Pollen burning is so mesmerizing

  1. This is likely cottonwood fluff- female cottonwood trees disperse their seeds with the help of "fluff" that can travel for miles, and covers everything.

  2. Thank you! First thought-is that cottonwood? An aside...I said the same thing on the way home today...really not happy

  3. Now with this information I know now that I'd %100 be dying if I was there. Just one tree blooming near my building is enough to make my eyes crust shut

  4. I hate it so much, my city has these trees and I fucking hate them to death, when they spread that polen, you can't fucking drive a bicycle without glasses and a mask, and it's so terrible it covers everything....

  5. So everything has an ignition temperature, it has to heat up to a certain temperature before it will set fire. Fine fibres like these seed heads or spider silk, hair etc. burn ever so quickly, so quickly that the fuel source has is used up before it gets hot enough to set other things on fire such as the grass.

  6. Growing up, my neighbors had a cottonwood in their yard. I took great joy in setting the fluff ablaze just like this video, until one year it caught a pile of dry leaves on fire. No damage done but I stopped messing around with fire after that

  7. Interesting physics behind it too. Basically to burn something that self fuels (organic matter) you need to give enough energy into its surface to release it's hydrocarbons that are near the surface as gas, so it burns. The smoother something is, and the lower it's hydrocarbon content is, the higher the ignition point is

  8. That fluff ignites very easily. When we were kids, we used to set it on fire with empty or broken lighters, spark is enough to set it on fire.

  9. But why? Is there an actual healthy reason to do this for the plants, or just to make look purty

  10. I remember seeing this before as "burning spiderweb away" or something a while ago, was that just a fever dream? It being pollen makes it much better.

  11. The fibers/pollen burns away too quickly to ignite the grass or trees, which are higher in moisture and much denser. Nothing has time to catch fire.

  12. Cottonwood fluff. It’s pretty but this stuff messes up more AC units in Utah than almost anything else. You get thick mats of it on the condenser coils and the cheaper units without thermal trips just end up superheating or short-cycling.

  13. No, stuff that thin burns so quick that it can’t reach the ignition temps of grass. Contrary to popular belief, living plants are actually decently fire resistant, not as good as most metals, but still decent

  14. Oh man this isn’t pollen it’s cottonwood and I lit it on fire when I was a kid. You can imagine my fear when the whole ground caught fire like this.. luckily it was a smaller area

  15. Did you guys see the Russian vid, where kids were setting fire like this and that led to car getting on fire 🔥

  16. Bees don’t collect from the ground, and don’t pollinate conifers or a slew of other wind-pollinated trees. Lots of trees produce catkins instead of what we think of as flowers. But it’s probably cottonwood fluff.

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