My mosquito bite turned into the shape of a key.

  1. It’s possible it started as a mosquito bite but it could be something else entirely. Either way, it’s an infection that’s gotten in and it’s spreading. My bf had no discernible bite/wound and got that same kind of red streak. Turns out he had a staph infection and cellulitis that required IV antibiotics. We never found the source.

  2. That’s what I was thinking. Got cellulitis along time ago. What looked like a mosquito bite then turned into a swelling the size of a golf ball on my forearm. The spreading of the infection was quite visible shortly after going from my arm into my chest through my veins. The walk in doctor initially thought I had to get my arm amputated. Went to the ER and was put in priority over everyone in line. Was given antibiotics which luckily cured me after a few days. It was a pretty scary situation. What surprised me was the first thing the ER doctor checked was my tongue to see if the infection got to there. He said I was fine as long as it didn’t get to that area. Avoid scratching any bug bites as it can lead to severe infection. It was bad luck for me that it happened. It’s rare but it happens. If you have unusual swelling after a bug bite, don’t wait. Go get checked.

  3. It's 11pm and my parents are refusing to take me rn, saying it's just an allergic reaction and that I shouldn't listen to "internet kids," etc etc. Best I can do is next morning.

  4. I had something similar as a kid on my foot and showed my cousin at school. My cousin told my teacher who called an ambulance. Mum left work and met me at the hospital and was told I’d have been in an extremely bad way in less than 24 hours. I was treated with IV antibiotics for 2 days before going home. It looked exactly like yours.

  5. Man, hell of a break for OP that the shape it turned into was something interesting enough to post to Reddit

  6. As a person who ended up in the hospital at age 11 not telling anyone about this on my foot for several months, I gasped when I saw photo never saw it since then and triggered a memory aha.

  7. It's cool bro, his parents said it's no big deal, and us scary internet strangers shouldn't be trusted with our dangerously wild suggestions to consult a medical professional before it spreads. You may not know this, but the act of having a child causes people to be magically implanted with all the childcare and medical knowledge in the world as it pertains to their own child. Your 12+ years of education and all experience that you've developed since pales in comparison to the supernatural expertise implanted in the brain of a parent.

  8. Not a doctor but came here to say “your mosquito bite turned into the shape of a infection”

  9. Woah Doc, he didn’t ask for a diagnosis. Now you’re going to hit him with a $1K bill and he’s probably uninsured..

  10. How can you tell if a bite is "bad" or not? I sometimes get bites from no idea what, probably something my cat brought inside, that tend to swell quite a bit for a couple days, then stay incredibly itchy for a couple weeks at least, and then go away leaving a small mark for a couple months. Rarely get them, but when I do it's 5-6 at the same time

  11. Holy crap dude. This gives me shivers as it's like a near 1 to 1 situation I've seen up close. Like others said this is no joke. I remember a girl who had similar from class, started with a mosquito bite! Our teacher urged her and called her parents to get to a hospital, parents didn't want to go because they thought it's all good just an allergy just like yours.

  12. This! I had some sort of bite on my arm when I was pregnant. I woke up and saw the weird line tracking down my arm. It looked like it was following the path of one of my veins. Anyway, I went to work and called my OB when it seemed to have grown. She told me to drop everything and get to the ER. My boss didn’t want me to go bc she wasn’t in the office. She seriously said “you sure you have to go? I won’t be in for a couple more hours.”

  13. I'm 46, not a doctor, but I know that red lines tracking away from an insect bite are signs of a spreading infection that needs urgent medical attention.

  14. Holy shit. I'm not even joking. I had something very similar happen. Puncture and then infection and the words from the doctor were If you would waited one more hour I would have had to amputate your leg from the knee down.

  15. This is very good advice. I grew up with negligent parents and once needed emergency care and being refused because "it was late and we'll look at it tomorrow" Called the hospital told them the situation and handed my father the phone. Would not have been alive if I hadn't done that.

