Man steals an infant from mother sleeping at UP Railway Station, India

  1. There is a movie called "Lion", is the story of a kid that is lost in India and ends up far away from his home, to the point he ends up in an orphan when some children are exploited. He even almost falls victim of a child sex trafficking organization.

  2. That movie was a rollercoaster of emotions. I dated a girl who went to India with her parents doing missionary work. She said there was a few times where older men would grab her arm and start walking her in a direction before the parents grabbed her back. It happened multiple times.

  3. I saw a documentary on how prevalent the issue of child sex is in India. Primarily young male sodomy. It's extremely common for many reasons. Poverty, homelessness, etc.

  4. There's a huge market for body parts for transplants in that part of the world. Organs are harvested for rich buyers. It may be that.

  5. God the dread that women is going to go through when she wakes up, at that point what's the point of continued existence when the one thing that brings you joy is out there being sexually abused then killed.

  6. Genuinely heart breaking and so sad to see a nation and community that allows a mum to live like this with such a young child. Fuck you India for your disparity between rich and poor. Help your people and find the culprits running these scams and kill ‘em.

  7. I‘ve seen a lot of things on reddit. Gore that would break many people. But this right here is one of the few things that really disgusts me and makes me feel emotional.

  8. Fuck. This is the most fucked up shit I ever scene. Was in Afghan during the push, ‘05, seen humans be completely disgusting to eachother. But to steal a kid from a moms arms while sleeping? Even thinking about what that man could/will do brings tears to my eyes. Hopefully a asteroid will end the plague we could put on the universe

  9. I’m the Baby Merchant, Tots are us, I give you all the product, And no damn fuss! Give the Baby Merchant, Just a week or twoooooooo, I’ll have that baby, I’ll have your baby for you.

  10. I can practically feel the sudden heart sinking feeling that the mother is going to experience when she wakes up. I'll not be surprised if it makes an audible sound.

  11. Ive spent hours on bestgore and metal injection. im desensitized to everything from decapitation to cock torture to shit porn to non-consensual surgery and cartel burnings. But nothing will ever disturb me quite as much as seeing a kid get abducted on the internet and thinking about where that poor child might be headed. Im not much for praying but i pray this kid didnt end up a statistic. Fuck all adults who make children part of their broken, destructive realities. Everyone deserves a good childhood before adulthood is allowed to break them.

  12. Maybe he's going to raise the child in a nice home. With food and flushing toilets. After the child comes of age he can go on a quest to find his lost mother. Eventually finding out she died in a freak train roof riding accident. This is his call to action leading him to become the first tsar of locomotives in India. Reforming the rail transit network. See it doesn't have to be bad.

  13. You sir, have a lot of faith in humanity. I like it, but it might be for one of many other reasons (the less nice ones)

  14. Theres alot that could happen, i hope this baby was found but im sure it wont probably be sold to highest bidder and know whats the fucked up part seems like hes done that before he way he just walks and grabs the baby real quick then runs for the train. Just like how killer murder hookers no one looking for or worried those type of people. Sad world we live in

  15. Good human beings unfortunately don’t steal babies from sleeping mothers regardless of the circumstances.

  16. Why y’all assuming the worst? He could be rescuing the kid? You ever seen a homeless woman w a baby in the west? Nope. Why? Because agencies like CPS take them away. We instinctively know homelessness isn’t okay for an infant and remove the child.

  17. WTF is wrong with people. I know people have been fucked up since the beginning but we're still not civilized enough to not do this?

  18. I swear to god, these fuckers deserve to be placed on an isolated island where the military industry can experiment with chemicals on them.

  19. There are many disturbing thoughts about what could happen to that infant. I just hope someone saves them and reunites them with their mother.

  20. Pretty sad that shit like this happens because of their living conditions. He's a sick fuck for sure, but people resort to shit like this when their living or material conditions are just god awful.

  21. Ugh. While this is sickening, it’s all the worst knowing that it’s just one of many dark and tragic outcomes “street people” in places the India and Brazil face every day.

  22. I just have a question what do they want from small kids like why is the reason kidnapping one they cannot ask for ransom money right ?

  23. It’s just boggles my mind. Why would anyone steel an infant. And what the hell do they do them. I can’t imagine

  24. Imagine waking up and no infant ? Can’t even fathom this, let alone sleeping while outdoors with no one watching or caring for said infant !! Sick world we live in

  25. I just had my first child 4 weeks ago. This is my worst fear. If I couldn't find my daughter, I don't know how I would possibly cope other than going crazy and hoping she is still alive to be found someday.

  26. Damn am I the only one that thought he took the infant to give it a better life bc he felt bad that they on the street?

  27. Fucking scumbags are just out there waiting for a chance, wouldn’t mind if the planet blew up honestly, humanity has gone to shit

  28. This is why i overthink and overdo Everything seems jolly until the bad time actually hits you And it doesn't come informed

  29. Don’t worry , that baby will be on an Indian game show and Winn a bunch of money that reunites him with his friends and family.

  30. Yooo wtf is even going on here in the first place?? Regardless of the kid getting snatched this is an odd scene. I’m from America so I’m confused

  31. Ok so just hear me out. Maybe the mother is homeless. The dude may have saved the child from growing up in poverty. I see a lot of human trafficing this and that but just maybe he turned that kid into some orphanage or maybe he's well off and can raise the kid himself. Idk but that kid might not even have a social if the mom has been on the streets long enough

  32. Wow, westoids generalising the whole country on one incident is okay but when i say all Americans men are school shooters and their kids target practice they take great offense.

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