one midsummer night i dreamt

  1. The only version of mid summers night dream I've ever seen, was an amateur performance done outside some old manor house overlooking some big field of deer. Although it did feature one of the female characters twirking for the male ones, it was extremely homoerotic, even changing the affairs to all be gay, even to the point that one scene devolved into two of the male actors, one of whom was clearly wearing pride underwear, giving each other piggy backs and then wrestling on the floor. The lady who played Puck had both her legs in casts so had to move around with a set of crutches, but instead of taking it easy, she used them like extended limbs to sort of fling her self around the set with some kind of wild feral dog energy. It was absolutely insane and probably exactly what Shakespeare had in mind. They're doing Othello next year.

  2. Every sentence in that description was a plot twist that made me love this production even more. This is not an amateur production, but instead the production put on by an actual court of fey beings. They were performing it as a historical account of their people.

  3. Being a comedy doesn't preclude it from having themes or a main idea it's trying to convey. Blazing Saddles wasn't just about some silly rascals N-wording their way around a sound stage.

  4. I remember watching a video on "Midsummer night's dream" (I think it was OSP, but I might be remembering it wrong). Basically, it came after "Romeo and Juliet" and starts in a similar "they're in love, but they can't be together" bit, so audience expected another tragedy. And then Shakespeare suddently pulls a twist and weers into wacky fae shenanigans. Audience must've been losing it at the premiere.

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