Alan Turing

  1. The story of why he worked so hard to complete his projects is amazing : when he was in school he looked up to one of his friends, who was really good at science too. But his friend died of illness and he thought that it was so injust the world was deprived of his genius he made his mission to honnor his spirit by doing what he thought he would.

  2. He formalized algorithmic computation and built the fist computer. This machine broke Nazi code giving the allies valuable intel that led to winning the war.

  3. Yes it is. Also if anyone wants a pretty challenging read that features Turing in quite a bit of prominence and many other historical figures via a speculative fiction that spans across many decades and includes many themes including code breaking, war, spelunking, psi ops, espionage and all manner of other crazy plotlines, check out Cryptonomicon by Neal Town Stephenson.

  4. I mean, this post also forgets to mention Rejewski, Rozycki, the British sailors who were actually responsible for the events in the fairly inaccurate U-571, and a load of other important factors in cracking the enigma.

  5. Yeah no, lmfao some people and the movie claim that his actions reduced the war by 2 years not 5 idk where you got that from. What funny is that through all of 1942 enigma was resealed and wasn't broken again until 1943 not to mention it was other shit like the 30+ double agents in Britain, Wilhelm Canaris in the Abwehr helping to keep Spain out of the war that really helped to screw over Germany, whether or not it happened the Soviets were going to win in the East and not knowing about U-boat raids in the Atlantic wouldnt have really delayed that

  6. Another example of fucking idiots holding technology back, who knows where and what computers could do it he was just left to carry on with his life

  7. Imagine the work he couldve done, if he wouldn't have died in his 40ties. If that's not the ultimate proof, that racism, homophobia or any other kind of bigotism are poison to humans. Perpetualizing and promoting such ideas should have the same penalty as premarital or same-gender coitus in arabic countries. Lol jk progressives don't stoop to levels of punishment of archaic proportions. Dumbass cave people can't count their own fingers due to missing numerical knowlegde but it's everyone elses fault except their inbread homeschooling mom.

  8. Also probably had the largest individual influence on turning the tide of ww2 in favour of the allies. It was his enigma machine that managed to crack the encrypted messages sent by axis forces to one another (a code that changed daily). Single handedly shortened the war by years and thus almost certainly saved millions of lives.

  9. Just a side note: the Enigma machines are those used by the axis forces to create the encrypted messages. The machine designed by Turing was called "The Bombe"

  10. Visit Bletchley Park in England to get the whole story and see a recreation of the Bombe. Fascinating.

  11. One of the greatest geniuses and greatest war heroes of all time, saving countless of lives and ushering technology into a new age. Practically murdered by the very same country he fought for because of homophobia.

  12. You know what’s weird? Glen Beck, the conservative commentator, wrote a very touching tribute to Alan Turing, & his eventual suicide. It was a short historical fiction piece about his life & how society held him back. The themes of poison & depression ran pretty deep.

  13. And we are heading back to this time in America! Who’s ready to fight the new age radical conservatives before they bring us slavery and submission to their beliefs?

  14. The guy created systems which untangled German communication and was a huge turning point in WW2. If he was accepted in society we would have had a better world.

  15. I’m sorry of some disgruntled, glaring, idiot reports you for the contextually correct use of the “f” word. Happened to me and I was banned from Reddit for 7 days.

  16. Humans are—in large part—assholes. We destroyed one of the greatest minds, a mind that saved the world. We did it out of fear and ignorance. I wonder what we lost.

  17. Think how much energy was wasted on that witchhunt. The energy and productivity of all the people who persecuted him. His own energy and productivity. What a waste.

  18. He also played a key role in breaking the nazis enigma encryption which was a giant advantage for the allies in ww2. This guy is a genius scientist and national hero and his country still betrayed him just because he was gay.

  19. I really wouldn’t compare what he went through with todays cultural climate. He had to be chemically castrated and today there’s parades with men simulating sex with each other…just an it more tolerant today 🤡

  20. Nobody is sure if his death was actually a suicide or just an accident. The guy had some potassium cyanide in a small spare room that he'd been using for electroplating and he didn't store it properly. Maybe he wanted a plausibly-deniable suicide or maybe he was just being foolish.

  21. Choice is pretty far from what he had, he was driven to kill himself after being forced to endure a barbaric punishment he did nothing to deserve

  22. It’s such a sad story, actually makes me angry being British that we treated him the way we did because he was gay. The things he did at Bletchley nobody knew about until very recently. Thankfully he was honoured by the Queen and is now on the back of the £50 note. A British hero if there ever was one.

  23. He is commemorated on UK £50 notes. As our money is increasingly valueless, now is a good time to get one.

  24. learnt about him through “The Imitation Game”. excellent movie, and benedict cumberbatch, who played turing, was nominated for an oscar for his performance!

