Crimean Tatar Commander Isa Akayev has joined the fight against Russia and urges fellow Muslim fighters to stop attacking Ukraine

  1. For those unfamiliar with Crimean Tatars, they are Turkic Muslims who controlled Crimea before it was conquered by the Russian Empire. They continued to live in Crimea until after WWII, when Stalin deported almost all of them to Central Asia in an act of ethnic cleansing.

  2. "Deported?" Is that what they call genocide thses days. Still suprised certain people pretend communism didn't kill more people than the Nazis.

  3. You forgot to mention they never forget what terrorusia did to them.And I assure you, they will take this opportunity to have their vengeance while helping us. As far as I know, nobody wants to be on the other side against them.

  4. Yeah look up that Scottish guy Peter McAleese if you like that stuff. Full-blown top SAS in the 1980s turned mercenary. He's still alive today. Hard, hard man.

  5. I thought he meant that Muslims who die defending Ukraine can be buried there, as opposed to the Chechens fighting for Russia who would most likely be cremated by Russia using those mobile crematoriums they were brining in. Muslims dislike cremation.

  6. I think that may become one of the defining memes of this war, which is a sentence I never thought I would say with full seriousness.

  7. When he said, "there's lot of land in Ukraine..." I thought he was going to say enough land/resources to provide BUT NOPE, he said there's enough land to bury your dead corpse. ICE COLD.

  8. I have to say that all this ‘leave your army and join us as brothers in the fight for justice stuff’ is the most unexpected and heartwarming/Hollywood plot-line thing to have emerged from this war. And I’m into it.

  9. People are waking up. Authoritarian corporations have been nullifying national boundaries and ideological differences between cultures for a long time, its about time the people of the world started feeling more affiliation towards each other than towards the powerful that tell them way to do to protect their own interest.

  10. I think it's likely to be an effective appeal. I'll admit I don't know much about it but from what I understand Russia does not treat Muslims very well and I've read about the Chechen wars. I don't see why anyone who's Muslim or from Chechnya would be loyal to the Russian government.

  11. Considering the gravity of his words, this dude has so much chill. Like I could picture just hanging out with him at a campfire singing songs.

  12. I'm only a student of medieval history but I seem to remember that when the Tatars ride against're in a lot of trouble

  13. No, it’s a world against Putin. I have no quarrel with Russian people, Navalny is in prison, thousands of them are taken to prisons after protests. The average Russian 19-20 year old conscripts are just confused kids being used as cannon fodder by oligarchs. They should lay down their arms, or pretend to be captured if they need to save face.

  14. As a fellow Muslim brother, I am outraged that the Chechen fighters are supporting Putin's wishes. I hope they realize they are aiding a devil.

  15. I am out of speech really. I have always seen Chechen fights like literal Lions in human form, for their courage and strength to fight Russia while being so few with so little real weaponary. Now? They fight for the people who killed their grandparents and raped their women?

  16. People forget that at one point Afghanistan was in the same situation Ukraine is and we absolutely fucking abandoned them after the Russian invasion came to pass.

  17. To be fair, we like these guys quite a bit more. Sounds shitty but they look like us and run a similar form of government with a fair amount of civil liberties that match ours.

  18. This makes a hell of a lot more sense than the muslim chechens who went to fight for their enemy putin and fight all of ukraine just to fight the tiny minority that is the azov brigade.

  19. That's because the leader of those particular Chechens is Putin's puppet, bought and paid for. They're basically a mercenary army.

  20. The Chechens are enslaved to Kadyrov's regime. That's why Putin makes the Chechens his vanguard "shock forces"---he wouldn't accept their high casualty rate for his regular forces of white blue-eyed Christians.

  21. There was also another group of Chechens who are fighting against Russia. They were the "resistance" in Chechnya i think. It was a long time ago but, they may still be.

  22. " there is alot of land in Ukraine , there is enough space for everyone, we will burry everyone , just don't forget to put seeds in your pockets." god damn that's quote of the century for me. Savage..

  23. If the enemy combatant surrender they cant killed them (become hostage), from what I know the sharia approve kill in less painful possible but they cant mutilated / tortured...after the enemies die you must buried them or if their family want the body back you must give the bodies back to their families...but this is back to each person understanding about sharia law in war, thats what I know because many fiqh school have diferrent understanding....

  24. It's important to know that those Chechens mercenaries sent by president of Chechnya are considered traitors in Chechnya. Chechnya is currently ruled by a Putin puppet and he gathered those men to fight Azov which is a far right neo-nazi group in Ukraine. Chechnya people fucking hate Russia far more than anybody. They fought two wars against Putin and he indiscriminately killed thousands of civilians and there are a ton of mass grave pictures of white Russian soldiers standing on top of dead Chechnyian bodies. Russia has a worse track record treating Muslims than most people realize. Soviet used to send the Central Asians to front line because they are expendable during WWII. Stalin forcefully deported 200K Muslim Tatars during that war to Uzbekistan and half died on journey there. Crimea kicked over 15K Tatars from their ancestral land in Crimea when Putin annexed it. There isn't a single good reason for any Muslim to join the Russians in this war. Ukraine on the other hand is a young democracy that welcomed Muslims in 2014 and there are hundreds of thousands of Muslims who call Ukraine home.

