I can't believe you idiots took my CRC dabs

  1. Me too! Southern for me. I generally see good quality stuff go for $15-$20 a gram, just picked up a baller jar of some tasty platinum dosi. 2.5g for $30

  2. It's hard to find consistently good. White label was my favorite for consistently good at a reasonable cost. I'm not paying more than like $25/g and everything cheap is mostly leafy garbage. Just disappointing to see white label and dr jolly shelves near empty when no evidence suggests it's unsafe. Evidence suggests it's probably safer. Its just dumb.

  3. The idiots on here posting "is this crc?" Like it's a bad thing if it is. The general ignorant crowd who caused this law. Not sure where else would be better, just felt like venting after leaving the dispo with new brands I didn't want to have to try and turned out not great. I'm too poor to get stuck with multiple terrible flavored dabs I will be stuck smoking. I want my comfort zone back lol

  4. Never had a issue with finding cheap, reliable, tasty and fire dabs in Oregon. I’m in eastern OR too where prices are jacked up because of ID, I still routinely find diamonds for $22/g, mind sharing where your at? I would love to recommend some good brands or shops.

  5. I'm in the Salem area. I've tried many brands. I'm the biggest pot snob I know. I'm the asshole looking for $50/g quality for $20/g. I rarely like anything suggested by tenders. I'm just too much of a snob I guess. Might have to just go back to making my own.

  6. Crc is trash, the fact people don’t understand that the remediation process strips terps away, wich give you less affective buzz in the long run is baffling. High thc and low terp counts = bootay.

  7. Better filtration. Also I don't smoke bad weed that goes through crc. It still has terpenes, I can taste leaf and I can taste dank. Also I can buy the flower from the growers and see it's top shelf or at least high mids. Not many options have the flower available to look at. White label does with at least a few of their growers. So it's less likely to have pesticides or lipids I don't want to smoke and still made from good weed.

  8. I live in southern oregon and shop weekly and never spend more than $15 for top shelf grams. I’m talking live resins and diamonds and sauce. Maybe try a new shop? They’re literally on every corner. This just seems untrue.

  9. This guy gets it! Rosin has the most flavorful terpy profiles and it’s the one form of producing concentrates where you can manipulate all parameters for your end product. I love pressing the most.

  10. Why are you awarded for this extremely common take like not one post with crc in it doesn’t have someone like you shitting all over the poors

  11. Only if the process uses reactive materials like bleaching clay, can't complain when you aren't even familiar with what you're complaining about

  12. They use words like bleaching to make it sound scary. Bentonite clay is used in almost all CRC systems and can remove things like pesticides which we do not test for every pesticide. It's probably doing more good than harm.

  13. i get legit clean and tasty local dabs from cbdiscovery which are made less than a mile from my home. they've changed their name recently to Entourage and have only gotten better. $16 retail, as an industry guy i don't even pay that. sure there's great stuff out there but these guys are what i judge all other grams by.

  14. I haven't had them in a few years. I got a few grams I wasn't too impressed by early on in legalization but it's been awhile. Probably give them a try again. Thanks for the tip

  15. I feel you. They just made hemp derived thca, delta 8, and cbd illegal in Tennessee. All we did was lose safe access to hemp meds and now patients are going back to kratom- which is not great for you at all and is not a viable substitute.

  16. Color Remediation Column. It's basically just a filter to remove lipids, pesticides, dark colors, some terpenes etc.

  17. Where is this evidence it's better??? They are using shit bud and not getting all the shit out they are supposed to then. They just clean up the color and sell it that is not goodyou are an idiot. I just came from Oregon and they have plenty of clean dabs for the best prices I've seen compared to cali nevada and colorado. I have been dabbing since way before this shit became pop culture I'm js

  18. It is filtration. Less pesticides, less lipids. People still use pesticides that are deemed "safe" which always changes every few years. It's just another step to filter out bad. You can still taste the weed. You can still taste if it's made from bad weed. I've bought plenty of doghouse and geek farm weed that was ran through white label crc. It's still good flower not everyone uses terrible flower and its not some amazing fix all. I've been smoking for almost 20 years now. Well before legalization I refused to smoke mids. This isn't some magic that creates miracle dabs. Winterizing actually takes out more terpenes and masks more problems (I've personally turned some nasty unsmokable sulfur dabs into tolerable flavorless dabs with copper winterization, which is basically just adding copper scrubbers to the ethanol/dab mixture then heating for a bit, then purging as you normally would)

  19. Crc is not illegal in Oregon. Only certain medias became banned. Bleaching clay is the media that has been banned in Oregon. Bleaching clay is one of the only bad media, if not only. Crc will continue in Oregon and the people who don’t know what crc actually does, will continue to hate, who cares tho.

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