  25. He also ran a 2.46 marathon - at the time that was 10 mins slower than the Olympic marathon winning time.

  26. It is a shot or a pill which reduces libido. It is not painful insomuch as it removes who you are as a person. He was a healthy male with a libido. It just happened he was attracted to the same sex. Did he ever act on it? Does it matter what goes on behind closed doors? It was the judgement he received from a bunch of guys felt scared by his acknowledgment. It’s not that they didn’t either have thoughts of or acted on their own actions as closet homosexuality.

  27. It’s incredibly sad. The process itself isn’t painful but what it does to one is very painful. The type and amount he was given would be enough to alter his focus, concentration, and normal brain function. Besides castrating him it’s very likely he lost his cognitive potency too. He lamented shortly before his suicide that he didn’t have the focus to work on work he ought to be working on. They ruined his life as a man and a person.

  28. It is really worth noting homosexually in the UK was only made illegal in 1967... Which only is made to sound acceptable by USA's last state Texas being made to abolish anti homosexually laws in 2003... There still wasn't legal protection under discrimination (hate crime) untill 2009. And the west suddenly don't sound all that progressive

  29. Only his sexuality was public, not his espionage project as it was a government secret. It was either share a secret that could be dangerous to NATO or share something taboo. His sacrifice saved Europe.

  30. While studying a course called comparative programming languages, I learned that the suicide is not actually the accepted cause of death by his family and relatives. He was jovial during the castration and made joke about growing boobs. His mom said he had a bad habit of keeping dangerous chemicals for experiments in his spare time next to his food and bed...she thinks he may have accidentally killed himself that way.

  31. An absolute definition of a hero... eff fascism, he saved the world from it but was then subjected to it locally...

  32. I think there was a lot more factors. Turing was definitely a factor in shortening the war, for sure. But singlehandedly? Little bit too much hyperbole for me.

  33. Well happy pride week. Equal rights and then yeah thank God for LGBTQ or else some of our best friends would be facing chemical castration or death how sad

  34. The idiocy of homopbobia: You only have sex with other men? Well, either go to jail with only men, or castrated yourself so you can't reproduce with all the other men you're having sex with.

  35. Then in a society which has only moved on slightly because the majority of people still have a problem with homosexuality the government decided to praise him by putting him on £50 notes.

  36. I don't think the majority of people have a problem anymore, the country is way more tolerant these days, it's just a vocal minority of bigots who get airtime for some reason.

  37. I found it interesting that in Imitation Game they showed the impact of the chemical castration and yet here we are with many people trying to encourage more "gender transitioning" even with children.

  38. On 12 November 1942, the mathematician Alan Turing arrived in New York, bound for Washington DC and the headquarters of the US Secret Service, an organisation now known as the CIA. More than 500 American ships had been sunk by German U-boats since the US began sending supplies across the Atlantic to Europe in 1941 and naval authorities were growing impatient with Britain’s reluctance to share more than cursory details of progress at decrypting messages sent by the German high command and encoded by the Enigma machine.

  39. Many geniuses who have come and gone, also were mistreated at some point or murdered. And it wasn’t because they were gay. History has shown us that humanity is just an asshole

  40. Dumb question(s) here: what is chemical castration, and if it’s what I’m imagining why don’t we do this to child s offenders?

  41. Because chemical castration is just taking a pill to make their sexual needs lesser or non existant. They can just stop taking the pill. It isn’t an effective form of castration. It should be more literal imo.

  42. Yuval Noah Harari (also gay) makes the interesting observation that the Turing test, basically if a person can’t tell the difference between human responses and AI responses, then the AI is capable of thinking like a human, is basically just the idea of “passing”, something Turing had to do daily, and at great risk.

  43. I'll always comment when I see Alan Turing. If you're in the UK, The National Museum of Computers at Bletchley park is amazing.

  44. Chemical castration sounds way worse than what it really does; it just is like an anti-viagra where you have limited sex drive. In a day where homosexuality was illegal, they thought that by suppressing your sex drive would discourage you from seeking homosexual relationships. His death was also completely unrelated to his sexual drive suppressants.

  45. More importantly his work was instrumental in winning the second world war, due to his work breaking the german encryption. The allies used that throughout the remaining war to plan their efforts, but doing so without letting the Germans know. This required them to knowingly sacrifice lives they could have saved, but would have exposed their knowledge.

  46. So, are you phrasing it like this since you are asking what people think of pedos that know they are pedos so they won't hurt kids on your account in other subs .. because who the fuck even asks that

  47. He killed himself because of the awful way he was treated, and this is your take away? Fucking despicable. Why don't you try for some compassion next time?

  48. This doesn't even make sense. No one bothers you for not being able to find a partner to have intercourse with.

  49. The US has such shameful history.... god that poor man. They stole a genius from us with this bullshit anti-gay agenda.

  50. that's the reason he was offered either prison or castration. he was punished for being gay. can you even read?

  51. I’m confused, isn’t the main reason his punishment was severe because he was involved with a 16 year old?

  52. I’m confused, isn’t the main reason his punishment was severe because he was involved with a 16 year old?

  53. That was not the thing that got him the punishment of castration. While they were punishing him for that, the main thing they were faulting him for was homosexuality

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