God Why Me

  1. From seeing this before someone said it was Apparently a normal tradition in that country i forget where. Meaning everyone doing that has had that done one way or another... still fucked up nonetheless.

  2. Fuck those people. That little guy didn’t deserve that. Out of all the shit I see on the internet and this is the one that breaks my heart. Fuck.

  3. Hes so small. If it was a wild 10 year old that wanted that, fine but jesus, this is just a toddler. Poor baby

  4. People who use children for laughs or social media attention should be locked tf up. This kid has bday scars. Thats fucked up.

  5. That’s fucked up. Screw that family for thinking it’s funny. Even if they faked this, it would still be messed up, he’s too young to understand it was fake.

  6. Maybe it's because I was a victim of child abuse, but this crushed me harder than the most heinous of shit on this hellsite.

  7. I actually feel so bad. These piece of crap kids just ruined this little guy’s birthday cake. I have such a soft heart so this pained me to watch the first time and legitimately nearly cried. Screw those assholes.

  8. Tradition?! Way to break a kid and ruin what he thought was going to be a happy day.. You can even tell by the look on face it was one of his best days ever and they crushed him. Cruelty comes in many forms. 😑😑😑

  9. Dude this shit really pissed me off what the fuck is wrong with those people poor kid can’t even enjoy himself. Id fucking tackle everyone of those pieces of shit

  10. This is such a horrible trend , mashing peoples faces down into a cake and speaks volumes to human’s true nature

  11. Part of my wife’s family shoves cake in each others face (surprise attack) after singing happy birthday. Not like this insanity though and not to little kids.

  12. Kids be getting bodied on this sub but y’all turn around and are upset at a simple tradition….crazy…

  13. I was abused horrible as a child by a single alcoholic parent was in foster homes and beaten and abused frequently even in foster homes the only real issue i have is social anxiety disorder and trust issues. I have hella empathy i even took care of my mother till she passed i think it really depends on the individual as to whether they become a sociopath (villain) or not.

  14. It’s tradition to do this to women in Scotland before they get married, for good luck of course! It’s called a “blackening” - probably needs a better modern name though…

  15. Y'all need to chill, as hard as they went on the kid they do this to humble you, cause his little ass still got 150 birthday presents, a newborn lion, and my baby's first Maserati fully equipped with the chrome trim. Look if they got money to waste food like this I'm sure that kid better have gotten some fantastic presents

  16. Yes, showering a kid in praise and then simultaneously throwing eggs at them seems like a wonderful way to create a well-balanced child.

  17. I watched it once i felt bad for the kid. I watched it again couldn’t stop laughing. He’s just trying to cut his cake and that effort he puts in 😂

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