Nuuds Launch Week 10/28

  1. So Rhett has a stomach bug and she doesn’t want him to go to school, but they go all over town and that’s fine 🤨

  2. She said he’s had it for a few days so that means he went trick or treating while sick as well! Zero concern for other people. Passing the germs to everyone, awesome.

  3. Another influencer who's almost as untolerable as the DAD = Brooke Raybould aka Southernish Mama! I have a Snark page for her started! It's slowly coming along... come find us! Search for BrookeRaybouldSnark

  4. i’m confused about Danielle‘s explanation of fixing her boob reduction, isn’t that just called body fat? Sideboob? sounds like a quick lazy fix but call a spade a spade

  5. So I’m actually slightly familiar as my sister had a breast reduction- and no they didn’t “mold” her breast correctly so it can cause the sides to bulge a little more. For any woman I can understand her reasoning.

  6. Has anyone ever seen daryl ann sit in the back seat of a car ? Or is it known fact to the family that the princess always gets the front ? 🙃

  7. Newbie here. Who are all her entourage? Why is she always surrounded by different people? Is she ever alone with just her husband and kids on Insta? Who is Danielle?

  8. Danielle is the next oldest sister. Daryl Ann is the oldest. She’s married to Dan and has two children. Her oldest boy goes to the same school as her sister Danielle’s children. Danielle moved from Nebraska recently after finding out her husband (Chase) cheated on her. He also moved and is living in an apartment near by. Katie is the next sibling. A 4th year med student who’s in a relationship with Eddie. Next is Rob Jr who is employed at Nuuds with Daryl Ann and has some degree related to finance. He recently started dating some blonde I can’t remember her name. Lisa (lisaflecter805) and Rob Sr are the parents. Most of the family dresses alike and lives close by one another. Daryl Ann also has a nanny name Elaine. Products that are pushed are tarte, navy hair products, living proof dry shampoo, divi, spark pre workout, nutrafol, lululemon, free people, Nuuds (Daryl Ann’s new clothing company). And last but not least a large Diet Coke (LDC) every second of every day from Chick fil a. That’s basically the family in a nut shell.

  9. They don’t hang out with anyone except family and people they pay (nanny, interior designer, marketing team, etc.). That should tell you all you need to know.

  10. I know this has been brought up a lot but I do not understand how anyone can eat out as much as them. It’s not like they’re eating at quality restaurants. They have to constantly feel like crap and their food budget has to be astronomical!

  11. Imagine eating cold fries and feeding your beautiful kids that kind of diet! Those poor kids don’t have a fighting chance and I’m sure they’re arteries will be clogged at a early age, teeth rotten out because eating suckers, gummy candy, endless amounts of donuts! That’s a diabetic coma!

  12. Not even doing a screen grab because there is too many examples, but the color variation between pieces is wild. Like in her PJ short try on the top and bottom don’t quite match.

  13. She makes it seem like she put all this time in to quality control but the truth is unless she was flying out to Turkey, where the clothes was made, there’s no way!

  14. For “a year and a half of work” the BTS video did not show much before just before the NY trip. I would assume she would have photo or video documented events like fabric sampling and design sketch meetings to add in the BTS video. She’s only been in TX almost a year (I think) and was always posting so I call BS on so much work being put into this.

  15. did anyone notice the subtl shade from Madi? someone asked a question about starting a business and something she responded “knowing your audience and what they want. integrity in every detail, pricing….”

  16. Yes, it has been discussed several times on here since it was posted yesterday. I don't think it was very subtle actually! Seemed to have been directly addressed to dud, talking about her audience and the pricing and having integrity!

  17. Andar dropped a new Denner wallet color yesterday and a new color collection coming November 1st. DAD hasn't said anything. Wonder if she'll ever promote anything other than Nuuds, ever again. 🤣

  18. I half expect her to have nuuds colors to match the ugly clothes! (Although those colors would look nice in a wallet!)

  19. The photos of the Fall Festival: Rhett in dinosaur costume, Olive and Eve are princesses and Remi is in sad beige…. Breaks my heart that she is always overlooked.

  20. Yes, sad outfit for a toddler, for sure. She might not want to wear costumes yet, though. Seems she hasn’t wanted to wear some of the things DAD has tried to put on her (tutus and such) 🤷🏼‍♀️…but I’m sure she’d like to wear COLORFUL sweats instead of black & brown.

