Is Swiftmaster broken?

  1. He’s broken where even if he has the lowest health, it really doesn’t matter how much health he has as he invalidates neutral, as he can enter close range combat without worry and can confirm from full screen

  2. That's the biggest issue with SM right now. There's no real counter play unless you main uber top teir. Hell even GO1 put SM at like SSS tier and than the rest of the top tier at S tier because he's that god like. I don't want 8ing to destroy SM but if your only recourse is to hope the player is having an off day and waiting for a combo drop, that's just bad design. I main Launcher I ran into a Deity SM and took the full set. You can beat a good SM with any character. But that doesn't change the fact that no matter who you play, you're always playing his game no matter where you are on the screen.

  3. I only think the tornado shield makes him broken. Outside of that, he's just the best character in game. There's ways to get out of his other moves.

  4. What do you think about the attack that covers most of the screen and the air sphere that pulls you in and facilitates to keep on going with combos?

  5. Hes definitely broken at a high level but I think a lot of people overestimate the impact of tiers at their skill level

  6. I was surprised to see only ONE SM in that top 8. While it isn’t a surprise that the SM won, Masoma is a beast and has been the most complete SM I’ve seen in the games early tournies

  7. Pretty much as you say. Overstated to the point people will chew your head off just for mentioning it. Everyone hates Swift master. Even those who play him but we don't acknowledge those hypocrites.

  8. He's his own tier at this point. His tornado shield was a stupid idea to put into the game. He needs a complete rework

  9. Oh super broken, it's so bad to me that I actively avoid playing with them, i never do that in any fighting game, I just take the uphill battle on but not this one. I tried so hard to learn the MU but it just feel so one sided

  10. And he can just run up and do nothing and you cant do a thing about. If you to attack in anyway, you get hit. Like tf lol

  11. Let's hope that the patch of this month fixes things. I want to get into the game but as things stand, I don't know if right now is a good idea

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