This isn’t a “20% correction.” This is a 40%+ bear market.

  1. I have no idea what the fuck is going on, what any of it is called or what the fuck animal it is named after. Could be a fucking chipmunk market for all I care. All I know if I bought in in May/June and I’m currently 30% down. I’m not selling at a loss so I play the waiting game.

  2. Same. I have even been buying as it goes down trying to catch the dip but it just keeps going down. The vets say hodl so I will.

  3. Nobody said it yet, so fwiw a bear is a bear because they swipe down with their claws. Bulls attack by thrusting their horns upwards.

  4. It’s called a bear market because when the prices go in the shitter like this, all of the moonfarming posts here that constantly scream “BuY tHe DiP” become unBEARable. No lie*.

  5. I'm over here watching my unrealized gains drop by the minute and wondering what to buy. Sick in head or genius? To be determined at a later date.

  6. Good for you.. you are the exact type they want to weed out and keep from financial freedom..hold strong it to shall pass lol

  7. I've been through 2 crypto winters now. This is fine, as long as you're in this long term. If you're in this to make a quick buck, then yeah, you're shitting your pants right now. If your goal is to hold 5 to 10+ years, then this is whatever.

  8. Yes I am just getting in myself. It's a little annoying having lost money in the month I've been doing this. But I really like the idea of being able to buy things while they are down. Just more profit later when they go up.

  9. The first one after the run up to over 1k was soul crushing. Imagine seeing it go from almost $1100 back down to $160 and then this slow crawl back up with lots of ranging in the $300-$500 range.

  10. With ya! People who borrowed and invested in June/July are screwed. Noobs who thought it a good idea to leverage up to the 100k promise are fucked. Just HODL.

  11. The 2018 drop made my hands black holes. Couldn’t get my bags out of them even if I tried. I feel fine with the market right now.

  12. I followed along since BTC was $212, well before Bitcoin Cash split off. I was hoping it would drop back to $100. I didn’t end up buying until $490, but I was too dumb to hold.

  13. Yeah I bought a few small bags hoping to make a quick buck to reinvest into projects I cared about long term. This shit sucks cause it ruined my plans, but the other 93% of my portfolio I don’t care about because I’m in for the long haul, I only track markets at this point to try and find more good entry points to buy my bags :)

  14. I like the idea that it’s a bear market because it means we’re two months in already/two months nearer to a bull!

  15. Truly. If this is a bear I'm accumulating all the BTC and ETH in the world because they've had the best historical performance against bears.

  16. I keep buying and forgetting about it until 2024. I don’t know what the prices will be this year or the next but I can pretty much guarantee that prices will be setting new highs after bitcoins next halving.

  17. It honestly would be a great time to invest if someone was looking to get into crypto. These prices are incredible bargains at the moment. Would love to have my initial investment available right now to start.

  18. Wish I could buy more but I have a car payment now. Just trying my hardest not to sell any. So far so good

  19. Dropped like 15-20% of my net worth into ETH basically at ATH, now I’m just wondering how dumb it would be to double down and average out…learned a lotttt very quick off that first batch of eth, I’d hate to learn in the same manner from this batch 😂

  20. Idk why people are so shocked to have 40%+ down trend in a market where you can literally have 10-20% gains in an hour and green candles for days when the market is pumping.

  21. No one is shocked. But people are in denial that multiple months of dropping prices, a 40% fall from ATH, and negative sentiment qualifies as a bear market.

  22. Some of us have been around from the days where ETH breaking $750 was huge so, it's all bullish for me lol

  23. I've been hodling and buying for 5 yrs, not sold one sat yet, but this one is really testing me ... hodling is not easy.

  24. If you were around in 2017 this really isn’t that bad at least that’s how I feel personally. I’m just gonna keep DCAing into btc and eth and maybe buy some discounted alts. It’s a discount, that’s how we should all look at the market right now

  25. The "bad" is being low overtime. The first 6 months of 2018 wasnt that brutal cause everyone still has hope. But every month it dropped lower the sentiment changed. Then 2019 was very hard, then early 2020.

  26. Anyone who went through the 2018 crash is not phased by any of the current movements. I started in December 2017 and bought at ATH and held through the crypto winter. Experiencing that made me numb to every crash that happened afterwards.

  27. Investment markets are the only place where people see discounts and run away. Imagine designer handbags or something being 40% off and people NOT trampling old ladies to get into the store and buy.

  28. In fairness, you're right, this is a bear market but it's also a 20% dip in the midst of a broader bear market.

  29. I keep telling people we're still in the post-november correction. The April correction lasted some 3 months and 6-7 days... I doubt we'll be seeing any more of those crypto winters like in 2018

  30. If you apply stock principles to crypto you're going to get fleeced. Crypto can drop 20% in a day.

  31. The definition I know is “When the average price over 50 days is below the average price over 100 days” or “two consecutive quarters”. Never heard two months

  32. Fuckin’ exactly. The only caveat to that rule is that I’d double that to 40% for crypto because of its volatility, but otherwise, yes.

