How do I clean this? Can’t fit anything inside

  1. Put the iso and salt in a little container and loosely cover it in microwave for 15 sec. Pour and shake. 1st try every time.

  2. You can just so good in ISO you can add some rock salt regular salt to that solution and shake It be quicker that way.

  3. I heat up my 99% iso a little bit and give it a good few shakes n let it drain out then an iso bath for da few mins/hrs depending on how dirty it was

  4. Plastic bag, table salt (fill piece with it) submerge in rubbing alcohol. Treat it like it’s a shake weight.

  5. It should also be noted, don't heat the top up and blow into it instead of sucking into it. It'll push everything out of the stem inside of it.

  6. toss it in a ziplock with iso and salt (like 3 table spoons) give it a couple of shakes let it sit overnight and give it a couple more shakes, rinse throughly with warm water

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