with that?

  3. Todd Snider is SUCH a good storyteller, although it tends to be in spoken format in between songs. Hayes Carll has some good ones too.

  4. I finally listened to Honky Tonk Hell the other day, and man, Gabe Lee's storytelling on "30 Seconds at a Time" is straight up Bob Dylan level shit.

  5. Tyler Childers (Bus Route, Banded Clovis, Middle Ground) and Jason Isbell (Elephant, Palmetto Rose, Decoration Day) are two of my favorites.

  6. Decoration Day is my favorite and I'd throw Speed Trap Town on that list as a prime example from Jason Isbell.

  7. Great artist. Just saw him last weekend. I can’t really think of any of his songs that are stories, but you can tell he loves what he does.

  8. Thomas Rhett (Sixteen, Life Changes, Mamas Front Door) and Brad Paisley (I’m Gonna Miss Her, Water, American Saturday Night)

  9. Definitely Chris Knight. Check out Back Down the River...warning, includes murder and revenge. Damn good stuff

  10. People have already posted a bunch of names I'd have said myself so I'll go with Tom Russell. A load of his songs could be fleshed out just a little and easily published as a collection of short Westerns - Sky Above Mud Below, Gallo Del Cielo, South Coast, Hallie Lonegan, Llano Estacado, probably the whole Songs of the West album to be honest.

  11. C.W. Mcall He did more than just convoy. Check out a song titled Aroura Borealis. All the others mentioned are great also. Country music is first and foremost a story telling genera.

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