Would you be prepared to hold through another 'Crypto Winter'?

  1. I havent been through a crypto winter yet. But im telling you what i know i will not do: selling at a loss. I will wait to be in the green again, even if it takes forever

  2. I know how I'd react since I already endured that crypto winter with diamond hands. Next time I'll do the same but with a twist... DCA!

  3. I think its important to take some profits at new all time highs so you don't have any regrets when it goes down. You can also accumulate more crypto by taking profits and buying dips

  4. Absolutely and aswell buy some more if it's down like 90+ % for the massive gains if the Bull market comes back. Wich will.

  5. Same. If I sell anything its going to be just some shit coins im pretty much gambling with. My real investments are just chillin for a few years

  6. I'm goin down with the ship at this point. Can't be a loss if I hold it so long inflation catches up with me. Checkmate whales.

  7. If i wake up and my portfolio is 90% down. Then why would i sell? I’m already in a world of shit might as well just say fuck it and let the crypto ride. If it moons the next run; then great. If it doesnt; then oh well i can always sell later.

  8. Maybe because the reason crypto is down is a historical stock market crash, you lose your job, need to eat, sell crypto to buy food? Many reasons!

  9. Yeah, I love seeing my portfolio looking so good but part of me wants a giant crash so I can buy more on the cheap.

  10. 2018 sucked, full stop. Watching your crypto purchases get routinely slaughtered for a year was tough and many people left the board/crypto in general at a loss. I already came to terms that the money I put in was gone so I legit tried to research something I thought could change the world/current system and I settled on buying ETH for years. I think if something like this happened again, I’d consolidate into BTC/ETH/stable coins and keep researching for other things that have staying power while remembering that things can turn pretty quickly in the space.

  11. I bought in during the 2018 crash and spent a lot of time learning about crypto. However, when BTC plunged into the $3000's I just stopped paying attention entirely because it hurt seeing my stack down so much. Since I was down ~50% it felt stupid to sell at a loss so I just held on hoping for a recovery someday. I didn't pay attention to crypto again until early 2021, and by then my stack had increased in value many times over.

  12. I know it’s absolutely possible but is it really that plausible this time around? The level of adoption is something we haven’t seen before. Perhaps with this breakthrough, large scale application and investment, we may see crypto stabilize a bit more?

  13. Same here, the last bear market made me lose interest in crypto and I sold my small holdings last year. But this time, I ain’t gonna repeat the same mistake. Holding BTC, ETH, yield farming stable coins and actively looking for interesting projects is the way to go if Bear market comes again.

  14. Yes but you weren't earning yield in 2018. I'm looking forward to a defi winter. Stable yield farming as well as compounding non stables will be really fun preparing for rhe next bull run.

  15. Folding and not being active in crypto reddit are different. I didnt sell during crypto winter. I just didnt talk about it because it wasnt as interesting when the gains were gone.

  16. I folded last crypto winter. Not because I gave up but because I had so many finances in real life to take care of and didn't have much money left for crypto. But this time around I have an emergency fund ready.

  17. Selling at a loss can be the logical decision. For example, when I see a better stock trade than the one I’m holding, I won’t hesitate to sell at a loss to move into the better trade. I quickly make back the money I lost and then some. Selling at a loss can be stupid, but never selling at a loss (as a hard rule) is a stupid mantra as well, at least in trading.

  18. Tax is not that complicated depending on where you live. There are many software that can crunch the numbers for you in a few minutes

  19. Too much emphasis on HODLing and DCAing in this space; the real gains come from taking profits near the top of the cycle and reinvesting in the winter-lows.

  20. How many of all people saying HODL do you think actually hold and are not carrying some bag they try to get rid of? I am not convinced all these people are actual HODLers.

  21. I'd buy the dip. Whatever happens in between halvings is kind of irrelevant to me. With as much adoption as we're seeing, the increased scarcity is gonna blast the prices up regardless of any crypto winter.

  22. I'd actually stop caring then, I'd be stupid to sell if my assets are worth only 10% of what they are worth today. I'd delete the apps and look back in 2 years or smth

  23. I wait for it mostly. I can see all these hype turning into a big fear and panic easily. Cuz now not everyone is crypto maxi but most of us now are here for some quick gains. They won't be here in the winter. It will be quiet af.

  24. it is easy to say this in a bull market. Just imagine your 1k is worth 100USD and all your hopes is gone. No hopium for 1-2 years. That's crazy. You have definitely to distract yourself from the market

  25. I’m actually sure I’ll be too paralysed to sell. A 90% loss is no joke. I’ll probably just continue to chuck my small amounts at it weekly and hope for the best. But I really won’t know. Probably just stake it somewhere I can’t touch.

  26. The last crypto winter was brutal especially since I bought at the top. Honestly the only reason I held for so long is because I lost so much of my investment, that it made more sense to ride to zero than cash out. Looking back now, I wish I was DCAing the bear market especially since I’ve done my research. I’m glad I held what I had though. I plan to hold and DCA the next winter

  27. Winter? In Q4? Oh yeah, you must be living in the northern equator. Well, after taking lessons from the 2017 Crypto Crash, I'd definitely keep holding and just DCA as prices recover

  28. Easy to say now that I wouldn't sell, but if it dropped like that I'm sure most of "5-10 years hodlers" wouldn't be so sure about hodling anymore.

  29. This is the benefit of having terrible memory and a hardware wallet. If we get a crypto winter I'll very likely forget I had any crypto in the first place until I start doing some major housecleaning and find my wallet again.

  30. In case of yet another bear market, I would be confident to hold and buy into projects that provide something new or are established.

