Would this be a bait and switch by 97 shoe?

  1. That’s why I’m saying if it could be a bait and switch because I ordered the shoe to look like the picture and then it came darker than the original color

  2. i like the shoe designs bc they look cool. im no sneakerhead id glance at your shoes and say “nice”. not so much one is slightly darker than the other or anything

  3. I ordered it awhile ago and I’m fairly new to stuff like this so i didn’t know if it was the color but I ordered the shoe expecting what he sent me pics of and it came out much darker

  4. I was going to say the color difference could be the camera but the heart on the heel is positioned different then in the pics, so yeah they sent you a different pair. And I just noticed the heel tab embroidery pops out more in the pics. Definitely a different pair.

  5. It’s not the worst but definitely two different shoes. I’m done trusting any sellers photos on dh

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