this is why my kayak never leaves the bathtub.

  1. Ikr and what a relaxing way to spend your time not you can actually see him shaking afterwards that’s a hard pass for me

  2. I just litterally said this, like what do you expect in that swampy looking water 😂 I already knew when I seen this at the beginning there would be a gator involved, but yet still scream ohh shiiit 😂😂

  3. Right? Goes into gator water. Is scared when gator is in water. ??? They could have done literally anything else with their day. I'm just not that adventurous, I guess lol

  4. Today I’m going to kayak in an alligator infested swamp. By myself. During mating season. In very murky water. Isolated from any form of help within hundreds of miles. Are these normal thoughts? Nope nope nope.

  5. I feel like every human should have that “something don’t feel right” alert inside them, cause those were the vibes I got when it was just dead quiet

  6. Even before that. You could hear a splash of something clearly getting in the water, he turned around but couldn’t pin point where it came from and gator was already invisible in that water

  7. Not to be contrarian but that 'feeling' could simply be selection bias. We know if this video is posted here something's gonna happen, so we're already pre-disposed to expect something.

  8. You’re telling me something didn’t feel quite right while you watched a “CrazyFuckingVideo” involving someone kayaking in a swamp, with a title implying danger?

  9. Yeah but you have to admit it looks like a great spot to do it. Even a rough patch can tip a kayak or some rapids handled wrong. Person handled it perfect tho

  10. Ik dude didnt get attacked BUT i have this idea of like.... what if you attach small blades to the end of your paddle and have a dual bladed glaive to defend yourself ™️

  11. I truly don't understand wanting to kayak in a seamp where there's for sure gators. I prefer my kayak trips free of fucking dinosaurs

  12. Fun fact reptiles like gators and crocs have pelvic bones which thrust their legs out laterally so their bellies lie flat on the ground. Dinosaurs have pelvic bone which thrust their legs out perpendicular to their torso like a dog or a cat. If you aren’t a vegetarian you’ve probably eaten dinosaur this week because chickens are literally dinosaurs. 😃

  13. It's a white water kayak. My first kayak was a recreational one. Then I bought a day tour kayak. Night and day difference in stability.

  14. Florida is like that special needs kid in high school. Pretty nice some times, but will randomly snap and then pinch your nipples and try to bite your face.

  15. As they try to speed away; the banjo music begins to play and voices call from both banks "He got a real purty mouth" "Don't give it all to Bitey, save some for us" "Make em squeal pa!"

  16. Waterproof M80’s in a bag if i ever go kayaking. May not see much nature but freaking gators gonna have tenitus for a week after i roll through.

  17. Am I stupid or something? I love canoing and kayaking but up north where I know there are no giant maneating creatures lurking underwater. You couldn't pay me enough to go kyaking in fucking Florida.

  18. I live in louisiana but the alligators aren't usually aggressive, they would much rather just get away from you in most cases, but I always bring a gun just incase

  19. I've kayaked in Florida a bunch, any gators I've seen swim away and manatees just let you float right over them. Ibe never seen a shark but alot of dolphins and gorgeous views.

  20. I grew up on the bayou in St. Martinville Louisiana. My grandpa knew the water like the back of his hand. He had been running up and down that damn bayou for 50+ years. We’d canoe / kayak all the time out there, it’s so relaxing. We also swam, water-ski, and went tubing out there all the time. Never experienced anything like this. That’s horrifying.

  21. Any time I’ve paddled a whitewater boat on flat water is has been a less than fun experience. Worked out well for this paddler, but it seems like an odd setup unless he was expecting to be accosted by gators.

  22. Looks like a fresh water snapping tiger squid. They are known to get vicious if you disturb their seashells.

  23. Most gators would rather get away from you, but this is why you bring a gun when kayaking in those areas

  24. Everybody talking about how this was a bad day..... this would be a great day! You don't fully savour your life until you have some interesting encounters like that.

  25. I dont unserstand where the urge to keep your loved ones worried whenever u go out doing something like this comes from....humans are incredibly selfish.

  26. Gators are one of a few things that actually make me nervous and this is the first video in a long time that raised my heart rate not out of annoyance.

  27. Better thank God for having a skirt over the cockpit, you would have taken a ton of water on that roll and end up being gator food.

  28. I think alligators are cool as shit but you couldn't pay me enough to be in water like this, at least not in a fucking kayak.

  29. Everyone knows you dont kayak here, you know there be gators, you might get away with it once, you might be ok 99 times but 1 time you will be food.

  30. In Louisiana most gators would want to get away from you but it this was near a swamp tour, or any of that nature the gator may have approached him out of curiosity, that gator seems young

  31. Just looking at the water, the fact I can’t look down beneath me, the kayak is staying on land 🤣 I’d rather kayak in the pool

  32. We (tourists) were canoeing (rental) in the stream below Wikiva springs north of Orlando - me in front, Hubby in rear, teen in the middle. I bumped the front into a ~submerged “log” which of course was a not-recognized gater. Which promptly “grinned” at us, slapped and splashing the canoe with its tail. I lurched backwards and almost landed on my daughter (straight back, not sideways tipping us over - did that much right!). We have never gone there again.

  33. if you gonna repost a tired old video thats been here 100s of times, at least trim off the 35 seconds of nothing in the beginning…

  34. From the movie "Southern Comfort"; "Dis is our home and don't nobody fuck with it" "You better go on home boy,my friends,they not nice like me!"

  35. Annnnd this is why I don’t kayak. I kayaked once and flipped the kayak twice in like a 30 minute kayak trip 😂. Probably worth noting that I can’t swim and just sink.

  36. We were on a family holiday to Florida and got sold a kayaking trip in Ocala National Forest. A 4 hour kayaking experience to see the Forest. Sounded good. None of us with any Kayaking experience or any idea what we were getting into. We were left on our own and told we’d get picked up if we just kept following the river

  37. This is just Darwinism at its finest, you know there are gators, crocs, in the area you are using your kayak, do it at you an discretion.

  38. I’m not perfect and I am jumpy. However.. I would not have rolled out my kayak if a gator rolled up, they’ve done it to me before, just kept rowing..

  39. Never been there, but I fail to understand why anyone in the South would ever want to go OUTSIDE with those creepy fucks littered everywhere. They're literally remnants of prehistoric times.

  40. This is why Florida man is a thing…because their ancestors came over from Europe, got off the boat, and said “yeah, this seems like a good place to stop”. Everyone with half a brain got moving north or west almost immediately.

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