Nothing too fancy yet compared to a lot of boards on this sub, here's my collection so far!

  1. Hello! Been into keebs for a bit now, but first time posting my collection! Here it is so far, but no fancy pictures unfortunately. I'll be listing each board with a short description, a typing test, and then a small video showcase of each one (kinda): See comments at end for typing test/video notes

  2. I plan to remove the PE Foam mod I did on the Meridian, as the other boards all sound deep anyways. I want it more clacky.

  3. Seeing the amount of hirigana/katagana keyseys, i wonder if some people, say who on a daily basis, type in japanese have a separate key layer for Japanese.

  4. Maybe but I don't think so. Pretty sure native Japanese people use a QWERTY layout just like the US and other Western countries. Aside from a few additions like some different modifier keys the QWERTY JIS Layout isn't that much different. Also I'm pretty sure that nowadays applications that take Japanese words phonetically written in Roman characters and convert them to hiragana and katakana (probably kanji too?) are the most popular way to type. Arigato -> ありがとう

  5. I currently don't use it or anything - but I'll be honest, I don't think you'd want that Keychron K6 haha. There's a lot of issues with the board, and the best thing about it really is just the L&F KS1 Gat Yellows

  6. Haha yeah, it's the first board that I've put together where the caps are like at least 1.5x the price of the board currently lol

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