Full uncensored video of Will Smith punching Chris Rock

  1. It was a nice joke because Will Smith was also laughing lol (until he saw his wife's reaction and then turned into violence like a privileged cunt)

  2. Daaaamn Chris took it like a champ. Like he been talking shit his whole life and suffered the consequences a few times LoL

  3. Shouldn't he be less concerned about what's coming out of Chris Rocks mouth and more concerned about what's going in his wifes?

  4. Anyone else who does that gets prison time. Sick of American elites pretending like they aren't responsible for their actions.

  5. I like Chris's final joke of 'we're here to give a documentary out'. That's some quick wit referencing the likely future documentary of this very moment. Lol.

  6. Short before the cut to Jada, when will is laughing to me it looks more like a fake laugh in the sort of way you might if you are getting really angry and if he would mumble asshole.

  7. Hey I don't give a shit about actors and Hollywood stuff to know. Does anyone care to explain the joke, I don't get it?

  8. So both sides have merit, I've never had cancer, but I've had a auto immune disorder, which has weakened my immune system, the auto immune disorder also causes hair loss, no I don't have the chemo and such but also don't have cure. I learn pretty quickly, with something so sad and dark you got to find the humor where you can get it, but I've also stood up to bully's and had other's stand up for me.

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