"Hacking" the dinosaur game on chrome

  1. I love how people will invest enormous amounts of time and/or resources and/or skill to accomplish things that are ultimately useless and silly. Whimsy is an underrated aspect of humanity

  2. It's just Arduino! It's ridiculously cheap and easy to code and use lol. The Arduino they're using in this vid is the most common one Uno which can cost like 4 dollars.

  3. And then the internet comes back on, reloading you back into PornHub. At the same time, someone comes in and asks "what are all those beeping sounds?", and you're just there with PornHub open, knowing how smart you are, but how dumb you look in that moment.

  4. i dont get this line of reasoning, if theyre just doing it for a random hobby, theyre not going to be trying to find the most efficient way specifically, maybe they wanted to practice setting up the hardware?

  5. This makes me really curious about what would be easier; doing it like this, or having the sensor hooked up to the computer and sending keypresses directly. My guess is that it will somewhat come down to whether the person working on it is more familiar with hardware or drivers, but given how annoying system drivers can be this is honestly probably the most straightforward approach.

  6. Why do you need a compute for that? If i remember correctly you can use a single chip to create a light tracer with the same output right?

  7. This only works up to a certain speed. The faster it goes the more to the right the sensor has to go. Love the idea but this will fail at a certain point.

  8. Next step is to use and arduino Leonardo with the keyboard library so you don't have to hack the spacebar

  9. i was trying to make bot for this game on python but i gave because game was speeding up and always at something 13000 score dino was hitting a cactus

  10. that's smart until you're aware that it's completely possible in software, and then boom, you understand why some industries will die soon

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