Can someone expalin this plz

  1. Marine ornithologist here! I'm sorry, but no. This is utter nonsense. I'm assuming that what we're witnessing here is either aggression from the top bird or it's a male who is so intent on copulating that he is attempting to mount a female I'm flight. These are both adults. I've never seen anything like this in real life, I think this is an awesome capture!

  2. Little known fact that if they are to far away from power lines they can get a quick in-flight charge boost from other drones

  3. Just a flying street rat trying to impress a princess seagull who often escapes the castle walls. Probably while squawking an awful rendition of "I will show you the world".

  4. Well the audio is from attack on Titan. The character is Erin, I’m not sure what’s exactly happening in the audio clip though other than an intro.

  5. My wife and me, if we were seagulls. She's riding me like Seabiscuit and screeching the entire time. (But I love her dearly, the way she is, 30 years in July.)

  6. The flying bird is the United Kingdom (not including the government) and the bird stood on its back is the monarchy.

  7. Sometimes girl birds can’t carry their own weight and the guy birds, hard working and just ask for a little extra loving, gets to pick her fat butt up or else another seagull will take her.

  8. I mean good lord why on earth does this absolute nonsense need to be explained. Really it just needs to be observed and admired.

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