  31. I didn’t experience a first one so yea I’d want one. Good amount of time to dca and see it explode afterwards

  32. A lot of ppl won’t simply because they don’t understand crypto or do not want to risk money. I personally would continue to buy certain coins but I would def hold. I learned my lesson from 2014 when I thought Bitcoin was too expensive then

  33. I have a ledger that I don't plan on touching for years. The rest is on exchanges, which I stake, and plan to dca out. Pay taxes, and hold on to the money for the next buy opportunity.

  34. I bought with the intention of holding long term (5 years and above) so I will most likely try to stake/ earn interest while I dca throught it

  35. The next halving would be the light at the end of the tunnel. I’d hang on in there for the effects of that to kick in. It’d be difficult seeing the price drop as the SEC gets it’s claws in deeper throughout though. Imagine this space will look very different and a lot less like a Wild West by the time we come out of the next crypto winter! Sadly.

  36. I'd probably sell off a few coins I'm not sure would survive, but I'd consolidate them into those that I do believe can survive and probably continue to DCA (though possibly less).

  37. No point in selling at a loss, would properly just buy small amounts of btc and eth every now and again with the aim of just averaging down.

  38. Yes lol this isn't a get rich quick scheme, this is our future. Stop thinking so short term. Yes take profits this cycle, but this is a long term thing for most who truly understand the value of BTC and crypto moving forward.

  39. I suppose I would start DCAing again, half into my projects and half into stablecoins for yield farming. It would be way way too tempting not to.

  40. That’s the thing it will test your belief in cryptocurrency and it’s future. If it plummets 90% I’m pretty sure the fear will be off the charts and the shorts will be all over the boards spreading FUD I can guarantee that. Do you believe enough to buy through that? Some will probably most won’t some things never recover you have to really have conviction

  41. Some in the space think they winters won’t be as bad now that there’s more institutional money invested. Even now when we have small dips institutions are buying.

  42. Most people say they'll hold for 5-10 years. A lot of people said that as well then. They just chose to sell Eth at $120 because they might as well buy sub $100 Eth since they've been seeing the price go down for a year surely it'll go down for 2 more weeks.

  43. I will look to take sizable profits if the markets start looking unreasonably bullish (like dec 2017 btc / jan 2018 alts). I will hold as long as the markets are moving in a healthy uptrend.

  44. Talk is cheap and hindsight is 20/20. When a coin goes from $12 down to $8, you might think you're getting a bargain. Then as it goes to $5 you start questioning yourself but still convince yourself you've caught the bottom. Once it goes below a dollar to $0.30 all the great buys you made at $8 and $5 are at a 90+% loss, just like the buys you made at the top. You give up hope and forget about it. If you're smart you'll at least hold onto them just in case. Don't ask me how I know this.

  45. So many people ready to buy during a crypto winter makes me think there will not be crypto winter anymore.

  46. Bull markets can make you money. Bear markets can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. I dread a huge drop and seeing my portfolio dwindle down to next to nothing. But I believe in crypto and would DCA every extra $$$ I got my hands on so in 2025 I can retire to the beach.

  47. I do find it kind of hard to picture a 90% drop, because there are so many people who would love to have one whole Bitcoin for themselves, and that would be their chance.

  48. I would probably sell my alts for BTC/ETH. It does feel like it may be coming. One last hoorah maybe, but I would not be surprised if BTC didn't break ATH this run, or if it dumped immediately after.

  49. 10 years of holding minimum for me! I’ll reevaluate in 2031 and see where we at! And also buying low while I have the opportunity!

  50. I read this on the beat of 21 questions. Anywho: yeap. Im sort of waiting on thisnto accumulate more. Currently scared of dcaing as i see equal chances of this going into nuclear winter as well as to the moon.

  51. I cashed out a lucrative company share scheme after one year of a 5 year plan to invest in crypto.. im holding for 4 years and will know if it was a good decision or not by the end..

  52. Why sell at a loss when you know the market will recover after x years. As long as you invested in projects you believe will succeed, be patient and just hodl.

  53. It would be sad to see all the green go away. But I plan on buying much more this time versus the last crypto winter which was my first one

  54. Planning to hold. It we get a huge rocket green candles and go up alot I might start taking some profits into stables coins for the bear market.

  55. Oh yeah easily. For example I invested in chain link when it was .50 cents per coin and I invested in Cardano at .04 cents per coin and I held through the last rough cycle beginning of 2018 with a lot of my other crypto. The long game is for those who believe the tech can change the world. Holding through those tough times you realize insane gains. If you believe in it then hodl and watch the world change.

  56. Absolutely HOLD. The day to day gains are exciting, but crypto is in it's infancy and the real gains are years down the road.

  57. I've already sold my initial investment, slowly DCAing out until I'm happy with my gains for this run. By the time crypto winter comes my bags will be small enough that I won't care. After the first year or so I'm DCAing back into high market cap coins hard until the next bullrun.

  58. Price drops to 90% I’m holding because its currently worthless and not worth selling. The larger risk is prolonged time at a fixed price.

  59. Yes will be hodling until I reach the profits I have in mind. May not DCA during 90% crash in some of the assets but will never take it out because I dont want to be in a loss

  60. I would hold but I would have to sell now and make a bit of profit. Wouldn't be able to comfortably put more money in I'm it crashed now.

  61. I dca’d all 2018 and 19, i thought i was crazy tbh. But thing that kept me doing it was that i have this fetish for collecting numerical values. For example, i wanted to reach x amount of vet, i didn’t care what the price was, i just was counting every month that i was getting closer to my target. I keep doing this now until i reach my exit price, until then it doesn’t matter

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