The effects of the drug Flakka. It's the new generation of bath salts.

  1. Seriously what the hell is the attraction to this drug? They obviously know what the result will be yet they take it willingly? Now that's fucked up

  2. Never been so high you had to try your hardest not to fall off of the Earth before? It'll put a little hair on your mental fortitude.

  3. Probably his brain is in a heaven. We can only see the external reaction for the drug.

  4. I thought flakka was just the street name for it, is there something different about it then? Because bath salts on their own are pretty fucked up.

  5. 'The difference between flakka and bath salts is that flakka refers to a specific drug formally called alpha-PVP, while “bath salts” is an umbrella term for unpredictable and heterogeneous mixtures of synthetic cathinones and other chemical additives.'

  6. This has been around for 10+ years now. It pretty much is bath salts. It had a brief peak in usage around 2014, mostly in Florida.

  7. Actually, according to Hamilton Morris this is not the result of the drug itself but more likely caused by a contaminated product due to unsafe techniques of producing. Still, I wouldn't recommend taking the "clean" version. Apparently it's not that nice of a high.

  8. I don't understand. Why do people do that to themselves? I've never heard anyone say that bathsalts are fun to take...or make them feel good. And yet, they still do it. Is this guy having seizures, or what?

  9. i'll never understand why people take drugs in the fucking public. Even if you are homeless, pretty sure you find a place where you aren't breakdancing next to cars

  10. He’s either having an amazing time and best he’s ever felt, or tripping out and terrified like when you smoke salvia for the first time lol

  11. I am curious what are they experiencing during this and if they remember it afterwards? I mean I've been on some intense psychedelic trips, like the ones where you can no longer tell if you are awake or dreaming but never has anything like this happened. Like do they flail around in response to something going on in their imagination or is it more of an involuntary spasming?

  12. How does this drug have any active users, everyone has heard and seen the effects of its use and the people who have used it, what would be the reason for any additional use after the initial use?

  13. I have 0 experience with drugs. But doesn't one take drugs because it makes you feel good (better than before)?? Like alcohol makes you forget about your problems, even sugar gives you some dopamine, but THIS? this doesn't look like it makes you feel good. Why take it?

  14. His flexibility and strength were on par, but his floor routine needs some adjustment. Nothing like his trip from yesterday.

  15. They take it cos it's dirt cheap, bit like heroin in other countries that don't have such a drug on the scene yet.

  16. What can you even do with this dude? Can you like call a doctor or something to help him out? Try to take him to a more safe place and wait for the stuff to wear off?

  17. he doesn't even look like he has any control over his body, it looks like hes being remote controlled. im so damn lucky to have never taken that path or gotten close

  18. Serious question here: what can be done to help someone if you see this in the wild? Like, he’s rolling in the road in less than ideal weather. People are passing him, but, surely there’s a way to keep him safe and call for help?

  19. I've seen many videos of people on this shit. But whats actually going on in their heads. Like what are they seeing/thinking when they are doing this shit.

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