Amber Heard describing physical abuse by Johnny Depp

  1. So unlikeable as well. It was when Johnny said he first met her and was talking about her acting, he said she was too animated and overacted. Well, nothing’s changed then 😬

  2. because most people who are paid huge sums in Holywood are only so high paid, because their family members are getting them high paying Jobs.

  3. Don't stop at that movie. There's so much shit like this going on and all we have to do is not give it our money

  4. She is 10/10 pretty, but she is also 10/10 crazy. I hope she goes to prison for all these false statements and abuses. Cut off his finger tip, shit on bed, cigarette burn on his face, punched him and so on.

  5. Notice how she's constantly ALMOST crying, then has moments where she drops even that to get a point across. It's not even a consistent breakdown, it's what my toddler does when she makes the sound like she's crying but there's no actual tears.

  6. Like bro fuck the lying, the lying was expected but come on man ur an actress for Christ sake. At least put on a good performance to look like you actually put effort into ur lies

  7. The amount of uhms and pauses just proves shes faking all of it. If you knew what happened, you'd be able to tell all of it without having to actually think about it.

  8. Clearly the world we live in is completely binary and there can only be one victim and one victimizer. If we entertain the idea that they might both have been shitty people to one another then it hurts our heads and we have to take a nap.

  9. To think they still cast her in Aquaman 2. She can't act her way out of a paper bag. I didn't like Aquaman and will be avoiding Aquaman 2.

  10. My kid lied better than this when I caught him skipping school. Your acting is BAD and you should feel BAD!

  11. I’m sure Depp is doing better today but it must’ve been really hard knowing the woman he intensely loved hates him this much to fabricate these sorts of claims against him.

  12. I don't really know how to classify this, I have cptsd so I know what it looks like, we dissociate and don't get details right, but this seems scripted.

  13. Just so everyone knows: According to their therapist, it was a mutually abusive relationship where both parties exchanged physical and emotional abuse. The heavily edited video circulating around with Depp’s responses may seem like he “owned” them, but actually critically examining his answers—which thankfully the jury has to do—shows a completely different picture of a narcissist excusing his drug addiction and abusive behavior. Both Depp and Heard are terrible people who seriously need to help which I doubt either will get.

  14. this is what i keep trying to tell people, and they both have long histories of codependent relationships, Amber chases people with substance abuse problems the way papz chase KK. Johnny staying sober for court must be trying.

  15. The similarity between this and JDs testimony in the current trial is strange…I’m talking about the “ugghh ummm” stuff when trying to think of what to say.. she does it briefly here and JD has been doing it a ton in his slow methodical speech. Not sure what they are trying to portray or convey by doing that but it’s… weird. I bet Amber will do it a lot during her testimony too.

  16. My issue is that from the evidence Depp wasn’t nearly as abusive. Not only that but NO ONE ELSE has anything bad to say about him. Its not hard to imagine that she brought this out in him. I understand why people bring this up but it always detracts from the fact that (again from the evidence we have) Depp is a victim of spousal abuse. With context it just seems like she made him a bad person. Yes he had drug issues but apparently that didn’t make him abusive in his previous relationships. I feel like people being this up like “oh look they’re both to blame” but with all that we have I don’t understand how Depp is at fault here.

  17. True, but which one on them ran to the press to make a big deal out of it for their own gain? In their divorce they clearly mentioned they will move on without mentioning the abuse, which Amber completely ignored.

  18. The is what TOXIC FEMINITY looks like. This is ALSO what a NARCISSIST looks like. Oh one more... This is what a BAD ACTRESS looks like.

  19. Short answer is what JD went through resonates with victims of sociopathic abuse.. where the abuser not only abuses physically and emotionally, but later rewrites the narrative to escape accountability. More common than people would think

  20. I am not a fan of hers...but Johnny Depp is a piece of crap. They both need to lose a ton of money to their lawyers and then...just fade away.

  21. Is Depp still blackballed from Hollywood over all this? Haven't seen him in anything. But seems like no one thinks he was abusive anymore.

  22. Dono much about celebrities and I try not to, other than we all keep getting dragged into shit because it's EVERYWHERE on the net.


  24. What if after all this they come up with "was all an act" to full the whole world. A he say she say...

  25. The crazy shit is that she’s the spokesperson for domestic violence! Let that fucking sink in for a moment! My dude Johnny need a hug and a fucking justice! She’s sickening crazy

  26. From keeping up with their court case it's clear that both of them are acting and although I don't think what she did was right the fact of the matter is that nobody really knows how things between them really were except for them.

  27. After hearing the latest recordings of her admitting abuse... this is all sounds like her ab-libbing abusive shit she might do to someone. What a turd.

  28. Wow she’s lame 😒 if she really was abused it wouldn’t be this difficult -now is her time to tell her truth and she’s pretending to cry? WTH lady?

  29. The day society / the law makers / police realise women can be as evil and distorted as men is the day civilisation takes a giant leap forward

  30. "And he like idk, pulling my hair? And idk maybe smacking me? But I also maybe dont know because I'm just full of shit. Yeah that's it I'm just full of shit" 😂

  31. Definetly not crazy it’s probably all his fault (please disregard all information about her past drug use, spitting in her assistant’s face, threatening to harm people frequently, and being also witnesses discerning her fly into quote “blacking out into a blind rage”

  32. Amber has given birth to the “Not me Too” era of the Juicy Smollié, Lying Ass, Family Violence Rights. Bless her heart. I don’t even like and/or care for Depp after his assassination inference towards President Trump. He’s a leftist shill. But it’s clear that he’s also a victim of FV. He doesn’t deserve this abuse. He can be an Asshole, I’m sure. But he ain’t cutting off digits and shitting other ppl’s bed.

  33. She’s gotta be bff’s w/Hill and Billery Clinton and Spevin Kacey. Crazy kids. “I did not. Have sexual relations. With that woman.” (except for her being a bottom and Us doing it doggie style abs my “finger banging” her with my Cuban cigar in the Oval Office…I “starched her blue dress” when accidentally “blew dressed” her blue dress with my XY chromosomes.

  34. Is this the story that she was talking about being a lie in the taped conversation releases for the trial a few days ago?

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