At least he got proven innocent

  1. Thx, I'm still convinced that she should go 15 years in jail for abusing the system and false accusations, also make her think thrice before destroying someone's life

  2. There's one thing I don't get about it on US law, doesn't the state needs to compensate the person in cases like this? In my country, even if he couldn't sue her, he could sue the state because of the damage, and although no compensation can make for 5 years, it would still be something. He would receive at least what he would have earned working those 5 years (so if he was an athlete, his salary at the time) plus the moral damage that could be contested but would be at least some grands.

  3. How the fuck is she not in jail so stole 5 years and ruined a persons life, not to mention committed fraud. It’s scares me to think there are people reading this and thinking they could just lie and cry rape, get a huge payout, and have zero risk

  4. Also, it should be noted that, though the pic implies he was let out of jail after being exonerated by her confession, he had actually already served his full sentence (which was 5 years) and the dismissal of the case (which actually could not use the taped confession) was done afterward and resulted in his sex offense record being expunged.

  5. The state should give massive compensation. Sorry to say, but if he was convicted guilty, and the only evidence was her saying so... Then how the fk was he convicted guilty? No rape kit? No other video or whatsoever evidence? Wtf?

  6. I believe he had a verbal commitment to USC, he signed with the Falcons after his release. The nfl doesn’t usually sign 16yo high school kids

  7. High school football stars rarely get contracts to play professional without going through college first. After he got out of prison and exonerated, he was drafted to the Falcons in 2013, although didn't have a very memorable professional career

  8. This isn't the extent of it. The false accuser sued the school and won 1.5 mil in court. Then 6 years later, 1 year after he gets out of jail it seems, she admits to fabricating the story. After awhile though karma finally comes around and he gets proven innocent and she gets sued for 2.6 mil and fails to show.

  9. Wanetta Gibson? You mean the Wanetta Gibson who falsely accused a man of rape and got him 5 years in jail for a crime he never committed, and also made it harder for real victims to be believed? That Wanetta Gibson?

  10. If you knowingly falsely accuse someone of rape you should get put on trial for the same time that they were facing if it is discovered during the trial.

  11. Wanetta Gibson? You mean the Wanetta Gibson who was awarded $1.5M after falsely accusing a man of rape and sueing the Long Beach School district for letting her rape happen? You mean the Wanetta Gibson who blew through all that money and now is in dept and owes Long Beach $2.5M in restitution? That Wanetta Gibson?

  12. The people that make it harder for real victims are the people that think cases like this justify not taking accusations to trial.

  13. So obviously she is to blame, but (unless I'm misremembering or confusing this case with a similar one) I seem to recall that her family may have severely pressured her to say it was rape. As in a version of "anyone who has sex before marriage is a filthy whore and so I'm throwing you out of my house and making you into pariah of the community...unless you tell us it was rape." Which is also pretty fucked up.

  14. Wow seems he couldn’t sue her for some legal reason but she was a bitch until the end. At least he got his story covered on Netflix

  15. Faced with a possible 41 years to life sentence, he accepted a plea bargain that included five years in prison, five years of probation, and registering as a sex offender. Banks says that his lawyer said that by pleading no contest he would receive probation, but no jail time.

  16. "Her family took home a settlement of more than $1 million after suing the school system over the alleged rape."

  17. Does she get to serve 5 years for lying as a repercussion and also the perception that future rape victims could also could be liars

  18. She should have to pay damages. Without question. False accusations should be punished with jail time if or if not jail time was served.

  19. To be honest, no amount of time will equal what he likely went through. ‘Sex offenders’ do not have a fun time in prison.

  20. While I understand the anger, this is a bad precedent to set. If she hadn't come forward, this guy would still be in prison with a felony rape conviction upon his release. At least now he can get the record expunged, and has a chance at a normal life from this point forward.

  21. Innocent until PROVEN guilty. Im curious on how the 2002 court "proved" he was guilty for something he didn't do.

  22. Sadly that’s just a misnomer - nothing can be proven - ever. It’s beyond a reasonable doubt, which always leaves room for error (both false positive, like this case; and false negative, like OJ).

  23. Anyone who lies about being raped should be made to serve the sentence of the person they slandered, it's disgusting that those assholes get away with it.

  24. I wish that when people knowingly get someone falsely imprisoned that they serve the same or double the sentence as the person that got convicted. It’s ridiculous that there is no penalty for this kind of thing.

  25. A friend of my girlfriend was sued for libel and forced to publicly recant her accusation. The bastard absolutely 100% raped her. You just can't put rape victims in a position where they could be punished if they come forward.

