Guy forgets he's in real life, and not in an action movie


  2. I don't know why but I heard "that's a traumatic brain injury" Will Ferrell's voice and I'm crying with laughter.

  3. These are little shit kids with no problem with violence, trying to beat up a older guy 2v1. Deserved. They should have some respect instead of playing naturo.

  4. Thats normal for these kind of people in Germany. Always in groups vs 1. Its basically a meme here in Germany

  5. If you open with a leaf hurricane kick and it doesn't end the fight immediately, your only options are to get up and walk away with your head in your hands or go for primary lotus.

  6. I know he’s an idiot but damn I kind of feel bad for him. The way he reaches for the dude who came over to help him.. that must have really hurt

  7. This is how you know aliens will win if they invaded. That's also how you can tell they either don't exist or we don't have anything special.

  8. He even used the guy in NASA jacket for an assist to lift himself up easier to kick at the start, a second try without him and started cryin' looool

  9. I did this when I was 13 or 14 playing pickup football with some friends. On one play the kid with the ball was 30 yards past us and clearly off to the races for a touchdown when another kid threw a completely unnecessary and very hard block on me sending me to the ground. I got up very indignant and my brain instinctively went for the full flying dragon kick. My assailant side-stepped my acrobatic bit of kung fu and I sailed past him at nearly chest height landing in a heap on the wet grass. There was much exuberant laughter from my friends.

  10. Then remembers for a fraction of a second, then forgets suddenly and is again reminded by the ring in his ears and feeling his brain tryna force their way out of his eye sockets

  11. I like how everyone was too bummed out to fight anymore, after the lone defender gestured to show how hurt the attackers' friend was.

  12. I watched a fight one time where one kid got thrown to the ground and then did this insane bicycle-kick kind of thing where he sprung up feet-first and kicked the other guy in the face. The other guy went down like a sack of potatoes. It was nuts.

  13. That move needs a whole lot more practice with kick bags and a partner before trying it in actual combat

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