Guys im confused

  1. A year? Bby girl, that's way too long. I get you wanna know if the feeling's mutual, but if you've been talking to each other for a while and decide you like him, that's reason enough to ask. You guys just text, you've never talked on the phone before?

  2. We can never just assume if someone likes us or not, but there will be signs. If you really like him and want to tell him or know if the feelings are mutual, go right ahead. Maybe he started ignoring you because there is someone new in his life.

  3. Tbh it just seems he's kinda playing with you, like using pictures of himself in underwear to see if you'll reply and then just leaving you on read? Not cool

  4. You should ask! As someone else already said, you should call him and ask if he likes you. And chances are he does like you, but imo reading but not responding is a bad sign

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