human technological advancements

  1. I love the implication of a race of aliens that just sit there and watch us like a child watching the fish tank in the waiting room of their parent's doctor's office.

  2. Abductions are the alien-human equivalent of a kid reaching into the aquarium, grabbing a fish and playing around with it until their parents notice, take it out of the kid's hands and, if the fish is still alive, quickly dropping it back in the aquarium hoping it'll recover, or, if they didn't make it, flush it down the toilet

  3. It's a monitoring station. The aliens watch us go know what kind of civilization we are and how far we are from being able to detect-interact with them.

  4. I love the idea that aliens just sit and watch us like a jerma video. We are the galaxys' jerma. "No, aliens, I'm not gonna drop a nuke on hiroshima" "It'll end WW2...?"

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