From non-lethal to suicide.

  1. He's holding a family hostage, basically admits he's not going to leave there alive, talks about how he has "barely any rounds" and then talks about how he is creasing his shoes. Dude could not be more disconnected from reality

  2. He trying to come of cool to the internet. Even in this life or death situation, he cannot resist to show off "how much he doesn't care" to the internet. Mentioning creasing his shoes, etc. Just portraying how care free he is. If there was no camera and he wasn't thinking about an audience maybe he would react different and think about things such as the future.

  3. I cringed like a motherfucker watching this video. douchebag obviously has to really really put effort into sounding like that. namsayin?

  4. I looked him up and found a facebook memorial page. Looks like he had a low income but supportive family. Tons of photos, where he's just looking like a normal kid. Like 2015 hes just a little teen kid on a family paddleboarding trip and you can't help but wonder what happened during those final 5 years. Can't help but feel for him.

  5. Speaking of keeping it real. For real, I wish Americans came with sub titles. It’s sometimes so hard to Understand when they speak fast with that twang. this case it was speaking slow as well. I struggled to understand these dudes

  6. He’s like aye baby can you bring me some snacks and drinks I took a family hostage and gonna kms feeling a bit parched

  7. This says “non lethal to suicide” but I still don’t get what happened here. He goes from fine to showing blood on his shoes…did he shoot himself or get shot by police?

  8. Maybe it’s a thing to say ‘affiliate’ in rapping circles but the typical word for this is ‘acquaintance’. To me, affiliate implies a closer relationship, as it’s normally used to describe official partnerships and such.

  9. I will say one thing "there is no such thing as non lethal only less than lethal because they are all still very capable of being lethal but is more likely to just result in injury if used correctly

  10. During the video I was thinking "is it really such a bad thing this rambling, mostly incoherent moron is dead? Doesn't seem like a loss"

  11. He's not dying, that blood is just from broke glass, he shot himself that's how he died. He's just a psychopath.

  12. I could be mistaken but I think the non-lethal rounds penetrated the glass and he got injured from it. I think that’s also the point he decided he was going to take his own life.

  13. Not sure about the extreme NSFL tag. Good ‘ol NSFL would suffice. I was trying to prepare my stomach for something that never happened that entire video.

  14. That has gotta be tough to talk about OP. Good for you! We all have an ear for you! That is scary for sure, talking about it..even more, good for you!. Get it out there and move forward ok 👍

  15. I really appreciate the message ! It was pretty surreal to see but I’ll be alright. Thank you for looking out for my well-being, we need more people like you in the internet ! 😎

  16. Eh, his speaking is fine tbh, just using AAVE, it’s cringe but, he’s probably grown up around black people, either that, or he’s just talking like that for show. regardless, grammar’s fine.

  17. My understanding of the situation is that he was going to be pulled over for a traffic violation and he had a pistol on him (he’s a felon) and he just thought he’d be able to evade and not get screwed by the cops. Weird situation.

  18. "Gee golly gosh, this peculiar situation I'm finding myself in appears to be everyone else's fault but my own, good sirs. Please, I beg of you ladies and gentlemen to follow me on social media and validate my psychosis. Suffice to say I possessed good vibrations aplenty, ready to spread forthwith unto society, but the world simply was not ready for my magnificence. I will now exit life in a cowardly fashion. Do you know what I am saying?"

  19. Good evening. I would like to begin by introducing myself. My name is Hydrogen and I come from a low income neighborhood where life is not very comfortable. I've stolen many things, and have been involved in many altercations, most of which have ended in gunfire. In addition to this, I've had sexual intercourse with a great number of the opposite sex. In contrast, and despite the lack of legitimate evidence, I believe you to have been in a involved in a number of homosexual activities. Activities I, and my companions, look down upon. I am so much stronger than you, and my powers of rhetoric are so much greater than yours that you can employ an army of some sort to aid in your fight with me; but I would of course prevail because I am stronger than you. I'm sure I needn't remind you of my place of birth wherein, as as I've explained before, the living conditions are much worse than in your aforementioned city of residence. I would like to stop here for a moment and remind you that I am in fact orating with little or no prior preparation, an act commonly referred to as "freestyling." Once again, and I think this bears repeating, I would like to restate my claim that I am, in fact, much stronger, and have endured a larger number of hardships than you. Hardships which have left me with an aggressive behavior and an imposing demeanor which I believe frightens you. I know of a woman with whom you have had sexual intercourse. I, too, have had sexual intercourse with said woman and she complained to me of your less than exemplary performance in bed. She went on to explain to me in graphic details the dimensions and particulars of your genitals; and I tell you what she said was not very generous, Sir. In conclusion, I would like to leave you with a brief summary of my argument: you sir are a weak, timid and untrustworthy homosexual. The city in which you live is not nearly as difficult to live in, nor is it in such a high state of disrepair as mine. I am superior monologist in this debate, and any claim to the contrary will result in physical violence and perhaps even death.

