Maintenance Has Started

  1. its has now been 5 minutes without dokkan, im so depressed, i need help. someone please help me with because now i am seeing things in my living room as my eyes were glued on my screen from only thinking, living, and breathing dragon ball z dokkan battle

  2. noooo was doing the battlefield two more times to grab the two extra stones. knew it left in 5 hours but forgot maintenence was so soon

  3. Just another way to try to scam people out of money. I’ve moved to very casual in this game and enjoy it a lot more.

  4. So when can we get that dumb coin update to trade in carnival units? I got about 40 pieces of garbage that need trading in and are taking up space 😒

  5. I don't think so but i'm pretty sure metal cooler army is getting their eza now i think the story mode update will be here in a month or so could be wrong though

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