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  1. Does anyone actually know why those are transported like this and the truck doesn't flip? I suppose the blade itself weights enough to flip the truck.

  2. And just like that, I was transported decades into the past, watching an episode of South Park, wherein a giant snake-firework terrorizes the country.

  3. I just found out yesterday that these things are not recyclable.. the material they infuse with the metal can:t be broken down.. so they cover acres of landfill and are buried..apparently the amount emissions it takes to make them along with the cement foundations for the turbines.. completely defeats the purpose.. blew my mind.

  4. Being in construction it looks similar to hole excavating equipment. There is a way where you dint have to dig a long trench to pull wires and cable through underground especially if yiu dint want to dig up sidewalks and street ti bring in electricity fir newcstreet lights or lighting in a park etc. If the switch fear is too far and if yiu can pull from a close pole. It digs the hile and often times pulls the cable through at tge sane time. But ours had a roasting long blade to cire out the ground first. Only a guess. Or something similar fir aerial work but thstcwoukdnt need a cone cylinder. Or I've seen water demolition devices. Believe it ir not they often use water force ti initially carve out hillsides. Well that from my construction background. And tes, im a woman witjing in construction. Get over it. Lol ive had men debate my abswers on things in Faceboik whobarecstay at home dads nit kniwing my career. Cracjs ne up. Assumptiins. Would be nice to know if anyone really knows. Oh maybe something fir use on the ocean floor? Pulling up debris?

  5. Every place has a different way of moving them I guess. Having lived in Iowa, USA for the last few years, you see them a lot, just with a Semi and about 4 pilot cars.

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