  20. Felon rapper tried to run from cops because his dumb ass had a gun in his car when he got pulled over, ran from them, ended up taking a family hostage in their home, got hit with some glass from non-lethal rounds going through the storm door, went on Instagram Live, then suck started his own gun.

  21. motherfucker dead shit as hell bro motherfucking ass know what im sayin bro dipshit dead as hell motherfucker thirsty finna gone as hell dead ass bro

  22. When he looked over at his Jetta he mumbled. But I can make out everything he is saying. I'm from the deep piney woods of east Texas btw.

  23. What is wrong with society that makes a young man speak like this, and aspire to live a "gangsta rappa" life complete with crimes and ultimately death...I wonder what he could have done if he had chosen better role models and different life choices. Job, career, training or education, family life, I wanna be a rapper, carry guns and be a felon so I can die at 20 on tik tok and everyone will call be a dumb shit on Reddit.

  24. Basically acting a certain way so he can blend with his environment. I lived in the ghetto when it was our mom's turn for custody. Though I myself never "adapted" to the hood, my older brother chose that path to get by. I hated how he'd clown me for a shred of clout. I always told him one day everybody who knows "Big Don" will realize he's putting up a front.. and they did. Fast forward some years later and all of his "friends" abandoned him. Now he's 100lbs heavier, plays Runescape all day in a broken home with a wife who's cucking him.. lol

  25. So I can break this down a bit for u, as someone tht grew up in both the suburbs and hood at some point it’s all abt actin cool and gettin girls. These dudes that talk street/are street, get a shitton of girls, drugs and jus try to have fun young without much regard to others most of the time. And it works. Them mfs are the cool kids at school and get girls throwin themselves at them so it makes em think they’re doin sumn right. They keep doin it but then eventually get someone pregnant, sell drugs and make money Thru any means. Working jobs don’t pay enough to support anyone these days. I have hella friends like this dude so I get their situation. Everyone tryna act better than them clearly had a safer and better upbringing. I learned when I moved to the hood if you act different or nice you get used and jumped n shit. You HAVE to act street or you get bullied, money stolen, etc. it’s a shitty situation all around, people basically suck. Add on top of that now with social media everyone glorifies rappers and gangsters. That ain’t shit you wanna be a part of but it’s “cool” and people are stupid af

  26. He is a product of his environment. Mystery solved. Society has deteriorated to such a point that he and many many others are the outcome of the horrible parenting epidemic (bc it is one) and poor education system to name a few influences

  27. People only choose that because of the conditions they grew up in. People always choose the best available option to them. This was his. Imagine how shitty his other options were.

  28. What the fuck he is talking about. And what language he is even speaking ? I’m pretty sure thats not English but have some English words in it.

  29. He was trying to come up with something real prolific in his final moment and couldn't come up with anything. Just nothin.

  30. Jesus, that man's brains are scrambled eggs. He could barely form a coherent sentence. At the end he didn't even seem to comprehend how this situation had happened and how he had driven and escalated it all.

  31. What accent is that? Im not american, but i constantly hear this kinda accent. Is it regional? Someone pls lmk lol

  32. Not an accent… it’s how “cool” younger folk think they sound “gangster” when they talk. It’s dumb and shows lack of actual education

  33. This dude trying to say something sweet to say as he is dieing....and I'm just sitting here taking a shit listening to him. God the world is indeed a messed up place.

  34. I see you're new here. Hope you have a nice time. I see you're still finding your feet. Don't worry, I'm sure as your confidence grows the quality of your input will too.

  35. He was a good dude, just troubled. Crazy how many people have popped up on here and said they knew Ave, it’s a small world man.

  36. "Extreme NSFL warning" for some random idiot spouting incomprehensible nonsense is a bit much, don't you think? There is nothing extreme or NSFL in the video.

  37. It deals with death, funny thing is if I didn’t do NSFL tag someone would’ve said it needed it. Better safe than sorry.

  38. some of yall in the comments have not a clue what a dialect is, but hey, i can't get mad. this is reddit, i chose this life

  39. Don't really feel bad for people who perpetuate rap/thug/gang culture, doesn't matter what color you are, that shit is horrible for everyone involved.

  40. It's because it sounds very put on in his case. It's not because he's white: I've known white people who spoke with the UK equivalent and it sounded more natural. This doesn't. The reason people are bringing up J-Roc is because the accent sounds fake, like he's putting it on.

  41. You can’t exactly call this racism when it has nothing to do with his race. Doesn’t matter if it’s a white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. person that talks like this it’s still poor grammar and bad English.

  42. I don’t think it’s because he lives in a majority black neighborhood as much as it’s trying to fit in and be cool

  43. First of all, THANK YOU for this comment. I’m new to Reddit and was honestly expecting more from the community based off what I was seeing the first couple of days but these comments are TRASH. So hateful.. I didn’t think it was like this over here 😭 Second of all, you’re completely correct. He grew up in the middle of Minneapolis , MN and he was roomies with a couple black dudes before he passed. The friend that we were both connected to was actually a black dude as well. These comments are ignorant, it’s scary.

  44. What's even more frightening and sad is the utter stupidity of the words, the ones he can pronounce at least, coming out of his mouth.

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