  16. Ear, skin, nose, and eye infections can spread into the lymphatic system. Red streak in the skin along the direction of regional lymph nodes indicates lymphatic involvement. Infection may spread within hours and can cause septicemia and death.

  17. Had a friend once that had a infection that suddenly spread like that. It reached his blood and killed him. I get pretty scared anytime I see infections move like that for this very reason

  18. My freind had a angry line like that ... it kept growing and kept creeping up his arm ... it was some kind of infection. He had to stay in the hospital a few days.

  19. ER Doc here. That looks like cutaneous larva migrans (parasite burrowing beneath your skin) or possibly a lymphatic spreading bacterial infection. Both require a trip to the ER and some medications to prevent death/parasite colonization.

  20. In case you haven't got the message yet. Go to a doctor! That red line was not caused by the mosquito biting you multiple times, instead it is an infection that got in through the bite and is spreading. It is probably spreading in the layer of fat under your skin (cellulitis) if it gets into your bloodstream (septicemia) you could be dead in hours.

  21. UC’s are usually run day to day by PAs (that’s my gig) but most of us would send them to the other two words. The emergency room. Now. A doc in a box’s great for minor emergencies but this may (or may not) lead to an extremely dangerous situation Dial the digits above for S. Korea’s English speaking doc line. Don’t blow this off bud Good luck

  22. Nahhh they'll be good they're just gonna have to have a PICC line inserted through their femoral artery, threaded right next to their heart, and have IV antibiotics pumped directly into their vena cava for a week. No biggie.

  23. Hopefully OP comes back and assures us all that they did see a doctor, and that it's nothing to worry about. 🤞

  24. This is 100% no question something to worry about. It is at the very least a lymphatic infection. They can easily die without treatment. This is a very obvious and clear sign of a serious infection.

  25. Reminds me of the 13 year old who got bitten by a SHARK and her parents refused to take her to the hospital (or I guess BACK to the hospital when thing get weird, apparently. the shark had bitten into her bowel) and she almost died and ended up on life support. Infuriating.

  26. No hate though but that girl was determined to get help - I really hope you get to the hospital, soon! (Obviously, she was aware of how urgent her situation was, but hopefully you are now too)

  27. The person should get it check out, even though the line runs across the lymphatic channels, and not along them.

  28. Infectious disease specialist here. That could be Cellulitis, you'd wanna get that checked fairly sharpish. Infections can go from no big deal to life threatening very fast.

  29. I had something similar after a cat bit my hand. Went to a walk in clinic, they sent me to emergency, I was on intravenous antibiotics for three days.

  30. That’s blood poisoning dude. Happened to me once and I left it untreated until it got rather bad - go to a dr asap.

  31. I'm highly allergic and my skin swells from the smallest bite. I've NEVER seen anything like that from a mosquito bite.

  32. Resident on IM - this is likely staph. Head over to a clinic. Its pretty small and can be treated easily, but you dont want it to go from cellulitis to nec fasc

  33. I wish you the best, but remind your parents that there are some decisions in life they can regret their entire lifetime...

  34. Dude thats no joke. Go see a doctor asap. No tomorrow thing. Tell your parents that you want it to be checked up. This is can develope into some serious stuff.

  35. Yeah Paramedic here, get that looked at asap. That’s a emergency-room level emergency. You’ll need antibiotics or you could die. Not joking. If your parents won’t take you, go on your own.

  36. Damn this kid really isn’t going to the doctor today. That sucks. And all this could’ve been prevented with good parenting. I’m sorry bub, good luck but I don’t see things going well for you if you try to wait it out until tomorrow and sleep on this.

  37. 5 hours ago he commented that it was 11pm where he was, so it's very early morning now. Maybe he'll be on his way soon? Maybe it's not too late? Crossing fingers and toes for him....

  38. Can we get an update here? I'm a nurse and this whole thread is stressing me out! Did you make it to a doctor? Are you ok? You have a lot of people worried!

  39. Here from the post where someone's life got saved because they realised that their mosquito bite might be an infection like this one. I hope OP is alive.