  21. People asked but she gave a rant about bullying her. If you question her it's bullying yet if she ignores (and deletes) probably a thousand questions asking about sizing, country of origin, etc it's acceptable because she doesn't owe her besties anything....except that she did this for them...and you just have to trust her. She's your bestie :)

  22. It’s not just shady, it’s an FTC violation. Sellers have to disclose country of origin in the description for online items (“mail order” involves anything you can’t see/touch before you buy)

  23. Has anyone mentioned the fact that the leather jacket she was wearing was almost $400? No wonder she thinks these prices are “attainable”. She’s living in a very very different world than the majority of us

  24. There are a lot of jealous people. Putting people down while simultaneously accusing them of not being good people. Do you not see how odd it is to take the time to speak negatively of people you don’t know? Good for them for having businesses and multiple streams of income. 👏🏼

  25. Just the assumption that people are jealous of you is wildly hilarious. Have you read these remarks? People don’t want to be like you, we feel embarrassed for how you behave and can’t help but all laugh together about it. But “god’s favourite” says it all. You really are a narcissist. - Writing assuming this is DUD herself because who else is stupid enough to defend her.

  26. Hey Denner/Fletcher fam, so happy you found us! Probably because when you searched Noods this thread came up first before you’re sorry excuse of a business

  27. Oh there is no way you can honestly observe these people - especially DAD - for months and months on a several times per day basis and NOT have a negative opinion of them and how they operate.

  28. You do realize you are on a snark page right? That's what this page is for. If you don't like it, you are clearly in the wrong place!

  29. it’s the frickin video of eddie on the live instead of the helicopter wiener. now watching, danielle wouldn’t look away 😂😂😂😂

  30. I wish I could post a picture idk what they did during try on but the body suits looked way different. Kaylee in dinyelles stories at the warehouse her back is to the camera you can see everything through that bodysuit!!!!

  31. Proof of the face thinning app DUD uses 24/7. Compare her “real” face from the behind the scenes video filmed by someone else to the elongated skinny face filmed only on her device.

  32. I always think she looks like a different person when you see her not on her own camera. She really looked different in the Nuuds video sitting on the couch

  33. can’t believe I’m defending her, but I look like 3 different stages of chubby between the Instagram camera, the iPhone selfie camera, and the iPhone front facing camera 🤷🏼‍♀️

  34. Those pants on DAD in Danielle’s story of her sleeping are not doing her legs any justice. I’m really not trying to body shame but they make her legs look huge. My thighs are big enough I don’t need unflattering brown pants to make me more subconscious about them.

  35. Probably because she was catching up on reading about herself on Reddit & saw it was pointed out yesterday that her nuuds homepage included a link to TikTok, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram… each account aside from Instagram had an embarrassingly small following… like under 150 followers … nuuds YouTube had 14 followers- oddly I think they removed the YouTube link now … obviously she reads here … Hi DUD!!

  36. I cannot believe almost everything, at least of the women's, is sold out! I am in shock. I completely boycotted the launch because of the pricing

  37. Anyone else see Skims just released a dress line and they run between $80-$100. Why in the hell does DUD think her goodwill sweatshirts are worth the same/more than a full on dress🙄🙄

  38. you cannot convince me they put full inventory online. they 100% did this as a mini launch to see what people would order, create more desire, and they’ll launch the rest later. they just needed to “sell out” to protect DUDs ego

  39. This for sure. The number of people commenting that things were sold out in the first 10 mins tells me they put a certain amount of each item in each color today just so the launch would look super successful. In a week they will say everything is restocked and do the same thing.

  40. I had to do a double take when Dinyells story panned the kitchen (during DUDs nap). I could not for the life of me, identify the person at the counter with Eddie. Then I realized it was Katie, who has a fantastic figure, but looks like the Michelin man in those gawdy oversized bone colored garbage bag top & bottom! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  41. All of these people who are sharing the PR boxes seem so forced. Like they don’t know what to say because there really isn’t anything to talk about. It’s so weird.

  42. Bridget seemed sooooo forced and she was swimming in that sweater! I’ve never followed her so I don’t know if she’s bubbly or what but she was dry asf about that ugly sweater she had on.. so many long pauses between her words 😂😂😂😂

  43. Anyone see Maddie's stores? Someone asked what was the most important step in starting a small business. Maddie's reply was... Knowing your audience and what they want, integrity in every detail, and pricing. And then she said start small there is no shame in humble beginnings.

  44. Definitely not defending DUD but Talulah probably has the same mark ups honestly. Their quality is terrible and comparable to cheap amazon crap. I know it’s a different business model since Talulah buys and then resells but it is not good quality and is very overpriced

  45. She also used the word “audience” and not “customer” which alludes to the comment being about an influencer’s small business. Caught that for sure.

  46. Amber Lancaster posting actual cute sweats that looked non slobby and modern (tanlines) right after I saw Danielle's story panning the room and showing the whole family in those overpriced sloppy baggy ugly boring sweats. I just cant get the contrast out of my head.

  47. What was their "fight" about last year? Never caught it, but know it was after the birthday party in '21...

  48. I feel like sad for them almost- no one is going to buy this shit? The reel they made was so pathetic, the way they were like “we’re the cofounders of Nuuds” as tho they were saying they were the cofounders of like … idk… something meaningful?