  26. I think this story goes back to 2011. He contracted a private investigator that recorded a conversation they both had in person where she admitted to have been made up the whole thing, unclear the motives though.

  27. I imagine a giant monster that is made up of women pressed together to make the giant’s body parts

  28. What annoys me most about this is how few rape cases end in any kind of conviction. By this woman lying, it casts doubt on real victims when they go to court. Women who lie about rape make the world a worse place for literally everyone.

  29. His accuser and her mother (Wanetta Gibson and Wanda Rhodes) are two pieces of shit. Not only did Gibson falsely accuse him, they turned it into a payday. They sued the school district and got a settlement of $1.5 million. She contacted him while he was on parole and met him at a private investigator's office where she admitted fabricating the rape. But she refused to help him because she didn't want to pay the money back. Fortunately for Banks, the conversation was videotaped and that got him exonerated. They blew through the money and went into debt. They were ordered to pay the school district $2.6 million but disappeared to avoid it and debt collectors.

  30. And the accuser lived happily ever after, with no backlash or repercussions whatsoever. That’s water under the bridge, who a gives a shit right? It’s only a mans life and reputation.

  31. This is why the death sentence is a bad idea. Not because some crimes aren't worth it, some crimes deserve a slow death. It needs to end because people lie, evidence is withheld, mistakes happen, defendants take deals because they are intimidated and a charismatic DA can sway a jury. He lost five years. Some innocent people lose their lives.

  32. Send the woman to prison for 5 years to match his time and the hoverment police and judges all should be made to pat for wrongful convection

  33. So she’s in jail right? Right? Am I happy for this guy? Absolutely. But this is only one part of the story. Good for him though. Truly.

  34. I think that in these wrongful convictions, the liar should serve at least the same sentence.

  35. There should be a specific list for people who make false rape claims. Not only does it destroy the target, but it takes credibility away from those who are truly raped.

  36. I wonder what compensation Brian Banks will get for the wrongful sentence. I believe his career was hurt by the sentence

  37. That girl should’ve served years in prison for that, it’s awful how a woman can say a man raped her with practically no evidence and ruin their life and then face no backlash. Fake accusations of rape should be punished with the same severity as actual rape

  38. A lot folks are angry that the wrongful accuser didn’t get jail time. I am too. Unfortunately when you read more about her story you understand she is really just scum - dodging child support and generally being a bad person. It doesn’t get any better if you dig, so don’t,

  39. Dude also had a full ride football scholarship to USC. He had such a bright future ruined by some greedy trifling chick and her equally worthless mother

  40. And he's said he doesn't have any ill will towards her, he just wants to move on with his life. What a man. I am not sure I would be able to be so forgiving.

  41. Woman said so = its true, same situation with Depp if he would not keep the evidence of her abuse. "Go tell them Johny and see who believes you"

  42. So sad... almost happened to a friend of mine. Girl almost begged him to have sex, so he did, morning after she went to her parents that he did it unwanted... Luckily me and a friend saw that she acted like that. Otherwise he'd been in prison right now... Women can be pretty crazy

  43. Go read his Wikipedia page… there’s a movie… the accuser and her mom sued the school and won $1.5mil… and more

  44. Perfect example why both sexes need to be held accountable. Brock turner should disgust you as much as this case does. The end result is wanting actual justice, not just believing that some rapists life is meaningful, nor does it mean we should always convict the accused.

  45. Ah yes, classic women. Even though the vast majority of rape accusations are real, we'll focus on the tiny percentage of lying women over the disgusting amounts of rapist men.

  46. Yes, because the world is sadly against women, women have had a hard time speaking out and its harder due to people like you and the woman here

  47. What happened that everybody now writes “women” when they mean “woman”? They get “men” and “man” correct, ffs.

  48. At which point does it stop being interesting? I am certain I've actually seen this post reposted and reposted for over a decade. I'm not staying it's not important, but unless there are new developments, then this is a horrible anecdote.

  49. These cases will continue to be interesting until our legal system improves- at this point looks like it is never going to happen. This case is several years old and has anything changed for the better?

  50. Most of the front page is bots, now, so idk which trends are human or algorithm driven. Maybe algorithm driven due to the Johnny Depp stuff constantly being pushed.

  51. Outrage drives engagement. Resentment drives outrage. Add a little justification to the outrage (this guy's case is demonstrably awful) and you have a winning combination with the mainstream too.

  52. It’s not anti-woman. The fact that a woman lied about a serious crime and ruined that man’s life is horrible. People are saying she should get sentenced not because she’s a woman, but because she absolutely destroyed this man’s life.

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