  25. I'm not sure but it wouldn't be unthinkable. The country of chechnya has a bad history with Russia and the current dictator is supported by Russia. Those men have even less reason to fight than Russians do.

  26. Yeah there is even a video of Chechen mercenaries bragging how they will kill ukrainians..... Within less than an hour the commander and them were dead.

  27. Taking in count that russia destroyed the crimean khanate, the kazan khanate, astrakan, etc. Is not completely false that russia as an entity killed many muslims

  28. I’m a muslim and support this guy . We don’t war at first , but if we had to! We gonna fight the one who start it .

  29. “Just don’t forget to put the seeds in your pocket so the sunflowers may grow” is oddly beautiful.. or is it just me

  30. Crimean are not just Turk, they are mixture of many European ethnicities and they are native to that land. Crimea does not belong to Russia or Ukraine. The Chechen who are fighting against Ukraine are forced by a mad man, named Ramazan Kadyrov. just like America has pets in Middle East e.g: UAE, or Egypt's Cpt. Sissy (the little oily guy), or France has pets in Africa e.g: Mali. He is Putin's personal pet, but he is not a chihuahua like President of Egypt, he is more like mad vicious pit bull with rabies. Most of those Chechen are not soldiers, he kept the soldiers behind including his personal elite guard.

  31. I gotta thank putin for uniting the world against himself. Really gave us all a target to hit. Bet that gun barrels lookin real good to putin about now.

  32. This war, combined with memes, might be the most anti-fascist unifying shit ever. Even the Right Wing in America has had to shut up and take a backseat.

  33. Never really considered how much stake Muslims would have in this fight, considering what Russia has done to Syria for years. God speed!

  34. So is there a betting pool made yet on Putin’s demise? I’m going with bullet to the head. Was kinda banking on the Mussolini treatment but I doubt it.

  35. Are the approved Sharia methods in those tubes? Jokes aside I wish these men luck, and I hope their message truly reaches the other side.

  36. Watch Putin get awarded the Nobel Peace prize posthumously. For uniting the world against him and bringing unity to the world :D

  37. I know he’s talking about fighting in a war, but god his voice is so calming. He sounds like a teacher/mentor to the protagonist in an RPG

  38. What a surreal experience. It feels like we're watching some odd, real life version of Lord of the Rings where factions and people join up for and against the cause. The Tartars answered the call. Good on ya, boys! Give 'em hell!

  39. Go on google/Yandex/or VK .Com and search for a city in Russia and put restaurant after the city you choose. After leave this on all the reviews you can!!!

  40. Wait, I Muslim, and I did not know this. I did not know Muslims were attacking Ukraine. I just feel upset now. I was out here trying to join Ukraine and my fellow brethren are out here trying to fucking destroy Ukraine. What the fuck.

  41. Wars are mostly funded by greed and power, religion is just sth used to entice soldiers in believing theirs is the righteous cause.

  42. Russia has a large Muslim population. All Russian men have to spend time in the Russian army at some point. Some of the white Russian men you see are Muslims.

  43. Brother, The Chechen Muslims are fighting against Ukraine... I have no clue why, Russia was killing them in 2017 and now they are fighting for them.

  44. That was very few and still he is not only fighting for the ukrainians but also for his own people and what the russian goverment has done to them.

  45. Every sect of human has an element within it that will be extremists. Those will always be the highlighted ones and the rest of the ignorant will just accept that that whole sect of that civilization or culture or species or race.... are just as bad.

  46. Cool! Do anybody know about Chechnya? Are they fighting with Russia or are they joining Ukraine?

  47. Хохлы как были гнилыми - так ими и остаются, врать и понты кидать любимое занятие у них, а на деле - никчемные. Адекватных осталось небольшое количество, деды плачут и плакали бы увидев это уродство что украинский народ допустил в отношении себя.

  48. "Don't forget to put sunflower seeds in your pocket..." When an innocent sentence as that creats an image that will stay with you forever. WOW.

  49. Could anyone please teach me a lesson here: I have seen a video of Chechens rallying and their leader swearing them in to fight on Russia's side against Ukraine. Now these guys seem to be on the side of Ukraine.

  50. Так он призывает убивать, а не прекращать нападение... Учите русский язык. Или поставте себе автопереводчик языков.

  51. Yeah with his calm and somehow comforting way of speaking during a war this guy I don’t want to mess with lol.

  52. Забрали и депортировали за то что из 40 000 крымских татар призванных на войну в 40-вых все 40 000 дезертировали и тем более нападали на крымчан.

  53. Lol. When muslims fight against the enemy of the West - they are heroes. When muslims fight against the West to protect their fellow muslims - they are terrorists.

  54. btw for all the people fearing the chechens in the russian army: A lot of chechens from Europe have decided to fight for Ukraine. Don't you ever think all chechens are an russians side.

  55. Holy shit. Middle Eastern here, we still learn in schools about how brutal the Tatars used to be, those guys are just not to be fucked with

  56. All the countries that have names which end in stan, like Pakistan, usbekistan, Tatarstan, dhagistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, khazakstan, Basically all the stans should join forces and form a united country and call it Jumbostan.

  57. Why is it always religion with these guys? Why don't we see any articles saying Russian Christians invade Ukraine?

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