My boyfriend says this is a normal sized dab, someone please tell him otherwise. He smokes 4-5 times a day just like this and I’m telling him he being wasteful.

  1. I don’t think this post went how OP wanted 😂. Gotta agree with everyone else I wouldn’t say that’s small but it’s definitely not big either. 3-5 dabs a day roughly that size also isn’t a crazy amount either, there’s people that dab a gram a day.

  2. shit i bet 3-5 of those globs are a gram but yea i mean stoners gonna get stoned, a gram a day isn’t insane there’s probably ppl going thru like an 8th tbh😭

  3. As someone who’s been dabbing every day since 2017 that’s indeed a regular sized dab and also a normal amount of times he smokes. Lol get off his ass maybe he’s just drowning you out

  4. That's normal, if he's been smoking for a while especially if that isn't $80 a g hash rosin I'd belive it all day long, try not to be too tough on him guy just needs his meds I'm sure

  5. That's a perfectly normal sized dab, lay off the man Karen. Be glad he's not dabbing a whole gram at a time. He can't OD from weed so not sure why you're tripping out on the size of his dab.

  6. Boy ud shit urself the way I have to do dabs as a med user Also that looks like D8 distillate tbh and that shit is CHEAP in bulk lmao

  7. If he's sucking it down into a nail or whatever, yeah, wasteful. If that's all going into his lungs as smoke... tf? Wasteful? What else is he gonna do with it? 🤣

  8. Looks about the same size as mine and I smoke about half a gram a day. This is me speculating but it sounds like you might be worried about his consumption. Is money an issue? Or do you think he’s too high too often? I can totally see your POV if there is more of an underlying problem or if you’re paying for them but if not I say let a man enjoy his weed 😂

  9. Looks about normal even a little small for me. But like it was said before "Who's paying for the dabs?" If he's paying his share let him smoke. If you buy it all you're NOT the asshole for saying something. Good luck "happier" dabbing 😜💞❤️

  10. Lol. I buy 1-1/2 to 2 oz a month. Plus flower. And I have a wife who don’t do anything but an edible here and there. Luckily she’s cool, and I have a good paying job

  11. It happens easily when u dab. Damn though I feel this one cause I’m tryna keep my dab size down right now cause I dab only solventless 99.9% of my days & shits expensive.

  12. I mean I’ve been feeling wasteful doing upwards of 0.15g dabs lately…but then I only payed 200/zip…so really even though it seems like the biggest hit I’ve ever taken, it only costs ~$1 🤷

  13. way too much. if he’s comfortable coating his lungs in reclaim and becoming retarded in a few years, go for it buddy. i quit dabbing and have noticed that i’m more alert, less anxious, and have the desire to fuckin do things again. it’s not worth it. i’ll bet he’s only high for like 45 mins, that’s probably why he needs to take 4 or 5. you’ve gotta have a solid, well thought out reason for doing that shit period, especially if it’s that frequent. this is just my opinion, im not trying to look down on anyone, but i just realized that i would hate myself if i took multiple dabs a day every single day for the rest of my life. that’s insane. pls rethink, even though it’s not easy. so worth it. pls bro stop frying your brain.

  14. That's a big globber, especially if y'all get like a gram or 2 at a time, yeah you're gonna be flying through product and your BFs tolerance is probably sky high from taking 5 globbers a day. Depends on your personal situation too, if it's a problem he should chill, if y'all got the product/money to keep up with your habits then that's different

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