Cameraman caught landed plane without a landing gear

  1. Amazing job landing. Any landing you can walk away from is a good one, doubly so when you don't have an essential piece of landing equipment.

  2. It's like he paid extra attention to the chapter titled "Holy shit, you don't have any landing gear. What do now!?"

  3. Extra credit if they got out, leaned on the side of it and told the first person who showed up: "Eeeehhhh, that'll buff out." before passing out from the adrenaline rush.

  4. He probably dumped fuel on the approach to keep that flare up to a minimum. That would have ended waaaaay differently otherwise.

  5. I say that's an even nexter level cameramanning. Dude never once lost the plot, centre of frame for the entire duration.

  6. In just confused why they wouldn't try landing in the grass? There must not be much fuel left or something. Just seems more dangerous this way with all the sparks and stuff.

  7. Yup. Competence all around. Pilot was great at landing, cameraman was great at tracking the landing, the landing gear technician had a great day off work.

  8. For the most part these shots are automated from a camera in the ATC, they video every landing in case of mishaps etc.

  9. Oh definitely. I still don't know why he was caught, but I'm impressed how the cameraman was able to land that plane without any landing gear.

  10. IIRC, jet fuel is stored in the wings. It looks like the fire as it is sliding is coming from the turbines rather than the bottom of the plane. When it fully came to a stop it was likely the last bit of fuel in the turbines burning off plus any fuel that got on the wings assuming the pilot jettisoned the fuel. But that said I am not a pilot or aviaton expert so please don't take my word as gospel.

  11. Fuel vapor and vapor in the tank catching. From the amount of fire and the fact drops are detaching off it's safe to assume the skid ruptured a tank somewhat and it was finally able to find an ignition source once it stopped moving

  12. Thank you for flying with us , please disembark on the right and run like fuck. Any baggage can unfortunately not be collected due to it being BBQ'd in the fireball. Any complaints please

  13. Impossible to tell almost. I saw a nascar sign at the end so I'm going to guess Charlotte. The trees and stuff in the background could be old school 90s Charlotte-Douglass based on the age of the potato they filmed this with.

  14. Plane taking off and landing is the best part of the flight. I freaking love it. If there was. If there was a way to choose flights with turbulent routes I'd pick those anyday of the week)))

  15. You joke, but the HS125 has a skid(term is keel) of sorts on the belly for this. They repair the skid, flaps, gear and inspect the airframe before returning it to service. I believe you can do this twice before throwing the airplane away if I remember my sim instructor correctly. Source:Am a hawker driver. I hold a type rating on this type aircraft.

  16. Fuck the watermark. I fucking hate when social media pages do that as if they’re the ones who recorded the video. Drives me fucking insane

  17. Ok, so I know jack shit about flying but; I find it odd that if they knew they didn't have working landing gear, where the hell are all the fire trucks and ambulances?

  18. I thought I saw some halfway down the runway when they were landing (3 bright yellow trucks). They usually come in behind the aircraft once it passes for safety

  19. Did you see how it sort of slid off the runway? Gear-up landings can be wildly unpredictable (distance of landing, where it slides to, explosions). They’re likely standing by ready to drive where the plane stopped, but you can’t know where that is until after it stops.

  20. Look at the video again, you can see all the rescue vehicles lined up on the taxiways that lead to the runway. They cannot enter the runway until after the aircraf has passed them.

  21. You expect them to be on the runway waiting at exactly the sport a completely out of control plane with no landing gear will skid to a stop?

  22. They take some time to accelerate and catch up to the plane, it's not f1 cars. Plus the field of view of the video is compressed meaning a zoom lens was used I'm roughly gonna assume 400mm ish lens. That perspective make things look slower than what you'd see with your eyes, that plane was going want fast

  23. Ok. Im not to clued up on this but i think i understand the flames at back are due to friction, but what happening with the wings at the end. What causes that?

  24. As the plane came to a stop, the remaining fuel, which had until that moment been flowing off the back of the wings, now was sitting still or vaporizing along the wings, which causes the air/fuel mixture to “reach up” along the wings and ignite around them.

  25. I believe I read somewhere that in cases like this they fly circles around the airport until most the fuel is gone. It’s makes the plane lighter and will hopefully prevent it from going up in flames or exploding.

  26. The HS125 doesn’t have a dedicated fuel dump, but if your tanks are both full(and you’re well over max landing weight), you could do a wing to wing fuel transfer and utilize the overfill protection valve to jettison fuel that way.

  27. Hearing the plane scratching the floor on the asfault from inside the plane must be terrifying, but godspeed to that pilot and the tripulation

  28. A bit of info. When a plane lands like this, without gear, the pilot has no breaking power. There is no way of physically braking the landing using friction on the ground. The only way to achieve it is with aerodynamic brakes, something most planes do not have. You see those brakes on gliders, which can land successfully without landing gears if designed that way (an example is the K8 glider, which uses a skid instead of a wheel to land).

  29. Was there some sort of inbuilt fire dampening in the wings? The fuel tanks seemed to ignite right at the end but didn't keep burning! Great video!

  30. This is your captain speaking. I’d like to welcome you all to Las Vegas. It’s a balmy 81 degrees with clear skies and low humidity. I’d like to thank you for flying American Arlines, at least we didn’t kill you this time. If you would please proceed to the inflatable slides extending from the cabin hatches on both sides of the plane and have a great day.

  31. I've done belly landings in simulators and omg that's hard. I can't imagine doing it irl in a passenger plane. I'd be so worried about it coming back up cause I hit the ground too hard. I guess it's probably harder to flip than a hurricane or a spitfire. still those, massive... props to that pilot if you will 😀

  32. Pilot: Literally trained for this scenario hundreds of hours. Has had nightmares of this worse case scenario. Did some real world macguyver/mission impossible/bond stuff to pull this off. Got a salute from literal butter for pulling this off so smoothly…

  33. As a pilot who has experienced this, you wouldn’t have been able to drive a straight pin up my ass with a 10-pound sledgehammer, that’s how puckered my asshole was from the stress of the experience.

  34. Isn't it better to land with out landing gear on grass air strip? Less chance of place catching on fire and less damage to bottom of the plane.

  35. This happened to a KingAir plane a few years ago in Atlanta. Local news happened to be in the area and filmed it. After the plane stopped, the pilot exited and quickly left the site. The owners (who owned a chain of regional breakfast restaurants, not WH) then exited and answered the questions. The pilot was an off duty Delta pilot and was flying on the side, which his contract with Delta forbade.

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