  33. Stocks have done pretty well. The S&P500 is almost at its all time high. Certain stocks, like the meme stocks on

  34. How many people who aren't financial advisors are gonna keep coming here giving financial advice. How many traders are gonna come onto this subreddit to tell other OH HEY, I KNOW WHATS GOING ON. Dude, if you are going to be rich, why tf do you people need to tell us how right you are? STFU and invest. I'm so close to unsubscribing from this trash. It's worse than crypto influencers.

  35. Im with you. Why do people feel like they have to post straight up sentiment posts. No DD, no news, no insight. Just FUD or Hype posts pontificating “market sentiment”. Its weird how much time and effort they put in especially when a nearly identical post will be right under theirs.

  36. This is a bear market, and a correction, and a dip, and a time to get more, and whatever else you want it to be. If you wanna take profits / cut your losses go for it, if you wanna load up go for it. It’s whatever you want it to be fam

  37. I said months ago what were gonna see are mini bulls and mini bears. Cycle isnt over yet. We still have to go vertical into a blow off top. Hasnt happened. Still bullish

  38. There was the beginning of a short squeeze and whales stamped it out by dumping hard; so they can get your coins a fraction cheaper.

  39. Why are people so concerned about how others label the crypto market? The fucking thing is so young that in 100 years they could be looking back and this is barely a blip on the radar.

  40. Read moneywithcarter's 2022 thesis. Large corrections like this typically last 60-90 days before continuing upwards. We're not in crypto winter yet because we need and haven't yet had a parabolic up phase which precedes the vertical crash at the beginning of a crypto winter.

  41. This has been expected though... It can't always be green. I'm sitting on my tiny holdings saying... Well, at least I don't have thousands invested and only a small amount, and at that, it's safe for me because it's been income that I earned outside my job, and doesn't go to bills

  42. I don't care. I work hard to buy Crypto. Let it fall even more so I can buy more Crypto with less money.

  43. I find it hilarious how quickly sentiment changes.. had you posted this a week or even a few days ago.. You'd have been downvoted to hell..and flagged for days...

  44. I don’t know why anybody is surprised.. Crypto literally does the SAME thing EVERY YEAR. Just fucking HODL. You DONT LOSE if You DONT SELL. My tip is don’t even look at your account. Just set a price alert for your coin on CoinMarketCap to keep you updated when things are on the up & up.

  45. The difference is NFTs and some other cryptos hit all time highs. If you want a real crypto bear market wait for the panic that happens when btc is sub 20k and eth sub 1k. That will be your real bear market

  46. Bear market vs correction vs crab market vs dip vs whatever the fuck, who cares? It's basically a semantic argument at this point.

  47. What a shame it would be if it were to drop to $20k. I’d be forced to fill my bag up even more. That would be painful.

  48. I'm in it for the long haul but yeah, when the Nov to Dec pump didn't happen the way everyone wanted... there was no more electricity in the air anymore. People seem tired. Still DCAing for the foreseeable future, but the sentiment has definitely changed

  49. If the S&P 500 were to drop 20% after doubling in 5 years that would be a bear market and it would be pretty brutal. Is it really comparable when Bitcoin drops 40% after 10x-ing in 18 months? When IT'S STILL UP 800% higher than it was a year and a half ago?

  50. The year just started. I wouldn't bet against Bitcoin reaching 100k this year. The real question is can we break through the meme numbers.

  51. DCA. Now is the time to follow though on what you planned. That fear index literally tells you when to buy. Be greedy when others are fearful. Be hodl when others are greedy.

  52. Yeah, I think so too and I'm aok with it. Between lending and staking I can actually grow my stacks without spending any more money while we bear

  53. I haven't been in crypto as long as some (2019ish), but I am of the belief that these occurences are more of the new normal. I don't believe 80%-90% downfalls are in the cards anymore due to recent adoption.

  54. So now a couple of months of a 30-40% correction (which happened like 10 times last cycle in the bull run to ATH) is a bear market and a years long 90% crash is "crypto winter", you heard it here first people. Fuck off with your FUD.

  55. Isn't the on-chain data different from last Spring? Whales still accumulating for the most part, and these drops are being fueled by over-leveraged longs and stock market dips

  56. It's similar to the last one.. lower lows as those who can easily set the price to whatever they want find the right buyers that suit their predetermined algorithms. They continuously dump and buy on the way down. Then they raise the price for the fomo buyers again and it repeats. It's controlled and intentional.

  57. It’s hedge funds controlling the price. Expect a big dip by EOM like last January. GME/AMC and the other lesser meme stocks will rip due to their options chains and FTDs. HFS will need liquidity and sell their crypto.

  58. The crazy thing is that when BTC was 20k people were taking second mortgages to buy. And then it crashed to 3500. People lost everything - unless they held. But I bet almost all of those over leveraged idiots sold. So yeah I agree. Fucking hold

  59. I dont know whats going on, but I do know that a majority of news and the general opinion of bitcoin owners did not see this coming. Goes to show you that no one knows what really gona happen, or know when or how high the price will go.

  60. You’re forgetting about earlier in 2020, after hitting 60k for the first time, BTC fell to 30k. It then went on to a new ATH (66k+).

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