Advertisement addressing America’s issues with Health Insurance… in 1975.

  1. That’s because no one has tried deregulating the barriers to entry for new insurance companies. The insurance companies wrote those regulations and handed them off to the nations insurance commissioners and it’s been protecting them from failures ever since.

  2. We've known for a long time now what needs to be done. But Republicans keep attacking the idea. I would think they would like it bc right now employers pay or a lot of our health insurance. BUT!! They hate the idea of letting employers off the hook... why? Because an unhealthy mass of desperate workers who will take a super low paying job just to have insurance gives large employers an advantage. Employers control a big aspect of our lives through the health insurance they allow us to have.

  3. No it doesn’t. And you’re a disgusting partisan hack who seems to harbor deep seated hatred and prejudice towards half your countrymen.

  4. Wait insurance is supposed to be a safety net? I thought it was something you need to get so the hospital would admit you? Who’d of thunk it.

  5. Heath insurance has one goal: charge you premiums, come up with mother-may-I steps that prevent them from paying any claims on their premium payers behalf.

  6. Want free health care? Junior Doctors in UK's NHS system about to go out on Strike, and the Nurses threatened to go on strike last year---6 million people in UK waiting more than 6 months for operations, got my gallbladder operation in the US in less than 6 days(pain Sun morning,went to health clinic, got appt with Surgeon next day(consultation)then tests next 2 days, operation done Fri morning---Canada and Sweden delay problems also

  7. Just ignore the fact that the government has been running the NHS into the ground for the last decade, just so they can sell it off to their mates in the private sector even faster. All with the goal of turning it into the American style health care system.

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