  49. Connor was with Kaylee at duds the day of the try on but he is interviewing or has just got a job as a fireman so I suspect he's downplaying the amount of sm time with everything being public. He needs to behave in a more adult manner. Eddie and Katie seem to live together after her rotations around the country. She had to give up her apartment and moved stuff into his. Since going back her stories from home are at his so it's assumed they live together. But not sharing a room in her parents house.

  50. He was there yesterday playing with Rhett when the guys were trying on. I think he’s been working, he trying to be a fire fighter.

  51. I am easily influenced, (I have 3 Stanley cups, Dime lash serum, Tarte & Tula stuff🤦‍♀️,) but I never considered for one second buying any of that hideous crap.

  52. I didn’t think I had ever bought anything she recommended, until I was cleaning out my refrigerator last night before trash day today, and I saw the little penguin thing in there with the baking soda. 😂 This was back when she recommended useful and affordable items. Lol

  53. She was doing a live one time and she had a streaker join in. I think she thought it was a friend or follower (I forget) but was basically hacked.

  54. 😂 she couldn’t survive one day in my shoes. 11-12 hour shifts 6 days a week on 3rd shift and still have to be a mom, wife, adult, and all the duties that comes along with it. No nanny, house keepers or tons of family to help but poor exhausted DAD. 🥴

  55. DUD asleep with her hand in her pants looking like a big balloon dong sitting next to her 😂 skin colored balloon swords are not it! 💀

  56. Anyone see Karlie Rae share the pjs last night and stated she can’t wait to try on the rest tomorrow then never did 😂 She must’ve been disappointed in the quality or was trying to look good. Maybe both?😂

  57. I did a wedding once and she was in it, a bunch of influencers in TN were and she’s such an annoying brat. (Karlie Rae) this was 2018 and she was talking about how she just couldn’t believe they were all living “their Pinterest life finally!” Like at 23 you’ve made it. 🙄

  58. Stop throwing shade on the people taking one for the team to see if DAD is legit about the quality. I'm going to give DAD the benefit of the doubt and hope that you guys get your moneys worth! I see the appeal considering people also like Skims even though I would rather just buy skims, I get some people don't want what you guys call "poop" colored clothes but a lot of people love good basic neutrals, I do too but I would never purchase them at that price! I still think this whole business is a complete copy of all the brands she raved about but I think it will be interesting to put it to the test if they are really all they are hyped up to be or if they compare worse or better to the OGs (aka bylt, cuts, soma, and abercrombie!)

  59. I’m just confused as to why they say they’re “taking one for the team”. If they want to buy it, then buy it. But don’t come here acting like it’s some experiment for us. 😂 I’m not giving her a Penny of my hard earned money, but if someone wants to that’s their money to do with what they’d like. 🤷🏻‍♀️ No skin off my nose. Lol

  60. Danielle literally no one is asking you about those sad jeans. Lol And look at the neck of this $100 sweatshirt already. It’s stretched out and gapped.

  61. I can’t with their choice of jeans 🥴 they are hideous! I think Kaylee is the only one that can some what pull off the straight leg baggy dad/mom jeans.

  62. Would love to hear from an anonymous source who knows her in her “real life” and get the 411 on how she is in real life. Or someone who knew her in high school or college. She just screams MEAN GIRL, imo.

  63. She was already dating Dan at the time and that’s all anyone knew of her. Like having a boyfriend at a different school was an excuse to not make friends.

  64. She went to public high school for a short while and. I knew her there. The only friend she came out with is Katie jo, the blonde who visits once in a while. They both were entitled, spoiled. Never made effort to make friends with other girls. She didn’t last long before going to private school.

  65. Let’s be honest (unlike DAD). Every time she says” I’m HUMBLED” she really means “You guys keep feeding my narcissism and inflated ego” 😏

  66. She wears an almost $500 jacket on her launch day. Her fan girls had to spend money they didn’t have on her overpriced threads so she can continue to buy those luxury items. Yes I would completely describe her as humble 🙄

  67. I could be wrong but didn’t that Marketing Person from NY wear a similar leather jacket all day and it was the last day filming. Probably just copied her

  68. I’m convinced she wore that jacket just so she can tag ringconcierge in hopes that Nicole would see what she’s up to and they would connect about Nuuds cause Nicole only wears nude coloring as well.

  69. Did anyone see Danielle's story about "something coming" and it looked like an open body suit on one of the guys...I'm weirded out.

  70. This may be what pushes me to stop watching. It’s just too much listening to all of them fawn over themselves. She keeps saying she is humbled. But the reality is she is laughing all the way to the bank at how she suckered all of these people into spending way too much money for BASICS. How do her followers not see through her?? There is a reason she has zero real life friends. Very telling how other than a select few, her influencer “friends” haven’t shared anything really about the PR boxes. It’s not jealously…it’s Karma. And eventually it will catch up to the Denners.

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