Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield - 1957 (recreated by Julie Bowen with Sofia Vergara and Maude Apatow with Sydney Sweeney)

  1. You do, that's exactly what Sophia is looking at too. She said in an interview that's what happened and she wasn't sure the straps were going to hold all night

  2. I want to recreate this with me pre-breast implants and me post-implants. It's all me. Looking at my titties.

  3. Let's be honest. Lena Heady is the only actress capable of pulling off that expression of barely disguised contempt with just a hint of jealousy

  4. The second 2 are completely wrong. It is not surprising that most people will thing the first photo is suggesting boob envy. However, in reality Sophia Loren has been staring at those sweet milkers all night and has now locked her eyes on them as those rosy peaks are about to make an appearance

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