Picking a fight with what looks like a karate expert

  1. Doubtful that was an actual liver shot. Looks like one because it's in the area but a liver shot from a kick like that would've immediately dropped that guy. Even trained professionals can't take a shot to the liver and keep standing. The liver is connected to the ANS and the largest nerve in your system.

  2. You should check out the YT channel "Chiseled Adonis", he has many hilarious MMA fights with those types of sound effects.

  3. I love that he tapped the guy first before finishing him. It was either to mark where he wanted to hit, or it was to get him to turn around to finish him 😂

  4. My guess is he did it to stabilize the guy and make sure he wasn’t gonna slip and fall, in which case he might have ended up kicking the car instead.

  5. No matter how many times I watch this I will always respect the amount of restraint this guy showed. He could of seriously fucked him up but settled for a kick to the body.

  6. You could give a person really bad kidney or liver issues with that last kick… and it was from behind. Everything else was fair game and excellent. Shirtless guy picked the wrong guy to fuck with their day.

  7. You might be underestimating the pain and damage that kick may have caused. I mean I guess it’s better than brain damage, but it ain’t good

  8. He probably did seriously fuck him up. Looks like the guy could've stopped much earlier, shortly after he backed the drunk up against the car, about two pauses before the kick at least.

  9. Definitely not karate this is taekwondo. Karate is way more grounded. Taekwondo has a lot of foot bouncing and stance switching.

  10. Modern karate and tae kwondo is very similar. Because tae kwon do comes from shotokan karate. Which is a simplified form of karate but it's the most popular one. The grounded karate u mean, is okinawan karate. Like goju ryu, shito ryu eyc

  11. His guard is also way too high for a proper karate stance. With karate you keep your guard centred more on your body, and would usually aim more kicks to the legs.

  12. I think he's an taekwondo expert more likely. Taekwondo uses more kicks and less hands. His punches were kinda meh but kicks banged

  13. I’ll never understand why kicks aren’t more present in street fights. No average dude is going to be expecting it, and executed well like that roundhouse it can be a major blow

  14. If you miss a kick and you don't know how to properly regain your balance then your in for a bad time. It's super high risk unless you know how to throw a kick.

  15. "Everyone underestimates the kick to the groin. You want to win a street fight? BOOM that's the first thing you do." --Bas Rutten

  16. This roundhouse was dope, he definitely took more damage from it than the HP bar suggests. I really wish I took some fighting lessons when I was younger, knowing some basics would definitely bolster my confidence in some situations.

  17. NEVER use kicks in a real fight unless you want to be on the floor. You never ever want to be on the floor.

  18. There's been an on-going conversation about kicks in the martial arts circles for years. They leave you vulnerable as fuck, are hard to execute properly but do hurt when they land.

  19. Kicking properly is hard as shit + it’s not hard to catch someone’s leg even when your untrained. This guys obviously very proficient in karate/ tae kwon do, lean towards the former but his hand striking seems a bit lacking compared to the kicks, so he’d know how to barrel, feint, regain control etc

  20. This spinning back kick was technically so perfect but he didnt follow through, so he just booped him instead of factory resetting him.

  21. The shockwaves from his well lined up kick. It really shows how taking that little bit of extra time can have huge results :3

  22. That wheel kick was pretty impressive honestly. TKD dudes aren't known for their hands but if they trained at an actual competition based school and not a McDojo watch the fuck out for the feet

  23. Has this guy done some karate? Definitely. Expert? Hardly. Lucky for him his opponent was a big, slow, doughy can of tomatoes.

  24. No, that's Steven Wright, the comedian. " we had a dog that had two vaginas. We named her Snatches"- Steven Wright

  25. Lmfaooo that hesitation at the end made me really appreciate the guys… and never mind he finished him w a 2nd attempt of a kick

  26. The moment that backwards roundhouse hit him in the chops is the moment he started re-evaluating his life choices....

  27. My favorite part is when karate man LINES UP THE RIB CRUSHER KICK with his fingers and proceeds to make sure that man doesn't breath right for the next few months. Fucking gold

  28. Once he got smacked with a spinning back kick to the face it was over he wanted to return all the smoke he ordered up

  29. Whatever pops off the shirtless dude near the end... I legit thought it was his head for a half second.

  30. I love how badly goes from "YEAH LETS GO MUTHERFUCKER!" to "oh shit i fucked up, I apologize, hold up, OH GAAAAAAWWWDDD".

  31. "Expert" is a hell of a stretch. Looks like a guy whose taken classes for a few years, but is wildly unathletic, vs some drunken idiot who is wildly out of shape.

  32. Dude this was epic. 🤣 man brought back memories when my grandpa bought a sega system from our relatives that live next to to him and street fighter came with it along with sonic and other classics.

  33. The hitboxes on some of those strikes were questionable, I dont think this is a good map for shirtless wonder either, his controller unplugged just before the final hit too. Decisive victory otherwise, probably nerf shirted guy next patch

  34. Karate expert my ass no one who has every trained to fight in any martial art sticks their pinky out. When holding up their guard. Open hands yeah sure but fist with pinky out nah fam

  35. I can’t tell bc of the shitty resolution but wasn’t this the same one where he looked just like Jeff Goldbloom and we were all like damn can The Fly kick ass too?

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