  40. Stop joking around and call the fucking emergency services, have them talk to your parents as well, maybe then they'll fucking listen.

  41. I have no clue how to reach 43.6 thousand people but I'm fine, it was an allergic reaction after all. I also apparently have a cold. Doctor actually chuckled when I said I came in cuz of a mosquito bite.

  42. Hey everyone, thanks for your advice. There's a similar message in the replies but basically it's 11pm where I'm at, and my parents don't think it's serious so they're refusing to take me to the doc. Best I can do is next morning, I should be fine. I'll update y'all tmrw, thanks everyone!

  43. I literally cannot imagine being a teenager and having hundreds of people tell you that you’re going to fucking die if you don’t get to a hospital and just shrugging your shoulders because your dumbass parents want to ignore the problem and pretend nothing is wrong.

  44. Hey. Tell them going to the hospital at midnight is inconvenient, but not as inconvenient as dealing with a corpse in the morning.

  45. Call the emergency services NOW. Or open up the GPS on your fucking phone and WALK to the nearest hospital. If that infection spreads and is left untreated you will fucking die.

  46. Please monitor your temp through the night. If you get a fever your parents need to take you to be seen. They obviously don’t understand what is happening and it’s fine for them to not believe internet strangers. However, since they are aware the internet exists I assume they are capable of searching “red streak shooting out from bug bite”. That should clear things up for them. I don’t want to talk shit about your parents but I do hope you’ll embarrass them with retellings of this story at family functions for many years to come.

  47. My guy this is actually serious. Sneak out and go to a doctor. Grab cash if you need to take public transportation. A normal allergic reaction is hives, this is an infection spreading fast

  48. If this is a lymph node infection, you’ll be lucky to wake up at all. I highly recommend urging them about this, you need immediate anti-biotic treatment if this is spreading that quickly.

  49. This comment will be what puts your parents in jail when you die tonight. I would tell them that since they obviously don’t care about your health.

  50. 5:15am in Seoul right now. I hope you slept. I hope you and your parents wake up soon and get you to the doctor now.

  51. Tell them that if you lose your arm, they'll have to take care of you for the rest of their lives, since they would be the reason you lost your arm

  52. Your parents are kinda fucked. I'm usually the one that doesn't want to go to a doctor but if my parents found out, they'd drag me there even for the smallest things.

  53. I'm genuinely not sure who's stupider, you or your parents. You have been presented with ample evidence that that is a serious infection and if your parents are not going to take you to the hospital, then you need to advocate for yourself and just go over there or call emergency services.

  54. ER PA here . My first thought was cutaneous larval migrans which is a hookworm infection. It doesn’t streak in the direction of the lymphatic system so less consistent with a serious bacterial infection. Go to the doctor please.

  55. Doctor said it was an allergic reaction. I'm from the US in a town where we don't get a lot of mosquitos, so my body basically said "what the fuck bro" when a foreign mosquito bit me

  56. Well some of us Internet friends are actually in the medical field, unlike mom and dad. We all say you need to get that looked at by a professional. 😉 I wouldn't want them to get in trouble for neglect for something so easily cured. Authorities are insane these days.

  57. Might be a parasite larva that was in/on the mosquito. Prolly meant for another species but nonetheless you should get checked out.

  58. EMT here. You need to go see a doctor. Looks like you have an infection that’s spreading. If this is the case, you could find yourself going from perfectly normal to severely sick with sepsis in a matter of only hours or days. Don’t put this off. Find a doctors office that accepts walk ins or go to an urgent care center.

  59. Looks like lymphangitis homie you need antibiotics can kill you in a matter of hours. Mosquito bites are red bumps...if you see red lines that start spreading you need a doctor.

  60. You need to go to a hospital right now. That looks like a blood/lymphatic infection and if you don't get it looked at immediately things are gonna get really fucking bad. Book yourself an Uber and go if your parents won't take you, if you can't do that call the police or an ambulance so your parents can't argue. A doctor takes one look at that and they'll convince your parents, trust me. Your life might depend on it and your arm might not be there next week if you don't.

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